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 Future Life in Heaven and Afterlife Webliography

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Modern Overviews of Life in Spirit Heaven
Afterlife Unveiled (2011). Stafford Betty Paperback; $13.84
Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates from the World of Spirit (2014). Stafford Betty Paperback; $15.99

Is there an afterlife (2005). David Fontana Paperback; $15.97
Life Beyond Death: What Should We Expect? (2016). David Fontana Paperback; $16.61

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (1994). Michael Duff Newton Paperback; $10.88
Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives (2000). Michael Duff Newton Paperback; $11.49
Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression (2004). Michael Duff Newton Paperback; $10.77

Things You Can do When You're Dead!: True Accounts of After Death Communication (2013). Tricia J. Robertson Paperback; $16.07
More Things you Can do When You're Dead: What Can You Truly Believe? (2015). Tricia. J. Robertson Paperback; $16.99

Afterlife Revealed (2011). Michael Tymn Paperback; $16.95
The Articulate Dead (2012). Michael Tymn Paperback; $19.95
Dead Men Talking; Afterlife Communication from World War I (2014). Michael Tymn Paperback; $7.79

Vistas of Infinity - How to Enjoy Life When You Are Dead (2015). Jurgen Ziewe Paperback; $19.48

Works Direct from Spirit - What heaven is like
Barker, Elsa (1914). Letters from the living dead man Paperback; $9.99
Barker, Elsa (1915). War Letters from the living dead man Paperback; $9.99
Barker, Elsa (1919). Last letters from the living dead man Paperback; $8.08
Borgia, Anthony (2012). The World Unseen (trilogy) Paperback; $12.72
Chism, Stephen (1926/2005). The Afterlife of Leslie Stringfellow Paperback; $74.94
Crookall, Robert. (1961). The Supreme Adventure Paperback; $42.01
Cummins, Geraldine (1933). The Road to Immortality Paperback; $14.99
Cummins, Geraldine (1935). Beyond human personality Paperback; $15.99
Ford, Arthur (1971). Life Beyond Death Paperback; $2.99
Fryer, Charles. (1982). A Hand in Dialogue Paperback; $29
Greaves, Helen (1977). Testimony of Light Paperback; $13.78
Harvey, Melita (2015). Blissfully Dead Paperback; $6.06
Johnson, Raynor. (1964). The Light and the Gate Hardcover; $19.95
Kardec, Allan. (1875). The Spirits' Book Paperback; $20
Kelway-Bamber, Mrs. L. (1919). Claude's Book Paperback; $9.97
Kelway-Bamber, Mrs. L. (1920). Claude's Second Book Paperback; $9.57
Lees, Robert J. (1898). Through the Mists Paperback; $26.99
Lees, Robert J. (1905). The Life Elysian Paperback; $39.99
Lees, Robert J. (1931). The Gate of Heaven Paperback; $59.98
Lodge, Oliver. (1915). Raymond or Life and Death Paperback; $12.99
Lodge, Oliver. (1922). Raymond revised Paperback; $11.97
Medhus , Erik & Elisa (2015). My Life After Death; A Memoir from Heaven Paperback; $10.39
Medhus , Erik & Elisa (2015). My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side Paperback; $11.99
Montgomery, Ruth (1985). A World Beyond [Arthur Ford] Paperback; $7.99
Moses, W. Stainton (1883). Spirit Teachings Paperback; $9.97
Moses, W. Stainton (1928?). More Spirit Teachings Paperback; $24.02
Owen, G. Vale. (1921). The Life Beyond the Veil. 4 volume set Paperback; $24.95
Puryear, Anne. (1993). Stephen Lives! Paperback; $.01
Roberts, Jane. (1972). Seth Speaks Paperback; $1
Roberts, Jane. (1978). The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher Paperback; $22.95
Stead, W. T. (1971). The Blue Island Paperback; $4.99
Swedenborg, Emanuel. (2010). Heaven and Hell Paperback; $9.95 [bio]
Swedenborg, Emanuel. (1853). The Future Life Paperback; $27.75
Sweet, Elizabeth. (1869). THE FUTURE LIFE as Described and Portrayed by Spirits Paperback; $23.56
Taylor, R. Mattson (1980). Witness from Beyond Paperback; $3.76
Taylor, R. Mattson (1999). Evidence from Beyond Hardcover; $7.77
Thomas, Drayton. (1936). In the Dawn Beyond Death Paperback; $20
Wallace, Mary Bruce (1919). The Thinning of the Veil Paperback; $11.39
Wallace, Mary Bruce (1925). The Coming Light Paperback; $85
White, Stewart. (1937). The Betty Book Paperback; $3.98
White, Stewart. (1940). The Unobstructed Universe Paperback; $12.99
Williams, Muriel & Currie, Ian. (2006). Life in the Spirit World Paperback; $18.22
Xavier, Francisco. (2006). Astral City [Nosso Lar] Paperback; $13
Xavier, Francisco. (2008). The Messengers Paperback; $.01

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