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 Near-Death Experiences NDE Webliography

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First Person Recounts of Near-Death Journeys to a Spirit Heaven
Saved by the Light (1994). Dannion Brinkley Paperback; $12.80
At Peace with the Light (1995). Dannion Brinkley Paperback; $1.43
Secrets of the Light (2008). Dannion Brinkley Paperback; $.01

My Glimpse of Eternity (1977). Betty Malz Paperback; $.01
Return from Tomorrow (1994). George G. Ritchie MD Paperback; $5.99
Beyond the Light (1994). PMH Atwater Hardcover; $4.56
Embraced by the light (1994). Betty Eadie Paperback; $7.12
Dying to Wake Up; A doctor's voyage into the afterlife (2016); Rajiv Parti; Paperback; $10.87
Heaven Is; A Visit to Heaven; Ed Gaulden; Paperback; 2014; $15.99
Face to Face with Jesus; Bodie Thoene; Paperback; 2014; $10.17
The awakening heart; My continuing journey to love (1996). Betty Eadie Hardcover; $.01
Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth (2015). Tommy Rosa, Stephen Sinatra MD Hardcover; $19.15
My Descent into Death; A second chance at life (2000). Howard Storm Hardcover; $13.28
Heaven Is for Real; A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back (2010). Todd Burpo Paperback; $7.99
Proof of Heaven; A Neurosurgeon's Journal (2012). Eben Alexander Paperback; $9.41
To Heaven And Back (2012). Mary Neal MD Paperback; $8.29
90 Minutes in Heaven (2004). Don Piper Paperback; $11.97
Dying to Be Me; My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing (2012). Anita Moorjani Paperback; $11.33
The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven (2011). Kevin Malarkey Paperback; $.01
My Journey to Heaven (2012). Marvin Besteman Paperback; $11.33
Waking Up in Heaven; A True Story of Brokenness, Heaven, and Life Again (2013). Crystal McVea Paperback; $11.74
Flight to Heaven (2010). Dale Black Paperback; $8.76
Miracles from Heaven; A little girl, her journey to Heaven (2015). Christy Wilson Beam Paperback; $9.17
Heaven is Beautiful; How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just the Beginning (2015). Peter Baldwin Panagore Paperback; $12.49
The Day I Died (2006). Steve Sjogren Paperback; $10.87
Application of Impossible Things; My Near Death Experience in Iraq (2012). Natalie Sudman Paperback; $9.45
37 seconds; Dying Revealed Heaven's Help--A Mother's Journey (2015). Stephanie Arnold Paperback; $15.99
Beyond Sight; The True Story of a Near-death Experience (2014). Marion Rome Paperback; $7.49
Rise and Shine; The extraordinary story of one manís journey from near death to full recovery (2010). Simon Lewis Hardcover; $20.95
The Birth Called Death: The Remarkable Story of One Woman's Journey to the Other Side of Life (2010). Kathie Jordan Paperback; $14.29
Fast Lane to Heaven: Celestial Encounters that Changed My Life (2001). Ned Dougherty Paperback; $.01
Overviews and Case Histories from NDE Pioneers and Commentators

Newer Titles

Glimpses of Eternity (2010). Raymond Moody Paperback; $17.99
Paranormal; My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife (2013). Raymond Moody Paperback; $14.38
Secrets of the Light (2008). Dannion Brinkley Paperback; $.01
Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife (2014). Eben Alexander Paperback; $11.98
Coming Back to Life; Examining the After-Effects of the Near-Death Experience (2008); PMH Atwater LHD; Paperback; $23.99
Heaven Changes Everything (2012). Todd Burpo Paperback; $9.46
Heaven is Real; What Happened After 90 Minutes in Heaven (2010). Don Piper Paperback; $11.25
Imagine Heaven; Near-Death Experiences, God's Promises, and the Exhilarating Future That Awaits You (2015). John Burke Paperback; $10.33
Heaven's Lessons; Ten Things I Learned About God When I Died (2013). Steve Sjogren Paperback; $13.86
Near-death Experiences, The Rest of the Story (2011). PMH Atwater Paperback; $15.53
Glimpsing Heaven; Stories and Science of Life After Death (2014). Judy Bachrach Paperback; $13.30
Opening Heaven's Door; What the Dying Are Trying to Say About Where They're Going (2014). Patricia Pearson Paperback; $11.47
What Happens When We Die?: A Groundbreaking Study into the Nature of Life and Death (2007). Sam Parnia Paperback; $12.45
Science and the Near-death Experience How Consciousness Survives Death (2010). Chris Carter Paperback; $15.95
The Truth in the Light; An investigation of over 300 NDEs (2012). Peter Fenwick Paperback; $18.99
Chasing Heaven; What Dying taught me about Living (2016); Crystal McVea; Paperback; $12.80
The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences; How Understanding NDEs Can Help Us Live More Fully (2014). Penny Sartori Paperback; $14.32
There Is Life After Death; Compelling Reports from Those Who Have Glimpsed the Afterlife (2009). Roy Abraham Varghese Paperback; $13.52
God and the Afterlife: The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience; Jeffrey Long MD; Paperback; 2017; $10.19
Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences; Jeffrey Long MD; Paperback; 2011; $9.11
Consciousness Beyond Life, The Science of the Near-Death Experience; Pim van Lommel; Paperback; 2010; $12.39
Erasing Death; The Science That Is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death; Sam Parnia MD; Paperback; 2013; $5.82
Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for the Existence of God and Heaven ; J. Steve Miller; Paperback; 2012; $9.95
The Essence of Religions: A Glimpse of Heaven in the Near-Death Experience; Christophor Coppes; Paperback; 2013; $16.95
What Happens When We Die; A psychicís exploration of death, heaven; Echo Bodine; Paperback; 2013; $9.60
The Big Book of Near Death Experiences; The Ultimate Guide to What Happens When We Die ; P.M.H. Atwater; Paperback; 2007; $5.49
The Case for Heaven, Near Death Experiences as Evidence of the Afterlife; Mally Cox-Chapman; Paperback; 2001; $2.96

Earlier Literature from NDE Pioneers

Life After Life : The Investigation of a Phenomenon--Survival of Bodily Death; Moody, Raymond; Mass Market Paperback; 1976; $14.55

Reflections on Life After Life; Moody, Raymond; Mass Market Paperback; 1977; $.01

Coming Back: A Psychiatrist Explores Past-Life Journeys; Moody, Raymond; Paperback; 1990; $5.99

The Last Laugh : A New Philosophy of Near-Death Experiences, Apparitions, and the Paranormal; Moody, Raymond; Paperback; 1999; $10.36

The Light Beyond; Moody, Raymond; Paperback; 1989; $4.49

Reunions: Visionary encounters with departed loved ones; Moody, Raymond/ Paul Perry; Mass Market Paperback; 1993; $6.29

Life at death; A scientific investigation of the near-death experience; Ring, Kenneth; Paperback; 1980; $1.71

Heading toward omega; In search of the meaning of the near-death experience; Ring, Kenneth; Paperback; 1984; $.01

The Omega project; Near-death experiences, UFO encounters, and mind at large; Ring, Kenneth; Paperback; 1992; $.01

Mindsight: Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind; Ring, Kenneth & Cooper, Sharon; Paperback; 1999; $11.01

Lessons from the Light : What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience; Ring, Kenneth/ Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino, Bruce Greyson; Paperback; 2000; $16.95

Echoes of the Soul; The soulís journey beyond the light through life, death, and life after death; Bodine, Echo; Paperback; 1999; $13.95

After Death: How People Around the World Map the Journey after We Die; Miller, Sukie; Paperback; 1998; $9.60

Andy Lakey's Psychomanteum: Spiritual Journeys Guided by Art, Angels & Miracles; Richardson, Keith; Paperback; 1998; $12.95

At Peace in the Light : The Further Adventures of a Reluctant Psychic Who Reveals the Secret of Your Spiritual Powers; Brinkley, Dannion/ Paul Perry; Mass Market Paperback; 1996; $5.39

Between Death & Life : - formerly - Conversations With a Spirit (the death process); Dolores Cannon; Paperback;1993; $11.90

Beyond the Darkness : My Near Death Journey to the Edge of Hell and Back; Fenimore, Angie; Paperback; 1995; $5.50

Beyond the Light : The Mysteries and Revelations of Near-Death Experiences; Atwater, P. M. H. ; Mass Market Paperback; 1997; $5.85

Blessing in Disguise : Another Side of the Near-Death Experience ; Rommer, Barbara R.; Paperback; 2000; $10.36

Closer to the Light: Learning From the Near-Death Experiences of Children. Amazing Revelations of What It Feels Like to Die; Morse, Melvin/Paul Perry; Mass Market Paperback; 1991; $5.39

Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-Death Experiences; P.M.H. Atwater ; Paperback; 2000; $16.95

Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives; Michael Newton; Paperback; 2000; $10.17

Dying to Live: Near Death Experiences; Blackmore, Susan; Hardcover; 1993;

Experiences near death: beyond medicine and religion; Kellehear, Allan; Hardcover; 1996;

Lessons from the Light : Insights from a Journey to the Other Side; Rogers, Sandra; Mass Market Paperback; 1995; $4.49

On the Other Side of Life: Exploring the Phenomenon of the Near-Death Experience; Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino;1997; $15.75

One Last Hug Before I Go: The Mystery and Meaning of Deathbed Visions; Carla Wills-Brandon; Paperback; 2000; $12.95

Parting Visions: Uses and meanings of pre-death...; Morse, Melvin; Paperback; 1994;

Start the conversation; Stone, Ganga; Paperback; 1996;

Transformed by the Light : The Powerful Effect of Near-Death Experiences on People's Lives; Morse, Melvin/Paul Perry; Paperback; 1992; (Out of Print)

The Wheel of Life : A Memoir of Living and Dying; Kubler Ross, Elisabeth; Paperback; 1998; $10.40

When Ego Dies: A Compilation of Near-Death and Mystical Conversion Experiences; Corcoran, Diane ; Paperback; 1996; $9.95

Where God Lives: The Science of the Paranormal and How Our Brains Are Linked to the Universe; Melvin Morse \ Paul Perry; Mass Market Paperback; 2001; $13.00

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