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Learning to Channel

The Channeling Process

Mediumship and Biographical Works

Instrumental Transcommunication


Spiritual Healing

Learning to Channel and Contact Spirit Guidance (More Recent)

A New Kind of Normal; Unlock the Medium Within; Kerrie Wearing; Kindle; 2013; $2.99
Angel Chatter: Heavenly Guidance and Earthly Practice to Connect with Angels; Christine Alexandria; Paperback; 2017; $10.83
Angel Insights; Inspiring Messages From and Ways to Connect With Your Spiritual Guardians; Tanya Carroll Richardson; Paperback; 2016; $11.75
Angels: How to See, Hear and Feel Your Angels; Kyle Gray; Paperback; 2015; $13.6
Ask a Medium; Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions About the Spirit World; Rose Vanden Eynden; Paperback; 2010; $19.37
Ask Your Guides; Sonia Choquette; Paperback; 2007; $12.99
Becoming psychic; Spiritual lessons for focusing your hidden abilities; Stanley Krippner; Paperback; 2004; $14.92
Book on Mediums; Or, Guide for Mediums and Invocators; Allan Kardec; Paperback; $13.45
Channeled Messages from a Parallel Universe: Paularyo Provides You Tools for...Discovering Your Soul Qualities, Fulfilling Your Life Purpose, Channeling Your Spirit Guides; Connie Russert; Paperback; 2006; $19.50
Contacting Your Spirit Guide; Sylvia Browne; Paperback; 2015; $11.47
Enchantment of the Faerie Realm: Communicate With Nature Spirits and Elementals; Ted Andrews; Paperback; 2002; $12.87
Gifted - A Guide for Mediums, Psychics & Intuitives; Lisa Andres ; Paperback; 2015; $11.11
Hiring the Heavens: A Practical Guide to Developing Working Relationships with the Spirits of Creation; Jean Slatter; Paperback; 2005; $12.60
How to Hear Your Angels; Doreen Virtue; Paperback; 2007; $11.58
How to Meet & Work With Spirit Guides (Llewellyn's Practical Guide to Personal Power); Ted Andrews; Paperback; 2006; $9.05
Intuitive Being; Connect with Spirit, Find Your Center, and Choose an Intentional Life; Jill Willard; Hardcover; 2016; $14.29
Infinite Quest; Develop Your Psychic Intuition to Take Charge of Your Life; John Edward; Hardcover; 2010; $19.65
Keys to the Spirit World: An Easy To Use Handbook for Contacting Your Spirit Guides; Jennifer O'Neill; Paperback; 2012; $9.95
Let Your Spirit Guides Speak; A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance, and Joy; Debra Landwehr Engle; Paperback; 2016; $12.58
Managing Psychic Abilities: A Real World Guide for the Highly Sensitive Person; Mary Mueller Shutan; Paperback; 2016; $10.19
Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Communicating with the Spirit World; Konstanza Morning Star; Paperback; 2016; $10.87
Mediumship Made Simple: A Step by Step Guide to Connecting With Spirit; Lynn Lloyd M.A.Ed; Paperback; 2011; $11.96
Mediumship, Scrying & Transfiguration for Beginners; A Guide to Spirit Communication; Diana Palm; Paperback; 2017; $15.99
Opening to Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide; Sanaya Roman, Duane Packer; Paperback; $11.65
Psychic Development for Beginners; An Easy Guide to Developing & Releasing Your Psychic Abilities ; William Hewitt; Paperback; 1996; $11.89
Sacred Signs: Hear, See & Believe Messages from the Universe; Adrian Calabrese; Paperback; 2017; $14.95
So you want to be a Medium; A Down to Earth Guide ; Rose Vanden Eynden; Paperback; 2006; $14.62
Spirit-Guide Contact Through Hypnosis; Dr. Bruce Goldberg; Paperback; 2005; $14.21
Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming; Nick Barrett; Paperback; 2012; $14
Spirited; Connect to the guides all around you; Rebecca Rosen; Paperback; 2011; $10.78
Spirit Guides: 3 Easy Steps To Connecting And Communicating With Your Spirit Helpers; Blair Robertson; Paperback; 2014; $9.99
Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians: Contact Your Invisible Helpers; Webster, Richard; Paperback; 2002; $9.95
The Spiritual Awakening Guide; Kundalini, Psychic Abilities, and the Conditioned Layers of Reality; Mary Mueller Shutan; Paperback; 2015; $15.99
Synchronicity and the Other Side; Trish Macgregor; Hardcover; 2011; $26.98
Talking to Spirit: How to Become a Medium & Connect with the Afterlife; Emily Stroia; Paperback; 2015; $9.99
The Psychic Pathway; A Workbook for Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul; Sonia Choquette; Paperback; 2015; $15.99
Tune In; Let Your Intuition Guide You to Fulfillment and Flow; Sonia Choquette; Paperback; 2013; $15.98
What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well; Rebecca Rosen; Paperback; 2018; $13.36
Wisdom from Your Spirit Guides: A Handbook to Contact Your Soul’s Greatest Teachers; James Van Praagh; Paperback; 2017; $10.17
Writing Down Your Soul; Janet Conner; Paperback; 2009; $13.64
You Are a Medium: Discover Your Natural Abilities to Communicate with the Other Side; Sherrie Dillard; Paperback; 2013; $14.33

Learning to Channel and Contact Spirit Guidance

Angels -- The Lifting of the Veil: How to open the door to the angelic realm; Thomas Keller, Deborah S. Taylor ; Paperback; 1994; $9.95
Angelspeake: How to Talk With Your Angels: A Guide; Barbara Mark, Trudy Griswold; Hardcover; 1995; $9.76
The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing: How to Work With Your Angels; Barbara Mark; Paperback; 1997; $13.95
Automatic Writing; Tara Sutphen; Hardcover; 1993; $11.98
Automatic Writing and Hieroscripting: Tap unlimited creativity and guidance; Shelley Lessin Stockwell; Paperback; 1996 $6.93
Beginner's Guide to Mediumship; Larry Dreller; Paperback; 1997; $9.95
The Book of Seance: How to Reach Out to the Next World; Thomas Cowan, Tom Cowan; Paperback; 1994; $8.95
Calling All Angels! : 57 Ways to Invite an Angel into Your Life; Keller, Joyce ; Paperback; 2000; $9.95
Celestial 911: Call With Your Right Brain for Answers; Robert Stone Ph. D.; Paperback; 1997; $7.15
Channelers: A New Age Directory; Robin Westen; Paperback; 1988 $2.48
Channelling: A Beginner's Guide; Chris Stormer; Paperback; 1999; $9.56
Channelling: Evolutionary Exercises for Channels; Barbara Burns, VyWamus; Paperback; 1997; $9.95
Channeling for Everyone: A Safe, Step-By-Step Guide to Developing Your Intuition and Psychic Awareness; Tony Neate, Gilly Wilmot, Andrew Powell; Paperback; 1998; $10.36
Channeling: How to Reach Out to Your Spirit Guides; Kathryn Ridall; Mass Market Paperback; 1988; $5.39
Channelling: What It Is and How to Do It; Lita De Alberdi; Paperback; 2000; $14.01
Communicating With The Dead: Reach Beyond The Grave; Jeff Belanger; Paperback; 2005; $10.87 
Contact the Other Side: Seven Methods for Afterlife Communication; Konstantinos; Paperback; 2001; $11.96
The Directory of Psychics: How to Find, Evaluate, and Communicate With Professional Psychics and Mediums; Hans Holzer; Paperback; 1995; $10.36
Divine Guidance: How to Have Conversations With God and Your Guardian Angels; Doreen Virtue; Paperback; 1999; $11.96
Divine Revelation; Susan G. Shumsky; Paperback; 1996; $8.80;
Extraordinary Guidance: How to Connect With Your Spiritual Guides; Liza M. Weimer, et al; Paperback; 1997; $9.60
Facilitator's Guide to the Psychomanteum; D. Arcangel; Pasadena TX; 1994; free
The Facts on Spirit Guides (Anker Series); John Ankerberg; Paperback; 1988; $2.39
Finding Your Guardian Spirit: The Secrets of Life After Death Revealed by Japan's Foremost Psychic; Aiko Gibo, et al; Hardcover; 1993; $18.00
Guardian Angels: Connecting With Our Spiritual Guides and Helpers; Steiner, Rudolf ; Paperback; 2003; $19.95
Guardian Angels: Discover the World of Angels and How to Communicate With Your Guardian Angel; Whitaker, Hazel \ Cynthia Blanche ; Hardcover; 2000; $18.94
How to Be a True Channel; J.Donald Walters; Paperback; 2004; $9.30
How to Communicate With Spirits; Owens, Elizabeth ; Paperback; 2001; $12.19
How to Do Automatic Writing (Llewellyn's 'How-To' Vanguard); Edain McCoy; Paperback; 1994; $3.19
How to Hear from God; Robert J. Watkins; Paperback; 1999; $11.95
How to Talk With Your Angels; Kim O'Neill; Mass Market Paperback; 1995; $4.49
Interdimensional Communication: The Art and Science of Talking to Ghosts, Spirits, Angels and Other Dead People; Dr Heather Anne Harder; Paperback; 1997; $16.95
Language of the Soul; Applying Universal Principles for Self-Empowerment (An Agartha Workbook); Meredith Young; Paperback; 1987; $10.00
Learn To See: An Approach to your Inner Voice Through Symbols; Mary Jo McCabe; Paperback; 1994; $8.80
May the Angels Be With You: A Psychic Helps You Find Your Spirit Guides and Your True Purpose; Quinn, Gary ; Hardcover; 2001; $17.05
Mediumship: A Beginner's Guide; Leo Gough; Paperback; 1997; $11.95
Mediumship Mastery: The Mechanics of Receiving Spirit Communications: The Ultimate Guide; Stephen A. Hermann; Paperback; 2015; $17.99
The Miracle Workers; America's Psychic Consultants.; Jess. Stearn; Hardcover; 1972; $.14
Miracles in the Storm : Talking to the Other Side; Macy, Mark H.; Paperback; 2001; $16.00
Openings: A Guide to Psychic Living in the Real World; Joan Pancoe; Paperback; 1995; $18.95
Path of Promise, Path of Peace: How to Hear Your Higher Self Speak; Barbara Paulin; Paperback; 1995; $12.95
Power Beyond Words: Communication Systems of the Spirit and Ways of Teaching; Allan H. Jahsmann; Paperback; 1969; $4.25
The Rainbow Follows the Storm: How to Obtain Inner Peace by Connecting with Angels and Deceased Loved Ones; Karen Noe; Paperback; 2005; $11.53
Reaching for the Oversoul; Eugene Jussek M.D.; Paperback; 2009; $9.90
Secrets of Shamanism: Tapping the Spirit Power Within You; Lena Stevens, Jose Stevens; Mass Market Paperback; 1988; $5.20
Secrets of Shamanism: Tapping the Spirit Power Within You; Lena Stevens, Jose Stevens; Paperback; 1988; $18
So You Want to Be a Channel; Arthur Lytle; Paperback; 1996; $10.36
Soul Speak: Opening to Divine Guidance; Cheryl L. Stoycoff; Paperback; 2000; $14.95
Speaking With Your Guardian Angel; Arnold, Gary; Paperback; 1999; $18.94
Spirit Babies : How to Communicate with the Child You're Meant to Have; Walter Makichen; Paperback; 2005; $11.20
Spirit Guides; Iris Belhayes; Paperback; 2012; $11.65
Spiritualism & Clairvoyance for Beginners: Simple Techniques to Develop Your Psychic Abilities; Owens, Elizabeth; Paperback; 2005; $11.81
Walking in Unity: Channeling & Connecting With Spirit; Helene Buntman; Paperback; 2003; $14.95
Working With Angels; Leichtman, Robert R. ; Paperback; 1993; $7.95
Working With Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits; Bloom, William ; Paperback; 2000; $9.95
Working with Your Guides and Angels; Ruth White; Paperback; 1997; $8.95
Your Angels Are Speaking; Rahm, Sharon ; Paperback; 2001; $11.95
Your Guardian Angels: Use the Power of Angelic Messengers to Enrich and Empower Your Life; Linda Georgian; Paperback; 1994; $9.90
Your Spirit Guides Are Thoroughbreds: A Self Help Manual for Mule Headed People; Rachel L. Manning; Paperback; 1987; $6.95
Zolar's Book of the Spirits; Zolar; Paperback; 1987; $.01

Learning | Process | Mediumship | ITC | Spiritualism

The Channeling Process

The 5th Dimension: Channels to a New Reality; Sheila Petersen-Lowary; Paperback; 1988; $1.50
Angels, Guides & Other Spirits; Petrak, Joyce; Paperback; 1998; $12.95
Ascending from the center; John; Paperback; 1995; $6.47
Awakening to Your Dreams; George Delong; Paperback; $12.95
The Butterfly Rises: One Woman's Transformation through the Trance Channeling of Verna V. Yater, Kevin Ryerson, and Others; Kit, Tremaine; Paperback; 1990; $12.95
Channeling: A Bibliographic Exploration (Sects and Cults in America. Bibliographical Guides, Vol. 15); Joel Bjorling, Gordon Melton (Editor); Hardcover; $62.00
Channeling: Communicating With the Unseen; K.W. Rinkieviczus; Paperback; $6.30
A Channeling Handbook; Carla L. Rueckert; Paperback; $8.80
Channeling in the New Age; David Spangler; Paperback; 1988; $4.99
Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources; Jon Klimo; Paperback; 1998; $15.96
Psychics, Prophets and Mystics: Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources; Jon Klimo; Paperback; 1991; $3.99
Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?; Jon Klimo and Pamela Heath; Paperback; 2006; $14.93
Channeling: The Intuitive Connection; William H. Kautz, Melanie Branon; Hardcover; 1987; $.99
Channeling Love Energy; Diane Kennedy Pike; 1976; $4.95
Channelling: The Spiritual Connection; Zoe Hagon; Paperback; $10.95
The Channeling Zone: American Spirituality in an Anxious Age; Michael F. Brown; Paperback; $19.80
Complete Guide to Channeling; Barbara Marx Hubbard; VHS Tape; 1995; $29.99
Communication With the Spirit World of God: Its Laws and Purpose (Tr. from Ger.); Johannes Gerber, George W. Knoblauch (Translator); Paperback; 1987; $17.95
Consulting Spirits; Joel Bjorling; Hardcover; 1998; $70.49
Continuous Energy: And Upcoming Earth Changes; Michael L. Schuster; Paperback; $13.45
Conversations Beyond the Light: Communication With Departed Friends & Colleagues by Electronic Means; Pat, Dr Kubis, Mark Macy; Paperback; 1995; $10.36
Doorways to Higher Consciousness; Alan Vaughan, Bobby L. Oller; Paperback; 1998; $19.95
Echoes from Eternity: Learn how to record voices from...: Jeff Vilencia; Paperback; 1998; $10.00
Entities: Angels, Spirits, Demons, and Other Alien Beings; Joe Nickell; Hardcover; 1995; $20.97
Familiar Spirits; Robert Shackelford; Paperback; 1984;
Fire, Water, Wind: Revelations on the Fate of the Earth; Hanai Sudo; Paperback; $8.05
Ghost Whisperer; Katie Coutts; Paperback; 2003; $10.98
Gods, Spirits, Cosmic Guardians: A Comparative Study of the Encounter Experience; Hilary Evans; Paperback; 1988; $2.89
Guide to Channeling and Channeled Material; Lily Andrews; Paperback; $10.80
Guidelines for Testing Psychic Claimants; Richard Wiseman, Robert Morris; Hardcover; 1995; $21.00
Heart Initiation: Preparing for Conscious Ascension; Julianne Everett; Paperback; $13.45
Helping Yourself With Real Spirit Contact; Al G. Manning; Paperback; 1990; $7.95
Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Americans; Malachi Martin; Paperback; 1982; $12.80 (required reading)
Hungry Ghosts; Joe Fisher; Hardcover; 1990; $24.95
In the Place of Origins: Modernity and Its Mediums in Northern Thailand; Rosalind C. Morris; Paperback; 2000; $21.95
The indefinite boundary: an investigation into the relationship between matter and spirit; Guy Lyon Playfair; Hardcover; 1976; $10
Innersource: Channeling Your Unlimited Self; Kathleen Kieft; Paperback; 1988; $3>
Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian Angels; Pierre Jovanovic; Hardcover; $15.37
The Journey Within: Past Life Regression and Channeling; Henry Leo Bolduc; Paperback; $10.95
Listening in: Dialogues With the Wiser Self; Ellen Meredith; Paperback; $14.95
A Matter of Time; Beverly Byrne; Hardcover; 1987; $2
Mind over Mind: The Anthropology and Psychology of Spirit Possession : The Anthropology and Psychology of Spirit Possession; Morton Klass; Paperback; 2003; $22.95
Missing Pieces: How to Investigate Ghosts, Ufos, Psychics, & Other Mysteries; Nickell, Joe; Paperback; 1992;
New age companion; Peggy Mason; 1975; 2.22
The Ouija Book; Gina Covina; Hardcover; 1979; $22.95
Past Life Regression and Channeling; Henry Leo Bolduc; Paperback; $10.95
People from the Other World; Henry Steel, Olcott; Hardcover; 1972; $8.61
Power Beyond Words: Communication Systems of the Spirit and Ways of Teaching; Allan H. Jahsmann; Paperback; 1969; $4.25
A Psychic and a Physician Look at AIDS: Origin, Significance, Treatment, and Search for a Cure; Monica Collier; Hardcover; 1992 (Out of Print)
The Psychic Circle: The Magical Message Board You and Your Friends Can Use to Find the Answers to All Life's Questions/Game Boxed; Amy Zerner, Monte Farber; Calendar; $22.50
Psychic Counselor's Handbook: Ethics, Tools, and Techniques; Ralph D. Jordan; Paperback; 1999; $14.95
A Psychics Casebook; Dilys Gater; Hardcover; $17.96
The Seance: Healing Messages from Beyond; Suzane Northrop, et al; Mass Market Paperback; $5.39
The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts: A Riveting Investigation Into Channeling and Spirit Guides; Joe Fisher, Colin Wilson; Paperback; 2001; $16.95
Spirit Communication; Paperback; 1991;
The Spirit in the Land: Beyond Time and Space With Americans Channelers; Mark Cotta Vaz; Paperback; 1988; $1.25
Spirit Summonings (Mysteries of the Unknown); Time Life (Editor); Hardcover; $15.26
Wholesome Communication: A Guide to a Spiritual Conversation; J. A. Knepper; Paperback; 1990; $8.90
With the Tongues of Men and Angels: A Study of Channeling; Arthur Hastings; Paperback; $16.75
Writing double: women's literary partnerships; London, Bette Lynn; Paperback; 1999; $18.95

Learning | Process | Mediumship | ITC | Spiritualism

Mediumship and Biographical Works

George Anderson | Helena Blavatsky | Rosemary Brown | Sylvia Browne | Raymond Buckland | Patricia Cori | Mike Dooley | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle | Helen Duncan | John Edward | Kerrie Erwin | Arthur Ford | Eileen Jeanette Garrett | Bob Gilbert | David J. Hess | John Holland | Hans Holzer | D D Home | Allan Kardec | Gladys Osborne Leonard | Sir Oliver Lodge | D. Mattson | Joni Mayhan | J. Gordon Melton | Ruth Montgomery | Suzane Northrop | Stephen O'Brien | James Peebles | Carla Rueckert | Betty Shine | Gordon Smith | David Spangler | Doris Stokes | James Van Praagh | Ann Walker

More biographies

George Anderson

Ask George Anderson: What Souls in the Hereafter Can Teach Us About Life; George Anderson, Andrew Barone ; Hardcover; 2012; $12.45
Lessons from the Light; George Anderson, Andrew Barone; Hardcover; 1999; $12.69
Life Between Heaven and Earth: What You Didn't Know About the World Hereafter and How It Can Help You; George Anderson, Andrew Barone ; Hardcover; 2016; $16.32
Love Beyond Life: The Healing Power of After-Death Communications; Joel Martin, Patricia Romanowski; Hardcover; 1997; $20.70
Our Children Forever: George Anderson's Messages from Children on the Other Side; Joel Martin, et al; Paperback; $10.80
We Are Not Forgotten: George Anderson's Messages of Love and Hope from the Other Side; Joel Martin, Patricia Romanowski; Mass Market Paperback; 1992; $1.49
We Don't Die: George Anderson's Conversations With the Other Side; Joel Martin, Patricia Romanowski; Hardcover; $2.98
Walking in the Garden of Souls; George Anderson, Andrew Barone; Hardcover; 2001; $17.01

Helena Blavatsky

Dynamics of the Psychic World: Comments by H.P. Blavatsky on Magic, Mediumship, Psychism and the Powers of the Spirit; Helena A. Blavatsky; Paperback; 1972; $6.99
Hpb: The Extraordinary Life and Influence of Helena Blavatsky, Founder of the Modern Theosophical Movement;Sylvia Cranston; Paperback; 1994; $5.00
Incidents in the life of Madame Blavatsky; Alfred Percy Sinnett; Paperback; 1886; $8.95 or Cornell for free
Isis in America: The Classic Eyewitness Account of Madame Blavatsky's Journey to America and the Occult Revolution She Ignited [aka Old Diary Leaves, volume one; Henry Steel Olcott; Paperback; 1895; $15.55
Isis Unveiled: Secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition, Madame Blavatsky's First Work; H P Blavatsky and Michael Gomes; Paperback; 2015; $14.40
Madame Blavatsky and Her Theosophy; Arthur Lillie; Paperback; 2017; $6.99
Madame Blavatsky Revisited; Joseph Howard Tyson; Paperback; 2006; $19.64
Madame Blavatsky: The Mother of Modern Spirituality; Gary Lachman; Paperback; 2012; $14.65
Madame Blavatsky: The Woman Behind the Myth; Marion Meade; Hardcover; 2014; $57.03
Madame Blavatsky's Baboon: A History of the Mystics, Mediums, and Misfits Who Brought Spiritualism to America; Peter Washington; Paperback; 1996; $11.20
Personal Memoirs Of H. P. Blavatsky; Mary K. Neff, Ed.;1967; $2.25
Reminiscences of H. P. Blavtsky and the Secret Doctrine; Constance Wachtmeister; 1989; $8.50
The Esoteric World of Madame Blavatsky; Daniel H. Caldwell; 2001 $14.95

Rosemary Brown

Creating Visual Imagery in Worship; Rosemary Brown; 1986, Paperback; $9.35
Immortals at my elbow; Rosemary Brown; 1974, Hardcover, $60
Immortals by my side; Rosemary Brown; 1975, Hardcover, $30.24
Unfinished Symphonies; Voices from the Beyond.; Rosemary. Brown; 1973, Paperback, $2.88

Sylvia Browne

Animals on the Other Side; Sylvia Browne, Chris Dufresne; Hardcover; 2005; $11.53
Adventures of a Psychic:The Fascinating Inspiring True-Life Story of One of America's Most Successful Clairvoyants; Sylvia Browne; Paperback; 1998; $10.36
Blessings from the Other Side Wisdom and Comfort from the Afterlife for This Life; Sylvia Browne; Hardcover; 2000; $14.36
Contacting Your Spirit Guide; Sylvia Browne; Hardcover w/CD; 2002; $12.57
Conversations With the Other Side; Sylvia Browne; Hardcover; 2002; $13.95
God, Creation, and Tools for Life; Sylvia Browne; Paperback; 2000; $11.16
Insight: Case Files From The Psychic World; Sylvia Browne; Paperback; 2006; $5.41
A Journal Of Love And Healing: Transcending Grief; Sylvia Browne, Nancy Dufresne; Hardcover; 2001; $13.56
Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife; Sylvia Browne; Hardcover; 2000; $19.16
Mother God: The Feminine Principle to Our Creator; Sylvia Browne; Hardcover; 2004; $10.17
My Guide, Myself: The Psychic Odyssey of Sylvia Browne; Browne, Sylvia; Hardcover; 1992; $111
The Nature of Good and Evil; Sylvia Browne; Paperback; 2001; $11.16
The Other Side and Back: A Psychic's Guide to Our World and Beyond; Sylvia Browne; Paperback; 2000; $6.95
Past Lives, Future Healing: A psychic reveals the secrets to good health and great relationships; Browne, Sylvia; Paperback; 2001;
Phenomenon : Everything You Need to Know About The Afterlife; Sylvia Browne; Hardcover; 2005; $16.47
Prophecy : What the Future Holds For You; Sylvia Browne, Lindsay Harrison; Paperback; 2005; $11.20
Secrets And Mysteries Of The World; Sylvia Browne; Hardcover; 2005; $13.57
Sylvia Browne's Book of Angels; Sylvia Browne; Paperback; 2004; $11.16
Soul's Perfection (Journey of the Soul); Sylvia Browne; Paperback; 2000; $13.95
Sylvia Browne’s Book of Dreams; Browne, Sylvia; Paperback; 2003; $7.19
Sylvia Browne's Lessons For Life; Sylvia Browne; Hardcover; 2004; $10.17
Visits From The Afterlife: The Truth About Hauntings, Spirits, and Reunions with Lost Loved Ones; Sylvia Browne, Lindsay Harrison; Paperback; 2004; $10.46

Raymond Buckland

Doors to Other Worlds: A Practical Guide to Communicating With Spirits; Raymond Buckland; Paperback; 1993; $2.55
Buckland's Book of Spirit Communications; Raymond Buckland; Paperback; 2004; $15.52
Solitary Seance; How You Can Talk with Spirits on Your Own; Raymond Buckland; Paperback; 2012; $13.16
The spirit book; The encyclopedia of clairvoyance, channeling, and spirit communication; Raymond Buckland; Paperback; 2005; $3.70

Patricia Cori

Before We Leave You; Messages from the Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings; Patricia Cori; Paperback; 2011; $17.68
The Cosmos of Soul: A Wake-Up Call for Humanity (Sirian Revelations); Patricia Cori; Paperback; 2008; $14.09
The New Sirian Revelations; Galactic Prophecies for the Ascending Human collective; Patricia Cori; Paperback; 2017; $14.19
The Starseed Dialogues; Soul searching the universe; Patricia Cori; Paperback; 2010; $11.99

Mike Dooley

From Deep Space with Love ; Mike Dooley; Hardcover; 2017; $12.40
Notes from the Universe; Mike Dooley; Hardcover; 2003; $1.68
More Notes From the Universe; Mike Dooley; Hardcover; 2008; $0.99
The Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell YOU; Mike Dooley; Paperback; 2016; $10.87

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Edge of the Unknown (Collector's Library of the Unknown); Arthur Conan Doyle; Hardcover; $39.99
The History of Spiritualism; Arthur C. Doyle; Hardcover; $12
The New Revelation: A Personal Investigation of Spiritualism; Doyle, Arthur Conan; Paperback; 2001; $3.89
The Wanderings of a Spiritualist (Visions Series); Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Paperback; 1921 free

Helen Duncan

The case of Helen Duncan; Maurice Barbanell; 1945; (Out of Print)
Helen Duncan (1895-1956; My living has not been in vain; Mary Armour; 2000;
Hellish Nell : last of Britain's witches; Malcolm Gaskill; 2001; $15.58
The Strange Case of Hellish Nell: The Story of Helen Duncan and the Witch Trial of World War II; Nina Shandler; 2007, $14.95
The story of Helen Duncan, materialization medium; Alan Crossley; 1975; $99.95
The two worlds of Helen Duncan; Gena Brealey; 1985; Hardcover, $9.98

John Edward

After Life: Answers from the Other Side; John Edward, Natasha Stoynoff; 2004; $10.17
Crossing Over; John Edward; Hardcover; 2001; $19.16
Infinite Quest; Develop Your Psychic Intuition to Take Charge of Your Life ; John Edward; Hardcover; 2010; $19.65
One Last Time; John Edward; Paperback; 2000; $7.77
Practical Praying: Using The Rosary To Enhance Your Life; John Edward; Hardcover; 2005; $12.21

Kerrie Erwin

Memoirs of a Suburban Medium; Kerrie Erwin; Paperback; 2011; $8.71
Sacred Signs: Messages of Love from Spirit ; Kerrie Erwin; Paperback; 2017; $11.86
Spirits Whispering In My Ear; Kerrie Erwin; Paperback; 2012; $7.99

Arthur Ford

A World Beyond: A Startling Message from the Eminent Psychic Arthur Ford from Beyond the Grave; Ruth Montgomery, Arthur A. Ford; Mass Market Paperback; 1985; $4.79 
An Arthur Ford Anthology Writings by and About America's Sensitive of the Century; Frank Tribbe (Editor), Arthur Ford (Editor); Paperback; 1999; $12.11
Arthur Ford: The Man Who Talked With the Dead; Allen Spraggett; Paperback; 1973; $8.95
The life beyond death; Arthur Ford; 1971; $.01
Nothing So Strange: The Autobiography of Arthur Ford; Arthur Ford; Hardcover; 1958; $.93
The World Before; Arthur Ford and the Spirit Guides Reveal Earth's Secret Past ; Ruth Montgomery, Arthur A. Ford; Hardcover; 1995; $3.93
Unknown but Known: My Adventure into the Meditative Dimension; Arthur Ford; Hardcover; 1968; $2.93

Eileen Jeanette Garrett

Adventures in the Supernormal: A Personal Memoir; Eileen Jeanette Garrett; Paperback; 1968; $2.22
Awareness; Eileen Jeanette Garrett; Paperback; 2010; $21.94
Eileen Garrett and the World Beyond the Senses; Eileen Jeanette Garrett; Paperback; 2009; $21.50
My Life As a Search for the Meaning of Mediumship; Eileen Jeanette Garrett; Hardcover; 1975; $23.95
Many Voices; The Autobiography of a Medium; Eileen Jeanette Garrett; Paperback; 1968; $2.75
Telepathy; In Search of a Lost Faculty; Eileen Jeanette Garrett; Paperback; 1968; $13.99

Bob Gilbert

An Exposition of Views Respecting the Modern Spirit Manifestiations Together With Interesting Phenomenal Statements: Volume 1, Rise of Victorian Spiritualism; Adin Ballou; Library Binding; 2001/1852; $140.00
From Matter to Spirit: The Result of Ten Years' Experience in Spirit Manifestations: Volume 2, Rise of Vistorian Spiritualism; Elizabeth Sophia De Morgan; Library Binding; 2001; $140.00
Modern Spiritualism: A History and Criticism Volume I: Volume 6, Rise of Vistorian Spiritualism; Podmore, Frank; Library Binding; 2001; $140.00
Modern Spiritualism: A History and Criticism Volume II: Volume 7, Rise of Vistorian Spiritualism; Podmore, Frank; Library Binding; 2001; $140.00
On Miracles and Modern Spiritualism. Revised edition with chapters and phantasms: Volume 5, Rise of Vistorian Spiritualism; Alfred Russell Wallace; Library Binding; 2001; $140.00
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Rise of Victorian Spiritualism (Eight Volume Set); Gilbert, Bob (Editor); Library Binding; 2001; $1070.00

David J. Hess

Samba in the Night: Spiritism in Brazil; David J. Hess; Hardcover; 1994; $13.95
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John Holland

Born Knowing; John Holland; Paperback; 2003; $13.25
Bridging Two Realms; Learn to Communicate with Your Loved Ones on the Other-Side; John Holland; Paperback; 2018; $13.06
Power of the Soul: Inside Wisdom for an Outside World; John Holland; Paperback; 2007; $16.95
Psychic Navigator: Harnessing Your Inner Guidance; John Holland; Paperback; 2018; $12.53
The Spirit Whisperer: Chronicles of a Medium; John Holland; Paperback; 2012; $14.70

Hans Holzer

The Directory of Psychics: How to Find, Evaluate, and Communicate With Professional Psychics and Mediums; Hans Holzer; Paperback; 1995; $2.47
Prophecies: Visions of the World's Fate: Truths, Possibilities, or Fallacies?; Hans Holzer; Paperback; 1995; $10.36
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Window to the Past; Hans Holzer; Paperback; 1993 (Out of Print)

D D Home

D.D. Home: His Life His Mission ; Madam Home; Paperback; 1877; $15.99
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Incidents in my life; D. D. Home; Hardcover; 1991; $39.99
Shadow and the Light: A Defence of Daniel Dunglas Home, the Medium; Elizabeth Jenkins; Hardcover; 1983; $3.97
The Sorcerer of Kings: The Case of Daniel Dunglas Home and William Crookes; Gordon Stein; Hardcover; 1993; $4.04\

Allan Kardec

Book on Mediums; Or, Guide for Mediums and Invocators; Allan Kardec; Paperback; $17.96
The Gospel according to Allan Kardec; Allan Kardec;
The Spirits' Book; Allan Kardec, Anna Blackwell (Translator); Paperback; $13.95
Spiritualist Philosophy: The Spirit's Books (Occult); Allan Kardec; Hardcover

Gladys Osborne Leonard

Brief Darkness; Gladys Osborne Leonard; 1942; Hardcover; (Out of Print)
My Life in Two Worlds; Gladys Osborne Leonard; 1931; Hardcover; $49.95
Last Crossing; Gladys Osborne Leonard; 1937; Hardcover; (Out of Print)

Sir Oliver Lodge

Raymond, Or, Life and Death (Collector's Library of the Unknown); Oliver Lodge; Hardcover DT>
Reason and Belief; Oliver Lodge / Paul Tice; Paperback; 2000; $17.95
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A. D. Mattson

Evidence from Beyond: An Insider's Guide to the Wonders of Heaven; A. D. Mattson, et al; Hardcover; 1999; $27.36
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Witness from Beyond; Ruth Mattson Taylor; Paperback; $19.06

Joni Mayhan

Signs of Spirits: When Loved Ones Visit; Joni Mayhan; Paperback; 2016; $14.99
Ghost Magnet; True Ghost Story; Joni Mayhan; Paperback; 2016; $15.99
Spirit Nudges: Allowing Help from the Other Side; Joni Mayhan; Paperback; 2017; $14.99

J. Gordon Melton

Channeling: A Bibliographic Exploration (Sects and Cults in America. Bibliographical Guides, Vol. 15); Joel Bjorling, J. Gordon Melton (Editor); Hardcover; 1992; $62.00
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Ruth Montgomery

Aliens Among Us; Ruth Montgomery; Mass Market Paperback; 1986; $4.79
Born to Heal: The Astonishing Story of Mr. A and the Ancient Art of Healing With Life Energies; Ruth Montgomery; Mass Market Paperback; 1986; $4.79
Born to Heal; The Astonishing Story of Mr. A and the Ancient Art of Healing With Life Energies; Ruth Montgomery; Hardcover; 1973; $2.29
Companions Along the Way; Ruth Montgomery; Mass Market Paperback; 1985; $4.79
A Gift of Prophecy: The Phenomenal Jeane Dixon; Ruth Montgomery; Hardcover; 1965; $7
Herald of the New Age; Ruth Montgomery; Hardcover; 1988 (Out of Print)
Here and Hereafter; Ruth Montgomery; Mass Market Paperback; 1985; $1.49
Ruth Montgomery: Herald of the New Age; Ruth Montgomery, Joanne Garland; Mass Market Paperback; 1987; $4.79
Search for the Truth; Ruth Montgomery; Mass Market Paperback; 1985; $4.79
Strangers Amoung Us; Ruth Montgomery; Mass Market Paperback; 1984; $4.79
Threshold to Tomorrow; Ruth Schick Montogmery, Ruth Montgomery; Mass Market Paperback; 1985; $1.35
The World Before; Ruth Montgomery; Mass Market Paperback; 1985; $4.76
The World to Come: The Guides' Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age; Ruth Montgomery; Paperback; 2000; $8.95
A World Beyond: A Startling Message from the Eminent Psychic Arthur Ford from Beyond the Grave; Ruth Montgomery, Arthur A. Ford; Mass Market Paperback; 1985; $7.99
A World Beyond; A Startling Message from the Eminent Psychic Arthur Ford from Beyond the Grave,; Ruth Montgomery; Hardcover; 1972; $0.49
The World to Come: The Guides' Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age; Ruth Montgomery; Hardcover; 2000; $1.75

Suzane Northrop

Seance: A guide for living; Suzane Northrop; Hardcover; 1994; $3.00
The seance: Healing messages from beyond; Suzane Northrop; Paperback; 1994; $1.89
Everything happens for a reason; Suzane Northrop; 2002; $1.99
Second chance: healing messages from the afterlife; Suzane Northrop; 2002; $3.49

Stephen Neil O'Brien

Angels by my side : the psychic life of a medium; Stephen Neil O'Brien; Paperback; 1994
A gift of golden light: a heart-warming life-story that covers twenty years of a medium's psychic experiences; Stephen Neil O'Brien; Paperback;1995
In touch with eternity : contact with another world; Stephen Neil O'Brien; 2000
Visions of another world the autobiography of a medium; Stephen Neil O'Brien ; Paperback; 1989
Voices from heaven : Communion from another world; Stephen Neil O'Brien ; Paperback; 1991

James Peebles

To Dance With Angels: An Amazing Journey to the Heart With the Phenomenal Thomas Jacobson and the Grand Spirit, ' Dr. Peebles'; Don Pendleton, Linda Pendleton; Paperback; 2011; $14.68
Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom: The Spiritual Psychology of the Grand Spirit, Dr. Peebles ; Linda Pendleton; Paperback; 2012; $13.49
Spiritual Pilgrim: A Biography of James M. Peebles. J.O. Barrett; Paperback; 2010 [1872 reprint];$24.27
Making Sense Of Life Eternal: The Wisdom Of Dr. James Martin Peebles ; Sharon McMillan Butz; Paperback; 2013; $10.79
The Biography of James M. Peebles; Edward Whipple; Paperback; 2010 [1901 reprint];$36.36
This School Called Planet Earth Perfect ; Summer Bacon; Paperback; 2005;$15.26

Carla Rueckert

A Channeling Handbook; Carla L. Rueckert; Paperback; $8.80
A Book of Days; Channeling from the Holy Spirit; Carla L. Rueckert; Paperback; 2013; $7
The Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues; An Extraordinary Conversation between Two Spiritual Guides; Carla L. Rueckert; Paperback; 2011; $24.95

Betty Shine

A Free Spirit: Gives You the Right to Make Choices; Betty Shine; Paperback; 2002;$10.58
The Infinite Mind; Betty Shine; Paperback; 2000;$12.96
Mind to Mind : The Secrets To Your Mind Energy Revealed; Betty Shine; Paperback; 1989
My Life as a Medium; Betty Shine; Paperback; 1999;$8.77
Shine on: Visions of Life; Betty Shine; Paperback; 2004; $10.27

Gordon Smith

Developing Mediumship; Gordon Smith; Paperback; 2009; $15.22
Intuitive Studies; A Complete Course in Mediumship; Gordon Smith; Paperback; 2012; $17.09
Mediumship Made Easy: An Introductory Guide to Developing Spiritual Awareness and Intuition; Gordon Smith; Paperback; 2018; $15.99

David Spangler

Apprenticed To Spirit: The Education of a Soul; David Spangler; Paperback; 2012; $16
Channeling in the New Age; David Spangler; Paperback; 1988; $4.99
Conversations with John: "a spiritual perspective on the 1980's which offers an insight...; David Spangler; Paperback; 1980; $9.98
Conversations with the Sidhe; David Spangler; Paperback; 2014; $20.61
Links With Space; David Spangler; Paperback; 1986; $19.95
Revelation: The Birth of a New Age; David Spangler; Paperback; 1979; $2.58
Reimagination of the World: A Critique of the New Age, Science and Popular Culture; David Spangler; Paperback; 1991; $12.50
Subtle Worlds: An Explorer's Field Notes; David Spangler; Paperback; 2010; $18.95
Working With Subtle Energies; David Spangler; Paperback; 2016; $21.95

 Doris Stokes

Voices in My Ear: The Autobiography of a Medium v1; Doris Stokes, Linda Dearsley; Paperback; 1980; $4
More Voices in My Ear v2; Doris Stokes; Hardcover; 1981; $5.65
Innocent Voices In My Ear v3; Doris Stokes; Hardcover; 1983; $4.40
A Host of Voices v4; Doris Stokes; Hardcover; 1984; $2.96
Whispering Voices v5; Doris Stokes; Hardcover; 1985; $6.19
Voices of Love v6; Doris Stokes; Hardcover; 1986; $10.81
Joyful Voices v7; Doris Stokes; Paperback; 1987; $3.98
Doris Stokes Compendium v1,v2,v3,v5; Doris Stokes; Paperback; 1988; $3.74

 James Van Praagh

Adventures of the Soul; Journeys Through the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions; James Van Praagh; Paperback; 2014; $11.40
Ghosts Among Us; James Van Praagh; Paperback; 2009; $13.49
Growing Up in Heaven: The Eternal Connection Between Parent and Child; James Van Praagh; Paperback; 2011; $9.98
Healing Grief: Reclaiming Life After Any Loss; James Van Praagh; Paperback; 2001; $13.11
Heaven and Earth: Making the Psychic Connection; Van Praagh, James; Paperback; 2006; $11.93
Looking Beyond; A Teen's Guide to the Spiritual World; by James Van Praagh; Paperback; 2010; $10.78
Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death; James Van Praagh; Hardcover; 1997; $20.95
The Power of Love: Connecting to the Oneness; James Van Praagh; Paperback; 2016; $8.54
Unfinished Business; What the Dead Can Teach Us About Life; James Van Praagh; Hardcover; 2010; $12.41
When Heaven Touches Earth: A Little Book of Miracles, Marvels, & Wonders; James Van Praagh; Paperback; 2016; $8.45
Wisdom from Your Spirit Guides: A Handbook to Contact Your Soul’s Greatest Teachers; James Van Praagh; Paperback; 2017; $10.15

Ann Walker

Heaven Can Come Later; Ann Walker, White Arrow; Paperback; 2003; $11.60
Little One: Message From Planet Heaven; Ann Walker, White Arrow; Paperback; 2003; $11.60
The Messenger The Messiah; Ann Walker, White Arrow; Paperback; 2003; $20.78
The Stone of the Plough; Ann Walker, White Arrow; Paperback; 2003; $13.20

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More by Title

After Death Communications; Devers; Hardcover; 1999; $24.94
After Death Communication: Final Farewells; Louis E. Lagrand; Paperback; 1997; $10.36
After Death-What?; Cesare Lomoroso; Paperback; 1988; $5.85
The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death; Schwartz, Gary E.R.; Hardcover; 2002; $25.00
The Truth About Medium; Schwartz, Gary E.; Hardcover; 2012; $17.26
Aron Abrahamsen: On Wings of Spirit; Aron Abrahamsen; Paperback; 1993; $12.95
Battling Bertha: The biography of Bertha Harris; Maurice Leonard; Hardcover; 1975; $93.15
Book on Mediums; Or, Guide for Mediums and Invocators; Allan Kardec; Paperback; $13.45
Chinese Spirit-Medium Cults in Singapore (London School of Economics Monographs on Social Anthropology, No. 14); Alan J.A. Elliott; Hardcover; $70.00
Clarivoyance and Thought-Transference, Auto Trance and Spiritualism, Psychometry and Telepathy; L. W. De Laurence; Paperback; 1994; $14.95
Communication with the Dead; Kay Miller; Paperback; 1986; $15.02
Company of Prophets: African American Psychics, Healers and Visionaries; Joyce Elaine Noll; Paperback; 1992; $10.36
Contacting the Spirit World: How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities and Stay in Touch With Loved Ones; Linda Williamson; Mass Market Paperback; 1997; $4.79
Ena Twigg, Medium; Ena Twigg; Paperback; 1972; $2.57
Fifty Years a Medium; Estelle Roberts; Paperback; 1972; $45.53
Fifty Years of Psychical Research: A Critical Survey; Harry Price; Hardcover; 1975; $34.95
Genuine Mediumship; Swami Bhakta-Vishita; Hardcover; 1911; $12.00
Ghost Talk: True Conversations With the Departed; Coddington, Robert H.; Paperback; 2001; $12.95
A Happy Medium: The Life of Caroline Randolph Chapman; Warren Weldon; Hardcover; 1970;
Heaven and Beyond: Conversations With Souls in Transition; Barbara Mark \ Trudy Griswold ; Hardcover; 2001; $14.95
Hello from Heaven!: A New Field of Research-After-Death Communication-Confirms That Life and Love Are Eternal; Bill Guggenheim, Judy Guggenheim; Hardcover; 1996; $15.37
Human Spirits: A Cultural Account of Trance in Mayotte; Michael Lambek; Paperback; 1981; $19.16
Icelandic Spiritualism: Mediumship and Modernity in Iceland; William H., Jr Swatos, Loftur Reimar Gissurarson; Hardcover; 1996; $32.95
I talked with spirits; Victor H. Ernest; Paperback; 1970; $2.89
I Walk and Talk With Angels: A True Life Story; Edward Oldring; Hardcover; 1978; $11.40
Intention and survival: Psychical research studies and the bearing of intentional actions by trance personalities on the problem of human survival; Thomas Glendenning Hamilton; Hardcover; 1977; $46.58
Intimacy and Ritual; A study of spiritualism, mediums and groups; Vieda Skultans; Hardcover; 1974; $2.97
It Is Never Too Late: Amazing Life After Death Communications; Goodall, Anne; Paperback; (Out of Print)
Jeane Dixon: My Life and Prophecies ; Her Own Story Told to Rene Noorbergen; Jeane Dixon, Rene Noorbergen; Hardcover; 1971; $12.92
Jeane Dixon: The Witnesses; Denis Brian; Hardcover; 1976; $2.89
Jon Benet's Gift: A Miracle for the Millennium; Stobie, Jane Gray ; Hardcover; 1999; $22.95
The Light of My Life; Donna Marie Elizabeth Howard; Paperback; 1999; $10.36
Love Beyond Life: The Healing Power of After-Death Communications; Joel Martin, Patricia Romanowski; Hardcover; 1997; $16.10;
The Man Who Talked With Angels; Sharon White; Paperback; 1982; $6.58
The Medium and the Scientist: The Story of Florence Cook and William Crookes; Trevor H. Hall; Hardcover; $29.95
The Medium in Manolos; A Life-Affirming Guide to Modern Mediumship; Lauren Robertson; Paperback; 2017; $10.40
The Medium Next Door; The adventures of a real-life ghost whisperer; Maureen Hancock; Paperback; 2011; $6.24
The Medium, the Mystic, and the Physicist: Toward a General Theory of the Paranormal; Lawrence Leshan; Paperback; 1995; $2.49
The Mediums (Secrets of the Unexplained); Daniel Cohen; Library Binding; 1999;
Mediums and the Conjurors; James Webb; Hardcover; 1976; $18.86
Mediums: Speakers with the Dead; Ronni Radner; Paperback; 1997; $12.00
Mediums, and Spirit-Rappers, and Roaring Radicals: Spiritualism in American Literature, 1850-1900; Howard Kerr; Textbook Binding; 1972; $9.99
Mediumship and Survival: A Century of Investigations; Alan Gauld; Paperback; 1984; $13.00
Medwords: Conversations with Animal Guides; Safran, Verna ; Paperback; 2001; $15.54
Messages and Miracles : Extraordinary Experiences of the Bereaved; Lagrand, Louis E.; Paperback; 1999; $10.36
Probing the Unknown: The personal experiences of a psychic; Maurice Woodruff; Hardcover; 1971
Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah; Derek Acorah; Paperback; 2004; $10.28
A Psychic in the Heartland: The Extraordinary Experiences of a Small Town Doctor; Faulkner, Bettilu Stein ; Paperback; 2000; $15.55
Psychic Life of Muriel the Lady Dowding; Muriel Dowding; Paperback; 1982; $5.56
A Psychic's Casebook [LARGE PRINT]; Dilys Gater; Paperback; 1998; $20.95
The Psychic's Handbook: Your Essential Guide to Psycho-Spiritual Energies; Julie Soskin; Paperback; 2012; $19.95
Psychics, Healers & Mediums: A Journalist, a Road Trip, and Voices from the Other Side; Jenniffer Weigel; Paperback; 2017; $13.64
Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven; Margolis, Char \ Victoria St George; Paperback; 2000; $6.00
Radical Spirits : Spiritualism and Womens Rights in 19th Century America; Braude, Ann; Paperback; 1998;
Reincarnation, Channeling and Possession: A Parapsychologist's Handbook Vol 1; Loyd Auerbach; Mass Market Paperback; 1993;
The Reluctant Psychic; A Memoir; Suzan Victoria Saxman; Hardcover; 2015; $6.18
Seance: A Guide for the Living; Suzane Northrop, Kate McLoughlin; Hardcover; 1994; $12.60
The Seance: Healing Messages from Beyond; Suzane Northrop, et al; Mass Market Paperback; 1995; $4.79
The Seen and the Unseen: Shamanism, Mediumship and Possession in Borneo (Monograph Series); Robert L. Winzeler (Editor); Hardcover; 1994; $25.00
Shape shifter, Seven mediums; Mary Beth Edelson; Unknown Binding; (Out of Print)
She Talks With Angels: A Psychic-Medium's Guide into the Spirit World; Whitedove, Michelle ; Paperback; 2000; $13.95
Special Powers (Secrets of the Unexplained); Daniel Cohen; Library Binding; 1999;
Spirits, mediums, and human worlds: The Amhara peasants of the North Ethiopian highlands and their traditions of knowledge; Harald Aspen; Unknown Binding; (Out of Print)
Spirit Mediumship and Society in Africa; John Beattie; Hardcover; 1969; $28.15
Spirit Possession and Spirit Mediumship in Africa and Afro-America: An Annotated Bibliography; Irving I. Zaretsky; Textbook Binding; 1978; $$50
Stay Tuned: Conversations with Dad from the Other Side; Jenniffer Weigel; Paperback; 2007; $5.11
The Strange Case of Rudi Schneider; Anita Gregory; Hardcover; 1985; $29.50
Thirty Years among the Dead; Carl August Wickland; Hardcover; 1968; $20.00
Through the Eyes of Spirit; Jennifer Christine Crawford, Jenny Crawford; Paperback; 1996; $11.00
Trance and Healing in Southeast Asia Today; Ruth-Inge. Heinze; Hardcover; 1988; $29.50
True & Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Years Between Dr. John Dee & Some Spirits (1659); Dee, John; Paperback; 1999; $51.94
The Trance State: Varieties of the Healing Experience; Steven Goldsmith; Hardcover; 1986; $16.95
Trance: A Natural History of Altered States of Mind; Brian Inglis; Hardcover; 1990; $25.25
Trance and Possession in Bali; A Window on Western Mutliple Personality, Possession Disorder...; Luh Ketut Suryani; Paperback; 1996; $28.00
The Uncommon Medium (Skoob Esoterica); Vivienne Browning; Paperback; 1994; $11.99
Visions of Immortality: The Incredible Findings of a Century of Research on Death / also known as You Cannot Die; Currie, Ian; Paperback; 1998; $17.94
Voices in the Dark: My Life as a Medium; Leslie Flint; 1971; $13.62
When Prophecy Fails: A Social and Psychological Study; Leon Festinger; Paperback; 1956; $14
Where the Spirits Ride the Wind: Trance Journeys and Other Ecstatic Experiences; Felicitas D. Goodman; Paperback; 1990; $11.16
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Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC/EVP)

A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife; Victor Zammit; Paperback; 2013; $17.99
After We Die, What Then?; George Meek; Paperback; 1987; $21.96
Afterlife Communication; 16 Proven Methods; R. Craig Hogan PhD, Ed., Gary Schwartz PhD, Sonia Rinaldi MA; Paperback; 2014; $16.95
Breakthrough; An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead; Konstantin Raudive; Paperback; 1971; $54.33 Free courtesy of worlditc.org
Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication; Theo Locker; Paperback; 1997; $486
Bridge between the Terrestrial and the Beyond; Theory and Practice of Transcommunication [Bruke zwischen Diesseits und Jenseits]; Hildegard Schafer; htm; 2009; Free courtesy of worlditc.org
Contact the Other Side, Seven Methods for Afterlife Communications; Konstantinos; Paperback; 2001; $2.50
Conversations Beyond the Light; With Departed Friends and Colleagues by Electronic Means; Pat Kubis; Mark Macy; Paperback; 1995; $1.98
Dialog mit Claudius, Bd.1, Impulse aus einer anderen Welt; Hildegard Schafer; Hardcover; 1992; $45.69
Dialog mit Claudius, Bd.2, Neue Impulse aus einer anderen Welt; Hildegard Schafer; Hardcover; 1992; $21.38
Dialog mit Claudius, Bd.3, Neue Jenseitskontakte; Hildegard Schafer; Hardcover; 1992; $22.91
Electronic Contact with the Dead; What do the Voices Tell Us; Anabela Cardoso; Paperback; 2017; $16.99
Electronic Projects from the Next Dimension; Paranormal Experiments for Hobbyists; Newton Braga; Paperback; 2000; $35.99
Electronic Voices; Contact with Another Dimension? Anabela Cardoso; Paperback; 2010; $20.95
Franks Box Plans 24pp; Frank Sumption; pdf file; 2007; Free
From Seance to Science 2nd ed; George Meek; Hardcover; 1973; $14.98
Ghost Box: Voices from Spirits, ETs, Shadow People & Other Astral Beings; Chris Moon, Paulette Moon; Paperback; 2017; $15.97
Instrumentelle Transkommunikation: Ergebnisse und Probleme der medial-technischen Verwirklichung audio-visueller Kontakte mit autonom erscheinenden ... Strukturen unbekannter BewuƟtseinsbereiche (German); Ernst Senkowski; Paperback; 2000; $90.43 Free English translation courtesy of ITCvoices.org by Tim Woolworth
Is There an Afterlife; A Comprehensive Overview of the Evidence;David Fontana; Paperback; 2005; $15.11
Listen; New discoveries about the Afterlife;Anna Maria Wauters, Hans Konig; Paperback; 2017; $19.95
The mediumship of the tape recorder: A detailed examination of the (JËurgenson, Raudive) phenomenon of voice extras on tape recordings; David J. Ellis; Paperback; 1978; $36.82
Miracles in the storm; Talking to the other side; Mark Macy; Paperback; 2001; $19.95
Paracoustics; Sound & the Paranormal; Steven Parsons; Callum Cooper; Paperback; 2015; $17.99
Phone Calls from the Dead: The results of a two-year investigation into an incredible phenomenon; D Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless; Hardcover; 1979; $78
Phone Calls from the Dead Stories; Wendy Brenner; Hardcover; 2001; $7.49
Reaching Beyond the Veil; Unlocking the Mystery of Modern Spirit Communication; April Slaughter; Paperback; 2013; $15.00
Roads to Eternity; Sarah Wilson Estep; Paperback; 2005; $16.95
Spirit Communication; A comprehensive guide to the extraordinary world of mediums, psychics and the afterlife;Roy Stemman; Paperback; 2011; $12.62
Speak with the Dead; Konstantinos; Paperback; 2004; $2.12
Speaking to the dead with radios; Radio sweep electronic voice phenomena; Michael Hobert Edwards; Colin Smythe; Paperback; 2012; $10.95
Spirit Faces; Truth about the afterlife; Mark Macy; Hardcover; 2006; $6.98
Spirit Voices; The First Live Conversation Between Worlds; Mark Cowden; Paperback; 2011; $14.95
Talks with The Dead; William Addams Welch; Paperback; 1975; $38.01
Telephone calls from the dead; A revised look at the phenomenon thirty years on [with bibliography]; Callum Cooper; Elizabeth McAdams; Paperback; 2012; $17.99
The Dead Are Alive: They Can and Do Communicate With You!; Harold Sherman; Paperback; 1986; $1.95
The Ghost of 29 Megacycles; A New Breakthrough in Life after Death; John Fuller; Paperback; 1985; $3.39
The Magic of Living Forever; George Meek; Paperback; 1982; $45 Free htm courtesy of worlditc.org
There is No Death and There are No Dead; Lisa Butler & Tom Butler; Paperback; 2010; $18.
There Is No Silence; Randall Keller; Paperback; 2011; $19.95
Voice Transmissions with the Deceased; Friedrich Jurgenson; PDF; 2004; Free Courtesy of ITCvoices.org by Tim Woolworth
Voices From Forever; Randall Keller; Paperback; 2011; $16.95
Voices From the Tapes: Recordings from the Other World; Peter Bander; Paperback; 1973; $2.52
Voices of Eternity; Sarah Estep; Paperback; 1988; $6.39 Free pdf courtesy of worlditc.org
Voices of The Dead; Radio Broadcast, Psychokinetic Power; Or Messages From Beyond the Grave?; Susy Smith; Paperback; 1977; $8.48
Your Immortal Self; Exploring The Mindful Way; Tom Butler; Paperback; 2016; $19.99

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After Life: Survival of the Soul; Colin Wilson; Paperback; 2000; $11.96
The Angels of Cokeville: And Other True Stories of Miraculous Interventions; John Ronner; Paperback; 1995; $9.85
Beyond Death: Confronting the Ultimate Mystery; Scott, Christopher; Paperback; 2000; $16.95
Beyond the Horizon; Grace Rosher; Hardcover; 1961; $12.00
Bridging Science and spirit :common elements in David Bohm's physics, the perennial philosophy and Seth; Norman Friedman, Fred Alan Wolf; Paperback; 1998; $14.95
Childlight: How Children Reach Out To Their Parents From the Beyond; Theisen, Donna \ Dary Matera; Paperback; 2001; $14.95
Coming from the Light: Spiritual Accounts of Life Before Life ; Hinze, Sarah; Paperback; 1997; $12.00
Communicating With the Dead; Linda Georgian; Paperback; 1995; $9.90
Darkness Into Light: Rescuing Souls on the Other Side ; John Brooker; Paperback; 2001; $14.95
Death and Consciousness; David H. Lund; Hardcover; 1995; $34.50
Debates on the Meaning of Life, Evolution, and Spiritualism (The Freethought Library); Frank Harris (Editor), et al; Paperback; 1992; $13.45
A Dove at the Window: Living Dreams and Spiritual xperiences, with passages from the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg; Vera P. Glenn (Editor); Paperback; 1999; $12.95
Echoes of the Soul: The Souls Journey Beyond the Light Through Life, Death, and Life After Death ; Bodine, Echo L. ; Paperback; 1999; $12.95
Exorcism: How to Clear at a Distance a Spirit Possessed Person; Eugene Maurey; Paperback; 1989; $14.95
Fear of the Unknown: Enlightened Aid-In-Dying; Arthur S. Berger, Joyce Berger; Hardcover; 1995; $55.00
From Erin With Love: Knowledge of Life After Death ; Fisher, Helen M. ; Paperback; 2001; $12.95
Goodbye Again: Experiences With Departed Loved Ones; Edie Devers; Hardcover; $17.06 and Rain; David Lan; Paperback; 1997; $18.00
Handbook of Spiritualism and Channeling (Brill Handbooks on Contemporary Religion)A>; Cathy Guttierez; Paperback; 2015; $203
Heather's Return: The Amazing Story of a Child's Communications from Beyond the Grave (The We Don't Die Series); Geri Colozzi Wiitala; Paperback; 1996; $13.45
Hello from Heaven!: A New Field of Research-After-Death Communication-Confirms That Life nd Love Are Eternal; Bill Guggenheim, Judy Guggenheim; Hardcover; 1996; $19.76
A House Divided; P. Joynson-Wreford, Joynson P. Wreford; Paperback; 1996; $7.85
John Lennon in Heaven: Crossing the Borderlines of Being; Linda Keen; Paperback; $13.45
Kardec's Spiritism: A Home For Healing And Spiritual Evolution; Emma Bragdon; Paperback; 2004; $11.53
Life After Death: A Survey of the Cumulative Evidence; Freeman, Sidney L.; Hardcover; 1999; $23.95
Life Beyond Death; Yogi Ramacharaxa; Paperback; 1990; $15.00
Life Is the Father Within; Nathan D. Seti; Paperback; 1999; $15.80
Messages: Evidence for Life after Death; George E. Dalzell; Paperback; 2002; $11.16
Miracle Mongers and Their Methods: A Complete Expose (Skeptic's Bookshelf); Houdini, Harry Houdini; Paperback; 1993; $16.16
Modern Spiritualism: Its Facts and Fanaticisms (Occult); E.W. Capron; Hardcover; $35.95
My Garden Visits; Justin Matott, Victoria Kwasinski (Illustrator); Hardcover; $16.20
My route to the other world; Gaye Muir; Unknown Binding; (Out of Print)
Mystery of Consciousness; Mansell; Paperback; $5.84
The Near-Birth Experience: A Journey to the Center of Self; Bongard, Gerald ; Paperback; 2000; $13.95
New Age Spiritualism, New Age Sexuality; Fino; Hardcover
The Occult in America: New Historical Perspectives; Howard Kerr, Charles L. Crow (Editor); Paperback
Other Worlds; Torkom Saraydarian; Paperback; $27.00
Our Spiritual Connection; Tom Greene, et al; Paperback; $7.95
People from the Other Side; A History of Spiritualism; Maurice Leonard ; Paperback; 2009; $14.92
Peregrinaje: LA Vida Despues De LA Muerte; Migene Gonzalez-Wippler; Paperback; $8.95
Phases of Life After Death: Written in automatic writing; Irma Slage; Paperback; 2000; $16.00
Primal Spirituality of the Vedas: Its Renewal and Renaissance; R. Balasubramanian; Hardcover; $23.00
Principles of Spiritualism; De Swarte, Lyn Guest; Paperback; 1999; $11.00
Reflections on the Birth of the Elvis Faith; John Strausbaugh; Paperback; $11.65
Religion - Man's Insult To God; James McQuitty; Unknown Binding; $11.95
RX: Spiritist As Needed: A Study of a Puerto Rican Community Mental Health Resource (Anthropology of Contemporary Issues); Alan Harwood; Paperback; $15.95
Saved by a Ghost: True Tales of the Occult; Charles Webster, Leadbeater; Paperback
The Seance: Healing Messages from Beyond; Suzane Northrop, et al; Mass Market Paperback; $5.39
Searching for Raymond: Anglicanism, Spiritualism, and Bereavement Between the Two World Wars; Kollar, Rene; Hardcover; 2000; $60.00
A Soul's Journey; Peter Richelieu; Paperback
Song of the Phoenix: Voices of Comfort and Healing from the Afterlife; Lily Fairchilde; Hardcover; $15.16
Speaking With the Dead: Development of Afro-Latin Religion Among Puerto Ricans in the United States: A Study into the Interpenetration of Civilizat; Andres Isidoro Perez Y Mena; Hardcover; $55.00
Spirit Summonings (Mysteries of the Unknown); Time Life (Editor); Hardcover; $15.26
Spiritualism to America; Peter Washington; Paperback; 1996; $11.20
Spiritualism in Antebellum America (Religion in North America); Bret E. Carroll; Hardcover
Spiritualism and British Society Between the Wars (Studies in Popular Culture; Hazelgrove, Jenny; Hardcover; 2000; $74.95
Spiritualism and British Society Between the Wars (Studies in Popular Culture; Hazelgrove, Jenny; Paperback; 1998; $31.94
Spiritualism and the Foundations of C.G. Jung's Psychology; F.X. Charet; Paperback; $21.95
Spiritualism and the Foundations of C.G. Jung's Psychology; F.X. Charet; Hardcover; $49.50
Spiritualism I: Spiritualist Thought (Cults and New Religions) Vol 1; Gary L. Ward (Editor); Hardcover; $87.00
Spiritualism II: The Movement (Cults and New Religions) Vol 2; Gary L. Ward (Editor); Hardcover; $112.00
The Stages of Sorrow; Kathleen Smith; Hardcover; $22.00
Stages of Sorrow; Kathleen Smith; Paperback; $8.85
Studies in Spiritism; Amy Tanner; Paperback; $17.06
Through the Eyes of Spirit; Jennifer Christine Crawford; Paperback; $11.00
Trapped Between Two Worlds: Experiences of a `Ghost Buster; Sandra Ramdhanie; Paperback; 1995; $12.95
Unseen Forces; Manly Hall; Paperback; 1978; $6.30
The Varieties of Religious Experience: a Study in Human Nature: Being the Gifford Lectures on Natural Religion Delivered at Edinburgh in 1901-1902; William James; Hardcover; 1994; $15.95 (many other bindings and formats available)
Visions of Immortality: The Incredible Findings of a Century of Research on Death / also known as You Cannot Die; Ian Currie; Paperback; 1998; $17.94
Visual Encounters; Blend, Ellen Marie ; Paperback; 1999; $11.99
Voices from the Afterlife: A Guide to Healing from the Spirit World; Lily Fairchilde; Paperback; 1998; $10.36
What Happens After Death: Scientific & Personal Evidence for Survival; Migene Gonzalez-Wipple; Paperback; 1997; $7.95

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[Out of Print Spiritualism Titles:]

April Spell; Joanne Hoppe; Paperback (Out of Print)
April Spell; Joanne Hoppe; School & Library Binding (Out of Print)
Are you bereaved? a book to comfort; Roberta Sayer; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Aristocracy of the Dead: New Findings in Postmortem Survival; Arthur S. Berger; Hardcover (Out of Print)
Beware familiar spirits; John Mulholland; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Beware Familiar Spirits; John, Mulholland; Paperback (Out of Print)
Beyond normal cognition; John Frederick Thomas; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
A biography of the brothers Davenport; Thomas Low Nichols; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Blood Brother; Ann Ruffell; School & Library Binding (Out of Print)
Book of Hu; John Gibson; Hardcover (Out of Print)
A book of revelation from the ethereal plane; Daniel S. Latchaw; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Carry on Talking: How dead are the voices?; Peter Bander; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Cassadaga: An Inside Look at the South's Oldest Psychic Community With True Experiences of People Who Have Been There; Robert Harold; Paperback (Out of Print)
Communication with the Dead; Kay Miller; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Communing With the Spirit of Your Unborn Child; Dawson Church; Paperback (Out of Print)
Companions in Spirit; Laeh Maggie Garfield, Jack Grant; Paperback (Out of Print)
Crookes and the Spirit World; William Crookes; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Crookes and the spirit world; a collection of writings by or concerning the work of Sir William Crookes, O.M., F.R.S., in the field of psychical research; William Crookes; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Crossings, A transpersonal approach; Carl David Levett; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Crossings, A transpersonal approach; Carl David Levett; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Darkened Room: Women, Power and Spiritualism in Late Victorian England (New Cultural Studies Series); Alex Owen; Hardcover; 1990; $41.95
Death Brings Many Surprises; Robert Coddington; Paperback; 1987; (Out of Print)
The Death Transition; Cliff Aguirre; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Divine powers: How to harness and control your destiny; Seizan Fukami; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Doctrines of demons: A Christian response to the occult; Lynn A. McMillon; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Don't wait to be rescued: Transcending the death experience; Shirley Pratt; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Drum and Candle.; David. St. Clair; Hardcover (Out of Print)
Elvis People: The Cult of the King; Ted Harrison; Paperback (Out of Print)
End of a masquerade; Helen Godfrey Pyke; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
The essence of spiritualism; William Hunter Mackintosh; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Evidence of personal survival from cross correspondences; Herbert Francis Saltmarsh; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Evil Threads; Nadine Roberts; Paperback (Out of Print)
Facts, Frauds, and Phantasms; A Survey of the Spiritualist Movement.; Georgess. McHargue; Hardcover (Out of Print)
Facts, Frauds, and Phantasms; A Survey of the Spiritualist Movement.; Hardcover (Out of Print)
Fireside Treasury of Light; Mary O. Kelly; Paperback (Out of Print)
Folk spirituality and liberation in Southern Africa; Gerrit Huizer; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Forgetting Places; Somtow Sucharitkul; Hardcover (Out of Print)
The fortune sellers; Gary Wilburn; Unknown Binding (Out of Print) Ghost of 29 Megacycles; John Fuller; Paperback (Out of Print)
The Ghost of Flight 401; John Grant Fuller; Hardcover (Out of Print)
Ghost-Maker; Kathleen Kilgore; Paperback (Out of Print)
Ghosts, Hauntings & the Supernatural World; Roy Harley Lewis; Hardcover (Out of Print)
The gift of the spirit: a selection from the essays of Prentice Mulford; Prentice Mulford; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Gretchen, I Am; Carroll E. Jay; Paperback (Out of Print)
Gretchen, I am; Carroll E. Jay; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Handbook of Christian Spirituality; Michael Cox; Hardcover (Out of Print)
The Haunting of Bishop Pike; A Christian View of the Other Side; Merrill Frederick, Unger; Paperback (Out of Print)
Help from beyond; Henry L. Stern; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Here and there: more psychic experiences; Philip Ian Phillips; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Hidden man; Paul Beard; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
The hidden truth; William John Pearce; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
How a Weirdo and a Ghost Can Change Your Entire Life; Patricia Windsor, Jacqueline Rogers; Hardcover (Out of Print)
How a Weirdo and a Ghost Can Change Your Entire Life; Patricia Windsor, Jacqueline Rogers (Illustrator); Paperback (Out of Print)
How to Use Astral Power: Key to a Miraculous New Life; Reginald De Koven. MacNitt; Hardcover (Out of Print)
In Search of White Crows: Spiritualism, Parapsychology, and American Culture; Robert Laurence Moore; Hardcover (Out of Print)
Independent Spirits: Spiritualism and English Plebeians, 1850-1910 (History Workshop Series); Logie Barrow; Textbook Binding (Out of Print)
Independent Spirits: Spiritualism and English Plebeians, 1850-1910 (History Workshop Series); Logie Barrow; Paperback (Out of Print)
Inevitable journey; Donald Galloway; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
The invisible presence; Paul Miller; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Is anybody there?; Stewart Lamont; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Journey into light: an account of forty years' communication with a brother in the after life; Ruth Plant; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Kingdom of darkness; Fred W. Thomas; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Kingdom of darkness; Fred W. Thomas; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Learning to talk to the world beyond; an introduction to the joy of immortality; Ralph Knight; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Letters from Janice: Correspondence from the Astral Plane; Wayne Hatford; Paperback (Out of Print)
Linking Up: How the People in Your Life Are Roadsigns to Self-Discovery; Catherine Ann, Lake; Paperback (Out of Print)
A Magician Among the Spirits; Hardcover (Out of Print)
A Magician Among the Spirits (Collector's Library of the Unknown); Harry Houdini; Hardcover (Out of Print)
Mary T. Reflects on the Other Side: A Compelling Vision of the Afterlife; Mary T. Browne; Hardcover (Out of Print)
Mayan Vision Quest: Mystical Initiation in Mesoamerica; Hunbatz Men, et al; Hardcover; 1991;
Mind & supermind; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Mind over matter: beyond the bounds of nature; Glen St. John Barclay; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
The missing link in modern spiritualism; Ann Leah Underhill; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
My Personal Experiences With the Poor Souls; Maria, Simma; Paperback (Out of Print)
My route to the other world; Gaye Muir; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Nineteenth century miracles: or, Spirits and their work in every country of the earth; Emma Hardinge Britten; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
An occultist's travels; Willy Reichel; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Official philosophy and philosophy; Jules de Gaultier; 1971; $14.49
On the other side of reality; Joseph Bernard Hutton; $.10
One hundred years of Spiritualism: the story of the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, 1872-1972; Roy Stemman; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Phantoms of the Rich and Famous; Stuart A. Kallen; Library Binding; $19.97
Poor Elizabeth's almanac; Elizabeth Fuller; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Psychic Summer; Arnold. Copper; Hardcover (Out of Print)
Puerto Rican espiritismo: religion and psychotherapy; Jos‚e Morales-Dorta; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Reaching for the other side; Dawn Hill; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Reaching for the Other Side: True Story of Personal Transformation; Dawn Hill; Paperback (Out of Print)
Return to simplicity; R. K. Posthumus; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Ruskin, Lady Mount-Temple, and the spiritualists: an episode in Broadlands history; Van Akin Burd; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Sangoma: My Odyssey into the Spirit World of Africa; James Hall; Paperback; 1995; $9.60
Sangoma: An Odyssey Into the Spirit World of Africa; James Hall; Hardcover; 1994; $16.77
Seances & spiritualists; Christine Andreae; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Seances and Spiritualists; Christine Andreae; Paperback (Out of Print)
Shrines of psychic power: a spiritual pilgrimage; Florence E. Pettit; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
The Spirit Rappers; Herbert G. Jackson; Hardcover (Out of Print)
Spirits and spirit worlds; Roy Stemman; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Spiritualism and society; Geoffrey K. Nelson; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Spiritualism, the Bible revelation; William F. Bettesworth; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
The Spiritualists: The Passion for the Occult in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries; Ruth Brandon; Hardcover (Out of Print)
Spiritualists: The Passion for the Occult in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries; Ruth Brandon; Paperback (Out of Print)
The spook and the commandant; Cedric Waters Hill; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Strange shadows: Spirit tales of early America; Joseph Raskin; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Strange Shadows: Spirit Tales of Early America; Joseph. Raskin; Hardcover (Out of Print)
The strangers; Matthew Manning; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Strings for a broken lute; Mabel Telford; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Supernatural Principalities and Powers; Lester Sumrall; Paperback (Out of Print)
The Table-Rappers; Ronald Pearsall; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
To Elsie with Love: An adventure into the unknown; Mary Thomson; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Tomorrows unlimited; Marion Stresau; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Torchbearers of spiritualism; Mabel Annie Stobart; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Traveller in eternity; Bertha Harris; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Universal Energy and Intelligence; O.D Bluthardt; Hardcover (Out of Print)
A venture in immortality; David Kennedy; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Voices of Eternity; Sarah Wilson Estep; Paperback (Out of Print)
The waiting world: or, What happens at death; Archie Matson; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
The Waiting World: What Happens at Death; Archie. Matson; Hardcover (Out of Print)
The way through; J. R. Fearnley; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Where There Is a Will; Maurice Barbanell; Paperback (Out of Print)
Who, me? Yes, you!; Arline Sylvester; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)
Zoar; William Henry Salter; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

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Spiritual Healing (More Recent)

All Is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition; Louise L. Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz; Paperback; 2013; $10.35
Alternative Medicine; The Definitive Guide; Larry Trivieri and John W. Anderson; Hardcover; 2002; $15.06
Anatomy of the Spirit; The Seven Stages of Power and Healing; Caroline Myss; Paperback; 2013; $10.98
Angel Medicine: How to Heal the Body and Mind With the Help of the Angels; Doreen Virtue; Hardcover; 2005; $.01
Auras; How to See, Feel & Know; Embrosewyn Tazkuvel; Hardcover; 2012; $25.95
Become a Medical Intuitive; Complete Developmental Course; Tina M. Zion; Paperback; 2015; $21.28
Distant Healing: A Complete Guide; Jack Angelo; Paperback; 2008; $14.94
Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing; Judith Orloff; Paperback; 2012; $9.77
Earthing; The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? ; Martin Zucker and Clinton Ober Paperback; 2014; $13.23
Energy Healing; The Essentials of Self-Care; Ann Marie Chiasson, M.D.; Paperback; 2013; $14.96
Energy Medicine; Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality Updated and Expanded; Donna Eden and David Feinstein; Paperback; 2008; $14.71
Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art; Diane Stein; Paperback; 2011; $13.96
Give the Gift of Healing: A Concise Guide to Spiritual Healing; Rosemary Altea; Paperback; 2010; $12.36
Hands of Light : A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field; Barbara Brennan; Paperback; 2011; $18.22
Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth; Tommy Rosa, Stephen Sinatra; Hardcover; 2015; $18.87
How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can; A Total Self-Healing Approach for Mind, Body, and Spirit ; Amy Scher; Paperback; 2016; $12.64
Instant Healing; Gain Inner Strength, Empower Yourself, and Create Your Destiny ; Susan Shumsky DO; Paperback; 2013; $12.75
Intuitive Self-Healing; Achieve Balance and Wellness Through the Body's Energy Centers; Marie Manuchehri RN; Paperback; 2012; $14.12
Light; Medicine of the Future, How We Can Use It to Heal Ourselves Now; Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D.; 2014; $16.45
Light Emerging; The Journey of Personal Healing; Barbara Brennan; Paperback; 2011; $22.39
Matrix Energetics; The Science and Art of Transformation; Richard Bartlett; Paperback; 2007; $14.10
Medical Medium; Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal; Anthony William; Paperback; 2015; $21.28
Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables; Anthony William; Hardcover; 2016; $22.06
Medical Medium Thyroid Healing: The Truth behind Hashimoto's, Graves', Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr; Anthony William; Hardcover; 2017; $16.75
Medical Medium Liver Rescue Answers to Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Strep, Acne, Gout, Bloating, Gallstones, Adrenal Stress, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Weight Issues, SIBO & Autoimmune Disease; Anthony William; Hardcover; 2018; $22.48
Mind Over Medicine; Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself ; Lissa Rankin, M.D.; Paperback; 2013; $10.53
One Mind; How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters; Larry Dossey, M.D.; Paperback; 2014; $13.61
Plant Spirit Shamanism; Ross Heaven; Paperback; 2006; $14.53
Spiritism and Mental Health Practices from Spiritist Centers; Stanley Krippner; Paperback; 2013; $30
The Art of Self Muscle Testing; Michael Hetherington; Paperback; 2013; $9.50
The Brain That Changes Itself; Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science; Norman Doidge MD; Paperback; 2016; $10.80
The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness; Dr. Bradley Nelson; Paperback; 2007; $13.94
The Healing Power of Sound; Recovery from Life-Threatening Illness Using Sound, Voice, and Music; Mitchell L. Gaynor MD; Paperback; 2002; $18.30
The Heart's Code; Tapping the Wisdom and Power of Our Heart Energy; Paul Pearsall; Paperback; 1999; $12.50
The Intuitive Healer: Accessing Your Inner Physician ; Marcia Emery PhD; Paperback; 2000; $16.46
The Mozart Effect; Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit; Don Campbell; Paperback; 2009; $14.10
The Power of Angel Medicine; Energetic Exercises and Techniques to Activate Divine Healing ; Joanne Brocas; Paperback; 2014; $11.87
The Root of Chinese Qigong; Secrets for Health, Longevity, & Enlightenment; Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming; Paperback; 1997; $21.65
The Reiki Teacher's Manual: A Guide for Teachers, Students, and Practitioners; Tina M. Zion; Paperback; 2014; $17.59
The Secret of Instant Healing; Frank Joseph Kinslow DC ; Paperback; 2011; $13.36
The Spark in the Machine; How the Science of Acupuncture Explains the Mysteries of Western Medicine; Daniel Keown MD; Paperback; 2014; $11.61
The Subtle Body; An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy; Cyndi Dale; Paperback; 2009; $23.56
The Way I See It: Health Readings from the Man with X-Ray Vision; Jay Caliendo; Paperback; 2002; $22.99
ThetaHealing; Introducing an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality; Vianna Stibal; Paperback; 2010; $12.90
Tuning the Human Biofield; Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy; Eileen Day McKusick; Paperback; 2014; $11.87
Vibrational Medicine; The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies; Richard Gerber M.D.; Hardcover; 2001; $18.87
A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine : Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation; Richard Gerber; Paperback reprint of hardback edition above; 2001; $14.60
Wheels of Life; A User's Guide to the Chakra System; Anodea Judith; Paperback; 2012; $13.03
Why People Don't Heal and How They Can; Caroline Myss; Paperback; 2013; $11.86

Spiritual Healing / Subtle Energy Work

Arigo: surgeon of the rusty knife; John Grant Fuller; Paperback; 1976
The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao De Deus; Josie Ravenwing; Paperback; 2002; $17.50
Born to Heal; Ruth Montgomery; Paperback; 1995; $15.00
The Brazilian Healer with the Kitchen Knife: And Other Stories of Mystics, Shamans, and Miracle Makers; Sandy Johnson; Paperback; 2003
Cosmic Healing: A Comparative Study of Channeled Teachings in Healing; Alan Young; Paperback; $9.30
Daughter of Destiny: Kathryn Kuhlman, Her Story; Jamie Buckingham; Hardcover; 1976
Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy; Harold J. Reilly, Ruth Hagy Brod; Paperback; $11.96
Edgar Cayce on Healing Foods for Body, Mind, and Spirit; William A., Md McGarey, Edgar Cayce; Paperback; 2002; $12.71
Ears of the Angels: Healing the Sounds Heard and Unheard of Violins, Humans, and Animals; Deena Spear; Paperback; 2003; $10.36
Energy Medicine; Donna Eden; Paperback; 2000; $11.53
Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis of Bioenergy Therapies; James Oschman; Paperback; 2000; $40.95
The Everything Reiki Book: Channel Your Positive Energy to Reduce Stress, Promote Healing, and Enhance Your Quality of Life; Phylameana lila Desy; Paperback; 2004; $10.17
The Faith Factor: Proof of the Healing Power of Prayer; Dale A. Matthews; Paperback; 1999; $10.20
Faith healing; Louis Rose; 1971
Flower essences and vibrational healing; Gurudas; 1989; $6
The Gift of Healing: A Personal Story of Spiritual Therapy; A. and Worrall, O. Worrall; Paperback; 1989; $12.74
Harry Edwards: thirty years a spiritual healer; Harry Edwards; 1968
The Healing Energy of Your Hands; Michael Bradford; Paperback; 1995; $10.17
The Healing Intelligence,; Henry James, Edwards; Hardcover (Out of Print)
The healing power: the extraordinary spiritual healing of Mrs Leah Doctors and "Dr Chang", her spirit guide; Joseph Bernard Hutton; 1975 $.10
Healing the Whole Person, the Whole Planet; Molli Nickell; Paperback; 1988; $.01
Healing With the Angels: How the Angels Can Assist You in Every Area of Your Life; Virtue, Doreen ; Paperback; 1999; $12.95
Healing Words; Larry Dossey; Paperback; 1997; $6.99
Healing Yourself With Light: How to Connect With the Angelic Healers; Launa Huffines; Paperback; 1995; $10.36
Indian Herbalogy of North America; Alma R. Hutchens; Paperback; 1994; $11.20
Joys Way; W. Brugh Joy; Paperback; 1979; $11.16
Kardec's Spiritism: A Home For Healing And Spiritual Evolution; Emma Bragdon; Paperback; 2004; $11.53
Kathryn Kuhlman : The Woman Who Believes in Miracles; Allen Spraggett; Paperback; 1979
The Miracle Man: The Life Story Of Joao De Deus (John of God); Robert Pellegrino-Estrich; Paperback; 1997; $18.95
Miracles of Mind: Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness and Spiritual Healing; Russell Targ, Jane Katra Paperback; 1999; $10.85
The Power to Heal; Robert Pellegrino-Estrich; Paperback; 2002; $21.99
The Power of Divine: A Healer's Guide - Tapping into the Miracle; Tiffany Snow; Paperback; 2004; $12.89
Prayer Is Good Medicine: How to Reap the Healing Benefits of Prayer; Larry Dossey; Paperback; 1997; $11.16
Psychic Healing With Spirit Guides and Angels; Diane Stein; Paperback; 1996; $12.89
Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal; Richard Gordon; Paperback; 2002; $12.89
The Reiki Sourcebook; Bronwen & Frans Stiene; Paperback; 2004; $13.57
Reiki The Ultimate Guide Learn Sacred Symbols & Attunements plus Reiki Secrets You Should Know; Steve Murray; Paperback; 2004; $23.76
Spiritual Alliances: Discovering the Roots of Health at the Casa de Dom Inacio; Emma Bragdon; Paperback; 2002; $16.96
Timeless Healing: The power and biology of belief; Herbert Benson, Marg Stark (Paperback; 1997; $11.20
We are all healers; Sally Hammond; 1973
Wheels of Light : Chakras, Auras, and the Healing Energy of the Body; Rosalyn Bruyere; Paperback; 1994; $11.20
Your Healing Power: A Comprehensive Guide to Channelling Your Healing Energies; Jack Angelo; Paperback; 1995; $11.96

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