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Excerpted from:

The Only Planet of Choice

The Council of Nine represented by Tom

via Phyllis Schlemmer




Tom: You may tell what has been told to humans many times, but was not given to them in clear understanding: that the purpose of their existence and the purpose of their living is to return to whence they came... If they would treat all as they have desire to be treated. If they would walk in dignity and permit no one to remove their dignity, and if they would have love for all their fellow humans, and for all those that touch them—for this in turn sends love to us. We ask not that they have a total understanding of us.


Tom: Accept that you have a part to play in bringing it to fulfillment. You have no limitation. Your limits and boundaries are created only by your fears. This does not mean that you should climb a thousand meter mountain and then plunge off it. It means that you must have practical application of understanding of yourself, in truth. It means that you must begin to extend yourself in the capacities of your mind and thoughts. Your physical bodies have limitations upon this physical planet, but your minds and thoughts can expand and grow, touch all corners of the Universe. And when it understands the truth of self, it can relieve the burdens of this physical world that have held it in bondage. You humans are a kaleidoscope, and will appear at times confused—yet with one turn you can become elements of beauty and purity, and with that you may travel the spheres of the Universe.


Tom: Understand that you are not an island alone, that you are part of a whole—and when I say this to you, I refer to all that are in service. Those that have desire to be alone and perform a service according to their own dictates, within themselves, are in truth not in service. To be in service is to give oneself for the love of the Universe and for the love of their fellow humans. It is also important to remember that, if you begin to become trapped in looking within yourself, to have total understanding of yourself, that is also a form of ego. It is time to put aside yourself and go forward. We speak to all. It is the only way and the only form in which the Universe can evolve. We have no objection if looking within themselves can in truth benefit people, and they may then make a step forward, but to sit in a circle and look within, and constantly ask, "What about me?" and, "See what I have done" then they in truth are not prepared for service. When you can let go of "What about me?" and ask what can be done for the betterment of the Universe, and have the willingness to let go of ego, desires and self-pity, then what you have been trying to find within yourself will be shown in great clarity. The Council says that I should say this to you: the Others, if they can keep those that have desire to serve in a tight circle, and looking within at all times, then in truth they have succeeded, have they not?


Tom: You have within you, each of you, the ability to change the Planet, but you must begin within yourself, by loving yourself. You can only love yourself by respecting yourself. Respecting yourself means removing from yourself all those areas that you disrespect in others. It also means removing all those hidden things that you disrespect in yourself. When you humans can walk with your head high, when you can look upon yourself and say, "Yes, I may live with myself, I may live with my thoughts, for my thoughts are pure and my thoughts are love; so therefore, I love myself." Then we give you our promise, Earth will begin to move forward rapidly, in a way that you had never envisioned. You have chosen to serve, and that service is not just to us, it is to all that exist upon Earth and in the spheres of the spirit. Begin to serve by loving yourself. Remove contamination from your physical-ness, remove contamination from your mind and heart and permit your soul to show you the way.


Tom: If you have the wish to cultivate perfection, we will teach you how perfection is attained on your physical planet. There is, but one law of perfection—there are no complexities, it is a very simple law: treat each and every soul, every animal, and every plant, as you would wish them to treat you. In that way you grow to perfection. That is the golden law. It is a law of the Universe.


Tom: There is a great necessity to accelerate, for the oceans of Planet Earth, the trees and forests, the skies and atmospheres, the very essence of breathing, the life-force, have reached a level of contamination bringing the downward destruction of Earth. We call upon your energies and commitment for alerting the peoples of this Planet, the governments of Earth and the communities of Earth. The innermost core of humankind is beginning to grow and to glow. The essence and understanding of their beginnings is awakening, to bring about change. You are part of that change. You are children of that change; you are responsible for that change. Without your commitment to acceleration, if the change were to come in its own time, without your input, then the planet would be in a situation in which most of humankind could not exist. Accept your ability to create the pattern that brings about understanding and the truth of who you are.


Tom: The time has come for the people of the Earth to demand from their governments, to demand from their religious leaders, to demand from their teachers, knowledge and understanding of what is truly happening. It is now the time of the people.


Tom: Beforehand your governments and your religions and society kept your masses in ignorance and kept humankind tied down. Acceleration will cause those in your world to demand answers from their scientific community, and their authorities. But the way to reach people, we have finally decided, is through their own physical body and the healing of their physical body. Many people will be healed and many people will become open to healing. It is through healing that the consciousness of the wider Universe will be raised. It is important for humankind to know that it must begin to take responsibility for Earth, and that science must begin to understand that it does not hold within it the power to dictate to the rest of humankind, but it is only a portion of humankind. In its elitism, science has discarded the other echelons of humankind. Science has become the religion that manipulates and controls, and those who lead science must now begin to accept their responsibility.


Tom: There needs to be an arousal within those peoples to understand that they must take a hold, and move in forwardness to stop their governments from doing what they have permitted them to do in the past. It is a time that people must now take control.


Tom: It is a sad time for the world because, as in past times and in emotional times, the physical beings of this Planet blame all others except themselves for their problems—which are in truth caused by themselves. It is as if in order to exonerate themselves they would cause a blemish upon another, and they would throw them into a pit of snakes. They will, in fact, be ashamed at another time, but that has been the history of Earth. We cannot have that in the future, or at this time. It is a time for each individual, each nation, to stop and to respond, and to realize that it is within them that the blame lies, not with others. How can the nations exist in peace when the people do not exist in peace within themselves?


Tom: The difficulty is that when these things become the most important, when the appearance, or the price is the most important, when the owning is the most important, and when growing bigger and bigger with more possessions is the most important, when it is thought that presentation of possession means success—that is a shell that has insecurity, do you understand? Like a lobster—a lobster has firm flesh, and there are times when it is soft and is not edible. Mushy. We now speak of humankind, which presents itself like a beautiful lobster, but is mush inside. It is bitter to taste, not edible, and it can actually poison you.


Tom: All people have potential. If you take a jar of oil and try to take it in, it does not taste pleasant, and you may take a jar of vinegar alone and it is not pleasant, but if you mix the two together, and then you take it in, it tastes refined. This is what you must understand about those with whom you work. If you remove yourself from the physical world, then you have no temptation, no anger, no joy, no love. And by removing from the world, you can easily master those things because there is no temptation, no touching of other beings. You cannot transfer your beliefs or feelings to another—you can only plant a seed. And you cannot condemn others for the manner in which they live—you can only attempt to show them. Without being the highest example, they will not listen. Be gentle with people and drop a seed, and we will handle the rest.


Tom: There is not one soul on your planet that cannot be saved, if in truth it was handled properly with stability, maturity and love. It is important to have love, and it is important to give love and to share love, and it is also important to realize that you are not a perfect being, neither is anyone, but each of you has within you qualities that, blended with the qualities of others, make a perfect being. It is important to bring the mind together with the spirit and the emotions, to bring them into a complete whole being. It is important that each of you be a battery for that to happen for other humans also. Know this: at times the battery just needs to be, do you understand? This lifetime is the most important that you have ever chosen. Those of the past were past experiences for preparation for this one.


Tom: Ingrained ideas are difficult to remove, are they not? For they make worms in the brain, and they nest in there, and they make eggs and siblings in there, yes? Therefore, there are people of wormy mind-ness, yes!


Tom: It creates a great difficulty in future. There is on your Planet Earth the illusion that, if they are permitted to play out that aggression by attacking each other, then it removes aggression. That is not true—it creates more. You are the guardians of your youth, you must speak. Create ways and means through motion and exercise, and in creating games that have two aims: competitive with others and competitive with self. Create new ways and new means, and involve humankind's youth, and organize parents against weaponry. When you force those who create weaponry to not create business through it, another means will be found. You must understand the energies that are created with weaponry, yes. You may be forced by the group pressure of youth, to give in.


Tom: A oneness is a oneness. If it is an identifiable structure to bring forth to those in your vicinity, to show to them that there is solidarity and oneness, marriage has value. However, many pairs of people are one, without a legal contract, and at this time they tend to be more at one in their hearts than those who are bound by contract.


Tom: If each person, together with others, in each family, group and community, thinks of others with love, with devotion, with the wish for goodness for each other, that is your protection—for then that energy becomes like a ball, as all energy that is collective becomes a ball, that is your protection from negative influence. You are a circle of light—we observe, we see your motive. Your motivation is your protection always, yes.


Tom: There is within you—which there is in all upon Planet Earth, in different degrees—an amount of negativity. Let us say that if you had a black spot of negativity on the all-white of purity, and then you permitted it to grow, such that the white deteriorated, if you looked at the spot as being negativity within you, and accepted it, and permitted it to be dispersed with recognition, and if you thereby came to know your fears, this would be useful negativity. But if it grew out of proportion to your fear, then the Others are attempting to unbalance you. If you are aware of this, remember this: you have a greater power because you are in a physical existence, but also if you are consciously connected with us, you have an even greater power. When you come into knowledge, wisdom and truth, when all that is in the Universe is slowly beginning to be revealed, then those that desire to control Earth, in order to control the Universe, begin to create great difficulty for you. Coming into knowledge and truth does not make your path easier. Remember this: to be in service is to pay for that service. For in truth, there are those that would like to remove your awareness and your knowledge. Respect them, do not laugh at them, but be firm in your faith, and they cannot deter you, nor harm you. If they create difficulty for you, then, with your mind, see yourself being swept from the ground to your head with our love, our light, and our joy in you. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Do not proudly do all by yourself. We cannot help if you do not ask. We do not interfere in your free will. But even with all our love for those that are in service to us, and for the sake of all the souls upon Planet Earth, without your asking we cannot help. Be not as proud as Planet Earth has been, for much of its existence, acting independently and wishing to do so on its own. It is in togetherness that the Planet Earth will come out of its bondage—togetherness with us, the civilizations in service and the souls in service upon Planet Earth.


Tom: In your world each of those that you have mentioned are applicable. There are some, because of their surrounding environmental state of awareness, or the technology within your world, that have created great misfortune. None in this time-period in reality chooses to suffer: It is brought about by the wrong thinking of those in control of others. There is, but a small minority that choose to suffer to teach others.


Tom: Know fully that you hold the key within yourself, each of you humans, to bring about change. It is your responsibility, your free will, and your choice.

What is of great importance for humankind to know is that in all the Universe, Earth is the only planet of free will and choice. This does not mean that other worlds of existence, on other planets of physical-ness, there is always a control. What it means is that on other planes of existence one may choose a physical expression in a collective consciousness in agreement. All souls in the Universe must experience this planet Earth at least once in order to learn of this balance between the physical and non-physical—what you would term the "spiritual." Planet Earth is for that purpose; therefore, the importance of bringing yourself into balance on Earth is vital.


Tom: Understand this: the importance of exercise. As a physical body ages, if it does not continue in movement and exercise, then it becomes limited in its movement. That also then begins to affect the mind, for the mind then becomes limited in its expansion. All things are interconnected. Therefore, it is important for those peoples who are moving into the age of forwardness to maintain physical exercise and to develop exercises to keep the body in mobility. Otherwise portions of the body become locked in iron stiffness, which lock portions of the mind. It is important to know the value of order within, of formulation within, patience within, and the value of balance within.


Tom: Balance is important, to experience your physical Planet and to experience the Universe. An example: If you consume your food in great impatience and in great haste, it is not chewed properly enough for your digestive juices to be activated to digest it properly, for it to be free to go through your system. If you consume it in haste, in a gobble, without proper attitude and releasing of digestive juices, it will cause you to have difficulty in your physical body. It will poison you. We are using this as an example, for patience should be in all phases of your existence. In patience you will see the nature of the Universe, you will digest it and not lose it. You will grow with it, and you will appreciate the beauty of it. It will stay with you in joy. Do not be like those that are in great haste. Move in gentleness. It is important for the evolution of Planet Earth. Teach yourself patience.


Tom: Express yourself in words of love and words of joy, for that makes the Universe happy—for when there is happiness, joy and laughter in the Universe, it is a time of great celebration. This is what Planet Earth must do: humankind must not take itself so seriously! It must begin to experience within itself the joy of its divinity, the joy of its oneness with the Universe. It must pull itself out of this bondage; it must stop living in a situation of victim-hood. We have never asked for victims or sacrifice, but humankind, in its guilt, creates its victim-hood, for it knows that it has passed and has crossed that valley that it should not have crossed, and now, together with all, we are bringing it back across the valley for it to be one with the Universe. We love you, we will walk with you, and we will be with you. Limit not yourself, any of you humans.... We have been in observation, and the sadness that we feel is because there is so much difficulty in the mode of which you communicate. We have observed that what you speak is not what you think. It is tragic that your mode of communication is used in the manner, but the day will come when what is in the mind of one will be directly understood by another because then no one upon your Planet Earth will be able to speak in a manner that is not truth.... This also is important: how a word is used releases energy into the Universe, how a word is dignified releases energy into the Universe. The sadness of humankind is that they banter this and they banter that, and they do not understand that what they banter creates a difficulty for the Universe, for it dissipates energy.... In your world humankind does not hear what is said; so therefore, listening is of great import.


Tom: Most important, upon your rising and your retiring, you need to cleanse yourself, mind, and body, and spirit, of those energies that may have touched you and attached themselves to you. And if it is not possible to be in an area where water is available for cleansing completely, then visualize yourself standing under a fountain of water, and then in your state of purity, and when you have the real water or the imaginary water, visualize that all negativity from yourself is being released and cleansed, and that your purity of spirit remains.... Then go forth and do your daily work, knowing that your heart has the utmost pure motive, and does not seek ego-recognition for self, but quietly desires peace on Earth and goodness for those you are in contact with. You will then emanate such energies outward from yourself, in a circle.

Know also that, throughout the day, other energies will attach to your energies, which will shorten the span of expansion of your energies. You may then repeat the process of cleansing your body, mind and spirit, by showering with water or cleansing through a tree, and begin again. And silence is the word, for to speak too much shortens the expansion. In other words, go quietly with peace and love.


Tom: There are those who do not comprehend, neither wish to know; do not waste your time.


Tom: For some, it is of great importance, for others it is not that important, for it is as if they had the internal knowing, and they step in another direction. But for some, knowing their historical background then gives an insight into the personality of this life.


Tom: Know this: that most of the illnesses upon this Planet are brought about by the peoples of Earth in their error of thinking, their foods, their pollution of lands and waters, by contamination from ingestation, by those who make business at the expense of humankind. There is a portion created by stress of emotion, there is another portion created by stress involved in pleasing others, we speak now of youth. There is also a portion created by conditioning in the brain during the time of youth, but the greatest portion is created out of Planet Earth, I will explain: humankind was meant to be born to live a full, fruitful, healthy, non-diseased life, and in the passing of the physical body, not to have aging or suffering as now exist, but to pass on quietly in sleep, after a good portion of a hundred years. It is always in the last years that knowledge and wisdom are brought together. But humankind has lost that for many reasons: those that we have spoken of, and also it has become a collective thought that all must be ill and aging. It is difficult to override that.


Tom: It is not possible to go it alone. The problem in the thinking of the New Age is that, "if you think something away, it will go away." Therefore, it invalidates others for whom it did not go away. What it then implies is that you are not pure enough, your thinking is not clean enough, you do not have the techniques. This is in great error, and instead of supporting, enlightening and being joyful, it brings about more guilt. It also is an example of the belief, that if you have knowledge of the mind, you can overcome all possibilities.


Tom: Those that come and say they are the Nazarene or the Messiah, are not the true Messiah. As we have explained before, when they call themselves masters, they are not masters.


Tom: You cannot pay your way to us, and someone should have informed humanity. We do not need your 10%.


Tom: We wish for you to know that there will be no extinguishing of a life that has a right to live; the Universe governs this. When we say a right to live, we mean a soul that chose to come back to serve, or chose to come for the lesson that it needs. Those that are stopped before their birth, in the great majority, are willful spirits that need a longer time to exist in the before-birth state, before their returning to a physical existence. Most of them also should be born in other civilizations. You have used a term of "kill"—it is not correct. It is a very serious problem upon Planet Earth because your religions have made it a serious problem in order to control people. We say this to you: a soul that is meant to be born in its proper method will not be extinguished. Those that should not be, in some manner will be not brought forth. There is no death before there is life in the physical world. What is murder in your world? It is the extinguishing of a life that has not yet served its full purpose in the physical#151;it is not a removal of life, but it is a complication of the process of evolution on Earth. But in reality there is no death. It is wrong to extinguish a life that has not fulfilled its purpose. We mean one that has been brought forth fully to the Planet Earth—it has been born. Altea has said that, if you want a term, it would be not be past three and a half of your months. For up to that time the soul has no memory of its being in a cocoon of the womb. Therefore, it does not get hurt within.


Tom: There are those amongst you that have great joy for Earth, and there are those who do not have, who relate in discomfort to the Planet. It is time for humankind to understand that Earth was created to be the true paradise, and for that purpose the variety and beauty were created, for experiencing your physical with the spiritual aspects of humankind.


Tom: There is only one way [to understand this], and that is the acceptance that it is only physical demise that takes place. The soul, spirit, mind, and emotion energy continue to exist. If they understood this when they make the transition from physical to spirit, they would not be in shock-state and sleep-state at the transition.


Tom: We will give to you an example. If you concentrate on what you wish to remember, to remember things in both your conscious and your subconscious, concentrate for thirty-six seconds, and it will not be erased from your memory. It may be brought forward from your subconscious. If you wish to erase what is undesirable within your mind, or your subconscious, or a thought that has been placed in your mind, or a personality difficulty that you are trying to eliminate, if you will concentrate for thirty-six of your seconds it is cancelled within your mind. If you think for thirty-six of your seconds that you are ill, you will become ill, if you think for thirty-six of your seconds that you are healthy, you will begin the way to health.


Tom: And just as humankind creates habitual methods of living identity, it is necessary to attempt to remove the habitual nature and to replace them with the divine being that you are. This acceptance of the divinity within you is a beginning. Do not blame yourself when you have erred, but make a position to not repeat it. Always function from the center of your being, in integrity. What is important is to attain a state of being in which you cannot view yourself with dislike. Also, it is important that honesty is functional... find a method of communication and behavior that is consistent with your integrity, and with wisdom. That is difficult, is it not?


Tom: It is very simple: behave only in a manner that you may love yourself for; behave only in a manner in which you would wish another to do toward you; do no movement, thought, or thing that you in your soul, in your consciousness, cannot have self-respect for. When that begins, then all will change. All will change also when people accept that also those that live elsewhere in the Universe are available to give to you love and understanding. All will change when people understand the energies within.


Tom: We have related in many of communications, we will continue to relate to you, there are many civilizations that have communication with humans on Earth in which that would be a consideration. We will use a term that is not a term that we like, but perhaps it would give to you understanding. There are those that are in a higher echelon, and those in a lower echelon. We communicate not through any, but that of our Being. Only if our Being is returned to us, would there be a decision to communicate through another. In the civilizations that create great chaos within many, they are giving their point of view of seeing.

In relationship to catastrophes, we will not permit catastrophes to completely remove souls from the Earth. What we are attempting to say to you is that those that communicate in the strictness of negativity are in a realm that is using their emotion, their drama; it is not of the purest. Do you understand what we are saying?...

Tom: By their knowledge, by their benefit to Earth, you will have the understanding. We have explained that there are those civilizations that could create difficulty, but that their power cannot sustain. Within your ear, within your heart, within your mind, if it feels not right in the essence in which they convey to you, we give to you our assurance, it is not right.

The Nine also warned us that Civilizations that did not have the best interests of Planet Earth at heart could exploit the weaknesses of some channels.

Tom: There are two ways in which your channels can receive and get into problems in your physical world; One would be when the channel is weakened, either by lack of rest or illness. The other will be when the channel is willing to be used negatively because of the desire for power. Our Being was not a willing channel for negativity....

You must be extremely careful with whom you deal. And, when I speak of this, I mean contacts that you make with sources from other civilizations or the spirit realms. Not always are such contacts valid, true and honest. Because a contact is made, it does not mean it is a true contact. When I say this, I mean a contact that says it is working for us.

JOHN: Be careful because there are all degrees of spirits. Is that what you're trying to say?

Tom: This is correct. And we are not a spirit, and this is what we speak of. We do not wish to be involved with the spirits. The spirits are those who have passed on in this world and are hanging around this planet Earth. We are not spirits. Spirits of your world that are in the atmosphere and around the bands of your world, are as confused as the physical beings on Earth. There are those that are evolved, but most are not. We are not spirits. We are trying to save the Earth, so that these spirit beings also may be released and be evolved. Be careful whence you work. Remember this: most of the groups and most of the organizations using channeling are working with the spirits. As I said there are those that are evolved, but there are those that are also confused. When they left Earth, they also took their desires with them, and one of the desires that manifests on Earth is the desire to control.


Tom: First and foremost we explain in this manner: as there are corporation heads, one of which knows all, and different divisions underneath which know the area of expertise of their department, it is the same in the realm of communication from those who exist in other realms. A few sources know all of the picture, and many know parts of it. But be careful when they make you glorious—always challenge, look for consistency, and never accept that that goes against your natural inclination or your higher intuitive self. Be careful they do not feed your ego in order to manipulate you, for there are also those who would wish the destruction of Planet Earth. Do not fall into the trap that Planet Earth will be destroyed...

Tom: The singular most important thing to know, which you have a natural instinct for knowing, is the checking of your own internal source. This you must convey to him. There are those who channel that are not the best for humankind; however, there are those with great intelligence upon your planet who accept all forms of channeling without discrimination. It is important to continuously check yourself and challenge also. It is permissible; in fact, it is important that there be questioning.

There are many channels that in their hearts believe they are doing the things that are correct, when they are simply being tools of the negative, you understand? If they can understand that this is possible—even though they may not accept it, then those that go and utilize this can be brought out. The singular most important thing that may come forth is that you must check your inner source.

You know that all humankind, no matter what environment brought them forth or what education fulfilled them; have an internal check on the balance within.


Tom: Apocalyptic prophecies are not necessary to be fulfilled, if those that exist upon Planet Earth have awareness and understanding. But also what is in prophecies—such as the Book of Revelations—may only be modified by the souls that exist upon the Planet Earth. Remember this: without meditation, without love for humanity, without prayers, without love for Planet Earth, there could be many serious catastrophes. But with prayer and love it is possible to release the pressure. When the time of decision on Planet Earth comes, all the Universe will be working in conjunction with humanity to release the pressures upon Planet Earth. But if within you humans, and we speak to you all, if you generate great fear, then this negates part of that which the civilizations are trying to do—to prevent catastrophe. It is possible to prevent catastrophe completely, and we would hope that could be done. But there is a possibility that catastrophe will not be negated totally. For there are those that oppose you, that are functioning to control the Planet Earth... If humanity causes its own extinction, then billions of souls are trapped within the Earth spheres for millions upon millions of your years. The bottlenecking has already stopped the growth of the Universe. It is necessary for the civilizations to have an influence, for there is not time for humanity to come to a solution within itself, alone without help. So the civilizations come with great love to help people upon Planet Earth. To help them help themselves.


Tom: We will attempt to explain it in this manner: we are sitting upon a mountain visualize this within your mind. When we sit upon this mountain, we have a view of the entirety of Earth. Underneath us sit other mountains which you cannot see through with your eyes for you are in a physical-ness. We could view what is behind us, that which you call the past, as complete. We can remember what it was like on the other side of the mountains in the past. In front of us, we can see other mountains, but we cannot see behind them, only over and between them. And when you come down from the mountain, to go into the future, you cannot see over the whole landscape. As you come around a mountain, you will find several roads or tracks, each leading into the future. If there are blockages in all, but one of the paths, then there is only one path to take. But if you know how to remove a blockage, you may then take another path. And you will have greater choice. There is never just one future. There are several choices of future. This is involving your will. If we know what is the future, then that means that we in truth have become involved, and have manipulated your free will. It is not for us to be involved with your free will, or with manipulation. We see many futures. As an example, we will use your country (Britain). If before your World War [1939-45], your Churchill had not been in stable health or had been assassinated, then the future of your nation in the end may have been mostly accomplished, but not in the same manner. And it could have completely changed the future of your country. If it had not proceeded as it had, there could have been a big difference. We understand that this is not a satisfactory answer in an explanation, but we know not a way to explain. We are not pre-ordaining your future... When there was prediction, people took it as a definite reason to be out of their responsibility. It was an error that we made also, for humans hold destiny in their hands. What was not understood by humankind was that prediction was made to have man change his way. If he did not change, then the prediction would come into being. We cannot reiterate that point enough. We wish that to be impressed upon humankind's mind, for it is the beginning of humankind's understanding that they hold the key, they are responsible, and they make the change.

All quotes taken from The Only Planet of Choice by Phyllis Schlemmer

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