Acrobat Tips & Tricks / Copyright Notice

(for very patient people)


Acrobat Problems

Sometimes you click a link on this web site and either nothing happens, or your browser pops up an error message saying you need a plugin. When the link ends with ".pdf", the problem could well be your browser does not have the Acrobat PDF plugin available. You can choose to download the file to your hard disk (see To download PDF files) or you can install the plug-in to read and print it with your browser (see To view PDF files with a browser, below).

To view PDF files with a browser:
(1) Download the most recent Acrobat Reader from Adobe's site. It's free. The URL is: Acrobat version 5.0 or above is necessary to view .pdf files on this site. If you get an error message that says "The viewer cannot decrypt this document" your viewer needs to be updated.

(2) Install the downloaded Reader, which should also install the Web Browser Plug-in into your browser's Plug-ins directory.

The automatic installation of the plug-in is not always successful. To install it by hand, copy the files from your Acrobat Reader's "Web Browser Plug-in" directory into your browser's "Plug-ins" directory and restart the browser.

If you still cannot read the file even with the plug-in, do not despair. You can download the file to your drive and read it there and have your own private copy of the file as well!

To download PDF files:
(on a PC)
(1) Right-click the link and then choose Save Target As from the pop-up menu.

(2) In the Save As dialog box, select a location on your hard drive, and then click Save.

(on a Mac)
(1) Option-click the link or choose Save This Link As (in Netscape) or Download Link to Disk (in Explorer) on the pop-up menu obtained by holding the mouse button down on the link.

(2) In the Save As dialog box, select a location on your hard drive, and then click Save.

We don't particularly like Acrobat files because of the their unwieldy size, but they are the fastest, most convenient and reliable way we know at this time to accurately render the books we are trying to present. They are also the closest thing to an industry standard for e-books.


Copyright Notice

In most cases the works we choose to present and host on this site are in the public domain. That does not mean they are free to be downloaded and redistributed by others. Our intention is to encourage others to visit this site and read to their hearts content. We have recently heard about the copyright commons license and expect to alter our notice on selected items on this site.

Works that are formatted with html or postscript computer code (such as PDF files) are copyrighted as computer programs and may not be harvested by others for presentation elsewhere, such as on another website or in a CD compilation without our written permission. Digitizing and editing full length books is a very labor intensive undertaking and involves many formatting and editting decisions including the deletion or addition of new material. Such editing and new material is usually in and of itself sufficient to constitute a new separate work that is protectable under copyright statutes. Beware, under current U.S. copyright law individual new works do not need to be marked by a copyright notice. Works on this site may not be marked, but are protected!

The entire contents of this site are © 2003 All rights reserved.

Works selected for inclusion here are checked for their legal status, so far as is possible. If you feel you own the literary rights to any work that is hosted on this site and object to our use of it, please send whatever notarized sworn statements and official documenation you have to validate your claim and we will post your claim on the site so others will not make the same mistake and remove the material if the claims are substantiated.