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A Chronology of New Age and New Earth Sources

"To dream a dream and make it come true; to realize the shape of what can be seen only in the mind's eye; to feel compelled to bring about the seemingly impossible—these are the prerogatives of man. James Naylor was ploughing his fields when, in a blinding and timeless moment, he knew why he had been born. Like Saint Paul, who never wavered in his adherence to a truth revealed to him in a vision, James Naylor, despite the cruelties of parliament and a bigoted religious orthodoxy, remained steadfast in what his vision had revealed to him. Driven by her voices, a French peasant girl put new life into a dispirited army and routed the alien invader. She was burned at the stake as a heretic and witch; she was also canonized Saint Joan. Ann Lee claimed to be the new Christ ; Joseph Smith had a vision of heavenly bliss to be realized in an earthly community life...Some fifty years ago Haddon wrote: 'An awakening of religious activity is a frequent characteristic of periods of social unrest. The weakening or disruption of the old social order may stimulate new and often bizarre ideals, and these may give rise to religious movements that strive to sanction social and political aspirations....'"—New Heaven, New Earth, Kenelm Burridge

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For social anthropologists like Burridge the role of the prophet in society is done from the outside looking in. As important as external appearances are, the deeper spiritual dimensions as seen from the inside looking out will lead to a more functional view and is the purpose of this presentation--what does spirit want us to know.

What do the Mayans, an Indian Avatar, a French Jesuit priest, a British spirit team, an American professor, and a bevy of New Age spirit and ET communicators worldwide have in common?

They all had a vision of humans evolving into a new species and living on a transformed planet with a much elevated consciousness. On this page we present a chronological delineation of the roots of the quantum leap of consciousness concept as found in paranormal sources with quotes and a bibliography. Prior to the sources listed here other visionaries like Bucke, Leadbeater, Cayce, Hesse, Spangler and others also had similar things to say about root races and planetary changes, but the problem arises of how much of this speculation was backed up by a detailed body of knowledge. Disappointingly none of these authors articulated their vision with enough depth to be recognizably equated with the New Earth prophecies of today.

This page is an elaboration of the New Earth Overview with a sampling of quotes of selected authors to help you compare and contrast the content, writing style and consistency of treatment of core concepts from one work to the next.

Mayan Prophecy

Way too many books have been written about the Mayan Calendar 2012 situation. It was launched by an American professor named José Argüelles, in a book The Mayan Factor back in 1987. He has said

“The unique moment, the moment of total planetary synchronization, [12/21/12 in our calendar] . . . will arrive—the closing out not only of the Great Cycle, but of the evolutionary interim called Homo Sapiens. Amidst festive preparation and awesome galactic solar-signs psychically received, the human race, in harmony with the animal and other kingdoms and taking its rightful place in the great electromagnetic sea, will unify as a single circuit. Solar and galactic sound transmissions will inundate the planetary field. At least, Earth will be ready for the emergence into interplanetary civilization,"

It has been said that he overstated his affiliation with native elders and has misrepresented the views that they espouse. This could probably be said of most authors whose speculative 2012 theories have been published. Choosing who to believe at this late date is up in the air. There are present-day channels affiliated with elders such as Aluna Joy Yaxkin, author in 1995 of Mayan Pleiadian Cosmology. She says:

“The Maya have a saying ‘Uk'ux kaj - Uk'ux Ulew'. It means "from the Heart of the Heavens to the Heart of the Earth". This Maya saying is becoming more than merely a prayer from Mayan tradition, but an actual physical, cosmic event. We are about to bridge Heaven and Earth; not only from within us, but also physically in our solar system.... Some say that our next passing will be in 2012 . . . the Maya Calendar cosmic cycle, reboot date. The Maya know that the Milky Way is the galactic plane. The Maya also understand that 2012 is an ending of an old age and the beginning of a new, enlightened age."

Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo (1872 – 1950) was a highly-regarded, Cambridge-educated Indian nationalist, poet, philosopher, and yogi. His followers considered him an avatar [a being who has come to enable a new stage in human evolution] because he reached nirvana after only a few days of instruction.

As an Avatar, the clarity and constancy of his inner vision allowed him to bring to the world a very organized presentation of human and spiritual knowledge in his magnum opus The Life Divine.

The wikipedia tells us: "Sri Aurobindo's vision of the future includes the appearance of what may be called a new species, the supramental being, a divine being which would be as different and superior to present humanity as humanity is to the animal. It would have a consciousness different in kind than the mind of the human, a different status and quality and functioning. Even the physical form of this being would be different, more luminous and flexible and adaptable, entirely conscious and harmonious."

His own writing tells us of a new era that involves the creation of "a new earth and heaven, a city of God, a divine descent upon earth, a reign of the spiritually perfect, a kingdom of God not only within us but outside, in a collective human life."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) was a Jesuit priest and paleontologist who studied chemistry, physics, botany, and zoology and received his doctorate in geology. The author of several works of philosophy and religion, he is considered by many to be among the foremost thinkers and Christian mystics of the Twentieth Century. He is one of the first thinkers/writers to use the word "noosphere" to refer to the planetary layer of reflective consciousness, growing out of and transcending the lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.

Some sources credit him with coining the phrase "homo noeticus" for a forthcoming species of man. Almost every major figure in the field of conscious-evolution today cites Teilhard as a primary influence. A number of his insights and perspectives were taken up by what became the New Age Movement, though Teilhard himself died about 25 years before the emergence of that movement.

In a 7000 word essay The Christic penned during the last year of his life and published in translation (by Rene Hague) as The Heart of Matter Father Teilhard describes in his complex linguistic style a mystical interior event which "is not a mere speculative dissertation."

"I saw how the joint coming of age of Revelation and Science had suddenly opened a door for twentieth-century Man into a sort of ultra-dimension of Things, in which all differences between Action, Passion [in the sense of being acted upon] and Communion vanish — not by being neutralized but by reaching an explosive climax: and this at the high temperatures of the Centre and on the scale of the Whole."

Elsewhere and often, he uses the phrase "the Omega Point" to refer to the attainment of this "explosive climax" of planetary evolution. He anticipates the "moment when the Universe, through Cosmogenesis [is] directed upon a Christic Omega."

Teilhard was skeptical of the "immersive" mysticism of the East, which struck him as passive rather than participatory. He struggled to synthesize his passion for the mystical with his deep conviction that cosmic evolution is an ACTIVE totalizing process: "...from the moment when the Universe, through Cosmogenesis directed upon a Christic Omega, assumes for us the shape of a truly convergent whole, a third and completely new road opens up by which the 'mystic' may arrive at total unity."

One of his most often-quoted statements is this:

"The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we will have discovered fire." (Towards the Future, p. 86-7).

Imagery of fire occurs frequently in his writings, as again here:

"It would seem that a single ray of such a light falling like a spark, no matter where, on the Noosphere, would be bound to produce an explosion of such violence that it would almost instantaneously set the face of the Earth ablaze and make it completely new."

This is reminiscent of the suddenness spoken of so often nowadays by others as the quantum leap of consciousness.

In another of his works The future of man in which he refers to the new species of evolved man as the ultra-human he reiterates:

"The end of a 'thinking species' : not disintegration and death, but a new break-through and a re-birth, this time outside Time and Space... by way of spiritual escape through the excess of consciousness, is not yet seriously considered by the biologists. At first sight it appears fantastic. Yet if one thinks about it long and carefully, it is remarkable how it sustains examination, grows stronger and... takes root in the mind."

Both Aurobindo and Teilhard were well-known and prolific authors. The Wikipedia offers this brief comparison of the Supermind promulgated by Aurobindo and the Omega Point described by Teilhard:

Beginning with the Catholic theologian R.C. Zaehner, a number of scholars have pointed out parallels between the respective spiritual evolutionary philosophies of Sri Aurobindo and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (see e.g. Zaehner 1971, Feys 1973, Sethna 1973, 1981, Bruteau 1974, Chetany 1978, Brookman 1988). Both describe a progression from inanimate matter through life and mind to a future consummation and Divinisation of humanity and the Earth as Supermind at Omega Point/God-Omega. Neither seems to have been aware of the other's work. A scientific basis for Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's and Sri Aurobindo's panentheistic Omega point philosophies was provided in 1994 by the physicist Frank J. Tipler's promulgation of his Omega Point Theory.

Birthing and Earthing

Although someone skeptical of paranormal knowledge would consider New Earth prophecy to be very speculative, others will see the cross-correspondences set forth in the analysis on this page as convincing that a consistent and striking pattern of material has been sent by spirit over the past four decades. Care has been taken not to overstate any aspect of the case—the data can speak for itself using direct quotes because it is so detailed and abundant that speculation on the main points is not necessary.

That does not eliminate most speculation from the material. A very important issue is the severity of Earth changes. This seems to fall along a sliding scale with the oldest material offering the worst scenarios and the newest material offering the mildest outcome. This has been explained as the result of prayers and the active participation of the planetary consciousness of man in his own destiny so as to reduce unnecessary suffering. A shifting of the axis or poles is commonly mentioned along with dire consequences, but at this point it not clear whether these will happen before or after the population has left.

One thing that is clear is that "men will walk with angels" after the transition and some will pierce the veil early as helpers to guide others--according to Julie Soskin"

In a very short space of time, you will have physical and tangible contact with beings from other worlds. These beings will be in your rooms, you will see them, you will touch and speak to them; they are coming to comfort you. The beings we speak of are beings of light, humanoid in feature, and yet not human. They are translucent beings.... Very few of you, not even those who are less evolved, will doubt the changes and the shifts that are now taking place. These light beings we speak of will give you information which you will need to protect human life energies from the storms that will occur on your planet.

As to whether you should identify angels and their God-based helpers as ETs consider an insight from Norma Milanovich that Arcturians, prefer to be called Celestials, a meaningful distinction, it tells us who they are rather than who they are not and emphasizes the angelic quality that emanates from them. It also segregates them from the Greys who are not a God-centered race.

Directly related to this is the "saucer issue." Because talking about such issues is seen by many uninformed readers as evidence of unreliability some wish to distance themselves from talking about it full face. Detailed investigations by dozens of national organizations such as MUFON and BUFORA over the past several decades have established unquestionably the strong evidence for off planet vehicles, occupants and involvement in human affairs e.g. see Witnessed by Budd Hopkins. Anyone unaware of this is not up to current knowledge on the subject.

The early prophetic works all mentioned saucers or ships of some kind or another but in most cases were not very specific about what was meant or how they would be involved. Many details about Merkabah vehicles and ships are available in works by Hurtak and Milanovich. What is clear is that mankind will have to be moved somehow off the old Earth and onto the New Earth, but it is not particularly clear whether any of these transport devices will be actually be seen consciously by man or whether people will somehow have their consciousness "turned off" here and "turned on" once the process is complete. Hurtak specifically mentions that "those who are not using the gifts of the Holy Spirit will have their mind 'blanked' out after a Merkabah experience. This is done lest the physical mind be overloaded,..."

Although the New Earth is commonly thought of as the destination of those who choose to raise their vibration for the changes, many that are incarnated here at this time are those from elsewhere who "heard the call" from on high and were born specifically to be wayshowers and helpers during this period. Many of these can be expected to return to their point of origin when all is done. Hurtak specifically mentions that other planets may also be involved as well.

Some authors also seek to explain how the Earth lost its innocence by giving historical information about intervention by off planet races in the genetics and governance of our planet. That kind of information about interlopers and space gods is off-topic for this presentation, but may interject itself occasionally in quotes seen here.


Gildas Communicates
Gildas Communicates by Ruth White (1971)
This is the earliest of these books from the spirit dimension by an energy called Gildas. The astute questioning by a team of psychotherapists gleans a high level of detail. The slowly increasing energies needed for a birthing of the new consciousness and the earthing of a new planet began to flow to us in the late sixties. People that are informed won't have the shock others may experience.   5.0 out of 5 stars

In glowing words Sir Ronald Fraser introduces us to the British team of Mary Swainson, PhD, a psychotherapist, and Ruth White, a teacher, who had been training together since 1962 to bring forth clear communication from the spirit dimension of an energy called Gildas. The communications were received clairaudiently and recorded as by taking dictation, corrections needed to the transcription were also dictated. As with a number of other New Earth inspired messages it was clearly stated to the messengers that the main precipitating cause of contact was to inform the public of the coming changes.

By 1967 a circle of practicing mental health professionals were participating who were asking the kinds of hard questions they faced in resolving the life problems of their clients. In 1968 they began to circulate to spiritual seekers and practitioners a précis from Gildas which announced that the energies needed for a birthing of the new consciousness and the "earthing" of a new planet had begun to flow to us. In 1971 this was included as Chapter 7 in a book entitled Gildas Communicates along with additional material about the dimensional shift which has a level of detail seldom seen in such writings. One experienced reader of the period called it "the most comprehensive statement about the changes which he had yet read." The date of this précis synchronizes perfectly with a quote in Starseed Transmissions "During our first large scale entry into your historical process in the late Sixties..." and predates the coming of the Seth material which many herald as the dawning of New Age channeling.

Starting in the late sixties the energy for the changes came in three year waves spaced at ten year intervals. The energy slowly raised the vibratory rate of mankind and the planet as a whole. The exact effect varies from one person to the next. The more people that are informed and prepared, the less the shock will be when the final burst of energy is sent at the end of the cycle. The coming of the changes is not something to be alarmed about for those make their choice early and start preparations, it may be emotionally, but not physically painful for others. The gradual shift of conscious from the energy waves will bring a new meaning to established concepts, a new illumination that will cushion the transition. The more tranquil people remain, the briefer and less terrible the changes will seem. "There will almost inevitably be an increase of oppression and suffering almost immediately before the dawn, and for this time you must hold yourselves in readiness and prepare to come through with purity and wholeness of vision." For those who may die in the final days, that death is not the end of life—no matter what their personal belief in the matter may be. Pets will pass to the new earth such that they will still be the "companions they are now."

Readers should be aware that different writers refer to the word "density" as synonymous with the word "dimension" and others use the words fourth and fifth interchangeably. Gildas uses the term fourth dimension and refers to the "coming of the golden age."

New Earth: "In the changes he [man] will be precipitated into a situation where matter will serve him no longer, and a complete re-orientation will be necessary. Communication and travel by physical means such as telephones and motor-propelled vehicles will be superseded. The true power of thought will come into its own and, as this power is gradually recognized and explored..." "...age and time as we know them will cease to exist." "Everything shall flower to perfection and remain there; there will be no death, no decay, only completeness and tranquility." "...at the time of the changes normal laws of physics as now understood will not necessarily apply." "...all the matter which is now so important and, in many instances, necessary to you, will cease to exist as such. For many, all that has long been of prime importance in their lives will disappear" For those with strong links to the material aspects of life, probably the majority, there will be a disillusionment and disappointment at the loss. The admonition from Matthew takes on a new significance:

"Do not store up riches on earth, where moths and rust destroy them, and where thieves break in and steal them, but store up your riches in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy them, and where thieves cannot break in and steal them. For wherever your treasure is, your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:16-21).

New body: "Because of the greatly increased vibrations your bodies will change; their material needs will be considerably less. There is therefore no need to plan minutely about such things as you now consider to be essential services. It may sound Utopian, but all you have need of will be provided. You will enter immediately into new fields of knowledge and experience, and will know at the moment of accomplishment of the changes what to do." There will be no disease or aging.

Timing: "We can only say that they will happen soon, that certainly many of the younger generation now in incarnation will see these changes happen." It was pointed out that from their perspective there was "no real urgency" in bringing about the outer changes. One should always be circumspect of the word "soon" when given by spirit since they exist in a timeless region.

Quantum Moment: "This energy release, on the physical material level, will come about in a flash, and it is this which will accelerate the world finally into the fourth dimension. Spiritually, there will be many who will begin much earlier than this to glimpse fourth-dimensional understanding and even to enter fully into it." "At the moment of change there will still be many whose hearts and minds are unprepared, unopened, and to these the changes will be a time of confusion and bewilderment. If all goes as we now fully hope and expect, where minds are open and ready the moment of change will be one of cleansing and renewing—a complete re-awakening."

Who Will Go: "...have a deep and wide compassion, but there will be a separating of the wheat from the tares." As painful as parting might be, remember to "...allow those within your care and influence to choose their own paths..." "Separations will occur, but none will find themselves set apart from those with whom they have deep, positive links from time everlasting. Rather look upon it as a time when you and those you truly love will be re-united with others of your true family who perhaps have gone on before." "Happy indeed will be the Wise Virgins who have seen to it that there is oil in their lamps." When it was asked "Is it true that the longer the outer changes are delayed, the better our chances?" [of being included] The answer was "Yes."

Preparation: "Perhaps the most important word to remember is the word harmony. Strive to become harmonious in all levels of thought and living and you enable yourselves to work and be worked through in these times." "...if the many would live with love and understanding and uprightness in all things, the way would be very smooth." "Concentrate on opening yourselves in the present to be channels of receptivity." Prayer and meditation to establish an inner connection with spirit was encouraged throughout the book.

J. James Hurtak

The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch
The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hurtak Ph.D. (1977)
This is the most expensive and hardest to understand of the group. It is formatted with verse numbering like a holy book because it stands out like one and reads like one. The level of detail is an order of magnitude more than the other books. If you become a serious student of this subject, it will become an essential tool. It is a little cheaper if obtained directly from the publisher.   4.0 out of 5 stars

In 1973 during prayer Professor James Hurtak, a social scientist, comparative religionist, and scholar was met by a heavenly visitor and whisked aloft for a divine journey which included being given instructions to record his experience--"...a Light was projected into my third eye which imprinted the scenario abstracts that contained the Keys" In 1977 the first edition of an often cited metaphysical classic The book of knowledge: the keys of Enoch: a teaching given on seven levels in preparation for the brotherhood of light, to be delivered for the quickening of the "People of Light" by J J Hurtak and published by the Academy for Future Science (.txt). It has been in print continuously since that first edition. Not since Swedenborg has a man of academic stature made such bold claims of Ascension to the creator for his manuscript inspiration and delivered such quality in the body of his published work.

The work was directly received from the Divine Father facilitated by Master Orphanim Enoch and Metatron and has been described by Jon Klimo as containing "the single most scientifically rich and puzzling set of channeling-related paranormally received material in modern times." It has a crisp, clean, pristine feel about it indicative of quality information. The verbiage is intentionally obscured by the use of less used words because the source wanted to convey an enhanced vibration with those words. In an interview Hurtak is careful to differentiate his experience from a classical revelation and qualify it as a "blueprint of futuristic scenarios, specific ongoing visions and discoveries rather than a singular revelation pinned to a singular timeframe."

The Keys is supplied as an attractive ivory clothbound book with colored illustrations and emblazoned with the ancient name of God, YHWH, on the cover. It is formatted as a holy book with the verses numbered. The work does not have a table of contents, but has an excellent glossary and index. A concordance is also available. The content is an order of magnitude more detailed than any other work of prophecy cited on this site with the proviso that understanding the content is another matter. The language used makes great demands on the reader. Unless you are a biblical scholar, theoretical physicist, kabalistic magician and realized, connected mystic all rolled into one, the full meaning and symbology of many passages will remain hidden to you. As long as you have this expectation in advance you will know many nuances will just go right over your head. According to the Keys "It is nonetheless available to everyone who seeks the deeper meaning with the mind's eye and the eye of the spirit,...." The author warns that this is a reference work, reading it cover to cover is not the purpose.

"Why were the Keys given at this time? Enoch and Metatron have manifested this Revelation so as to prepare mankind for the quantum changes affecting every level of intelligence upon this planet. We now have the opportunity to collectively move into another system of creation. The Keys to Shekinah universes explain how the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit will be given to the Christ Race so spiritual Man can work directly with 'whole Light beings'— the angelic messengers who will prepare the righteous of the earth for the Council of Light which will be established upon the earth at the time of the new heavens and the new earth."

New Body: [In the future scenario that he was shown: ]"The physical form of life passed into greater 'light' and the matter-energy bodies of the faithful were advanced into fifth-dimensional bodies of Light, into the greater universe. Hence, through a fifth-dimensional reality of Light, the physical form passed into a tremendous effulgence of Light so that they who went on as a family of faith never knew that they had "died" in the temporality of the body. (Key 319:143) We will "become a new Race of the Covenant of Light that can indwell in many light systems in harmony with the Paradise Sons." "In this transformation Man must sacrifice his 'I' of individuality for the collective 'I AM ' to ascend to God's Kingdom and surrender to the work of the Father first above all else." "Once Man has evolved into the next consciousness dimension he, like Jacob, can go up the galactic lattice into other space and time fields..."

Quantum Moment: "Enoch told me that at this time the Higher Evolution will communicate knowledge to Man to prepare him for an exodus as his planet begins to experience geophysical upheavals..." "During the time of the space-time overlap, the People of God will collectively put on new garments of Light as they ascend through the spheres and through the thresholds of the other worlds of creation." "Upon entering the lip of the electromagnetic null zone, the whole solar system will be picked up and reseeded in a different vibratory dimension of the galaxy... which will require fifth-dimensional bodies."

Who will go: "There is presently occurring a space-time overlap with 'the Higher Evolution' as the Earth's solar system enters an electromagnetic null zone, a vacuum area in space which will change the magnetic forces of creation....[which] will activate some species to become more violent and other species more Christ-like...". "...those physicals who will be taken in these Merkabah vehicles will have loved and served their fellowman and will love whatever specie the Father would assign them to."

Status Quo: "The nations of the Earth who deny the crossing of light through the Alpha-Omega of creation, deny the Merkabah, deny the Prophets of Israel, and do not show the humility necessary to enter the greater Body of Light. These are not the souls who will enter the Great White Brotherhood." "Those... who will not 'choose to be chosen' in taking the higher spiral of Light, instead of the lower spiral of decay and entropy, will not receive 'final destruction' but a return to the beginnings of meta-matter and primeval 'Earth.'" "...those who cut off their body-cosmos from "the House" will remain in the cistern of mire."

Religion: In the keys there is an acknowledgement of the Church of Moroni (Mormon), the truth of their sacred scriptures and an explanation that their church was the living tribe of Joseph of Egypt. He warns of the many other false priesthoods of Earth with overly simplistic teachings which mislead and prevent soul growth." He predicts that we "will overcome the false powers of religionists who deny 'ongoing prophecy,'" those who worship the words of dead prophets and ignore the living prophets of today as mentioned by Joel (and Acts) in the Bible. He was shown that the faithful to the new prophecies would be subject to "public crucifixion" if they shared the new prophecies.

When: "During this period of the next thirty years, the planetary mind will enter a dimension of time-space beyond conventional time-space and be transfigured..."

Ken Carey

Ken Carey is the author of four inspired works describing in detail the coming of the New Earth. In a New Dimensions interview Carey tells us how during the period he worked at the Berkeley post office he had a galvanizing dream which caused him to apply for emergency leave and rush off to an isolated area of the Ozarks to try to buy a house that hadn't even been put on the market yet. Once relocated he apprenticed himself to an Amish carpenter and began a new life--one without electricity, plumbing, newspapers or magazines. He and his wife raised their own food and during one drought were able to communicate with the passing clouds as to bring much needed rain to his crops. His children grew, he read the Bible and lived a life "rooted in the soil, in each other and, to the best of our ability, in God." He became attuned to the rhythms of the Earth and even planted extra food for the local deer.

Each of his prophetic works restate and expand upon the basic New Earth precepts and echo the contrast of a love-based reality and a fear-based reality as originally taught in works such as A Course in Miracles.

Marianne Williamson calls him "one of the great living teachers, one of the stars that make the dark sky bearable." His work is a smorgasbord of poetic images that will tantalize your mind, open your heart, and make your heart sing praises and thanks to the heavens.

The Starseed Transmissions
The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey (1982)
This seems to be the all-time favorite New Earth book (over 150,000 sold). It was the author's first book and he went on to write many more listed below. He is a master prophet and has a top-notch reputation. This is a good book to read first because of how it makes you feel as you read it—it opens you up inside which is a mark clear communication from spirit. Use it as a touchstone.   4.6 out of 5 stars (.pdf)

This is the first and most famous of his channeled works. It was received in the winter of 1978 and four years later when it was finally published it sold over 150.000 copies. Jean Houston has a story about how she began to receive copies of the book in the mail with glowing notes month after month until at the end of the year she had several dozen copies of the book. She said of the book that it was "perhaps the finest example of 'channeled knowledge' I had ever encountered. It was at once both lyrical and hearty, offering a substantive view of the nature of the spiritual design and evolutionary purposes at work at depth dimensions of reality." If you are a stranger to New Earth literature, this book is an excellent starting point, it is short and is an easy and thought-provoking read. Even if you have read it before, it might be just the right time to dust it off and remind yourself of the wisdom it contains. The author recommends that you read his books outdoors in nature.

When Ken Carey began to receive the material, he asked his wife to limit visitors and that night a snowfall blocked access to his cabin for the eleven days it took him to record the book. The source introduced itself as "condensations of consciousness" representing the Universal Being and coming from "the Presence where there is no time but the eternal now." This is followed by a clear statement that the book was written as a vital message to aid us in these final days of Earth history.

New Earth: "The coming age will be a time of incredible blessing, restored ecological balance, international cooperation, and universal harmony. Planetary resources will be realistically understood and properly utilized. Humankind will be at peace. All life-forms will work together in harmony, cultivating the full potential of the planet. It will be an age of revelation, during which the mind and plans of the Creator will be made clear for all to see. It will be the age when the final stage of incarnation becomes fully manifest in form, when Spirit, working through a fully awakened and responsive humanity, constructs for itself a mobile physical body...."

New Species: "The completed body will resemble a human body in both design and structure."

Quantum Moment: "As this new awareness increasingly filters into everyday levels of human function... the change will accelerate exponentially. Eventually, the psychic pressure exerted by a critical mass of humanity will reach levels that are sufficient to tip the scales. At that moment, the rest of humanity will experience an instantaneous transformation of a proportion you cannot now conceive. At that time, the spell which was cast on your race thousands of years ago, when you plunged into the worlds of good and evil, will be shattered forever."

Who Will Go: "You must decide whether you are going to accept the inevitable in a state of love and prepare yourself accordingly, or hold on in fear to the bitter end. Ultimately, these are the only two avenues of response. By the linear time this event takes place, humanity will be polarized according to these two adaptive patterns. All will be decidedly in one camp or the other."

Listen Within: "Await the fuller coming in your heart.... Be still and be quiet. My spirit cannot come when minds are full....My message is one of peace, harmony, wholeness." "My coming is like the yeast that raises up the dough. This moment my spirit is awakening in the minds and hearts of the simple, the innocent and the sincere the world over."

Prayer: "I make my home in your body, mind and heart. Make it a home of prayer, that I might enter and reside."

Awakening: "You do not have to be given instruction by...a book of old,...your primary task is to awaken the living Christ in your heart."

Life is Now: "Hope for nothing but what is, and see its fullness in every moment....Life is now. Life exists, only in the present moment of time, in the Presence of God." "Everything that you need exists in this present moment, and this moment is all that exists."

Religions: "Your religions are exploding beyond the confines of their dogma in the re-discovery of Spirit. It is all here in this present moment. Open your mind to possibility. Open your eyes and see what is around you."

Nondenominational: "I have come, not to harvest a denomination, but to harvest all nations."

When: "Twenty years from now,[1978] individual awakenings to the reality of Christ consciousness will be commonplace. Thirty years from now, there will be a sufficient number of healthy functioning holoids to consciously undertake the final cycle of Creation on this level."

Media: "Withdraw the energy of your attention from any form of media that keeps you ever conscious of the death cries of exploitive and manipulative systems."

Earth Changes: "Some of the worst scenarios have already been rendered impossible."

Vision: A Personal Call to Create a New World
Vision: A Personal Call to Create a New World by Ken Carey (1985)
One day while recovering in bed from a cold he noticed something strange about the sunlight, then "I felt something. I heard something...a Presence. When I first heard the voice I cried. I am not ignorant of popular attitudes. I know God is not supposed to appear to people with messages as in Bible times. Still, it happened." [from the back cover].   5.0 out of 5 stars

Vision is a companion sister volume to the Starseed Transmissions.

New Earth: "My love and my consciousness blow into human time on the winds of a New Heaven. A New Earth begins to take form. An Emerging Reality, rooted in love, respect and peaceful cooperation, begins to settle across the face of Terra."

Quantum Moment: "Although most human beings had become familiar with the currents of my love before the actual quantum moment of awakening, and although the frequencies of love had already reorganized much of human society, still when the great moment came, when the last of the fear frequencies were directed back into their assigned place in the created order, there was something tangibly different, wonderful beyond all previous human experience. Suddenly, countless subliminal fears were no longer influencing human awareness."

Who Will Go: "My consciousness is available to all, but the time I will wait for it to be received must eventually pass. I have come here to act. Soon my activity will begin. Those who do not accept my invitation to life will be separated in the end from those who do. Weeds and corn may together flourish in the fields, yet at the time of harvest, their destinies diverge."

Status Quo: "Do not be concerned with the fate of those who reject my Spirit. Their story is far from over. I am caring for each one in the manner of his or her greatest need. The human world is in good hands. "

When: "I have been awakening gradually, ...accelerating dramatically now in these last three decades that precede 2011."

Praying: "Pray daily and I will bless you with the wisdom and the trust that will make your new life blossom, a joy to you and to all those whom you love."

Love and Fear: "The old world, the historical world, has been organized in fear. My world is organized in love."

Gifts of the Spirit: "Welcome the Holy Spirit into your life. Let my gifts to the Earth be given through you. Wherever you go, whatever you do, help people feel at ease, spread a sense of well-being....[It will] open their hearts and it becomes possible for them to hear my voice."

Nondenominational: "Do not draw excessive attention to any one school or approach, but help me rather as I continue to create the climate in which ten thousand schools and approaches might flourish." "My consciousness is the gift that I offer to all children, all women, all men of all races, tribes and nations who choose to dedicate themselves to LIVES OF LOVE."

Earth Changes: "Only the quality of the transition lies unknown, awaiting you. Will the age turn easily as a Spring coming gently to the countryside? Will March winds howl? Will there be a storm ? Or will gentle rains quietly wash away the snow of centuries in a single night?"

Telling Others: "Where you are invited, you are empowered. Offer your perspective only where there is welcome."

The Third Millennium: Living in the Posthistoric World
The Third Millennium: Living in the Posthistoric World by Ken Carey (1991)
"A survival guide for the twenty-first century—profound, prophetic, and practical. This is a book to read and reread, a book that may well change your life"--Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
"Somehow, somewhere, [Ken Carey] was given the keys to our future, and he generously and skillfully passes the secrets on to the rest of us."--Marianne Williamson [from the back of the dust cover]   4.5 out of 5 stars

This is the last of his channeled prophetic works and contains a very complete and poetic expression of the vast changes to come. Described as a blueprint and practical manual for the conduct of our daily lives in the new era, it actually covers a broad range of topics like history, government, economics, the nature of time and creation itself.

Marianne Williamson tells us: "Read him and you'll have hope. He sheds light and faith and absolute conviction that not only is the future nothing any of us have to fear, but that indeed, the best for humanity is still to come. Ken Carey is clearly a signpost. How wonderful that The Third Millennium is here."

New Earth: "Like wind from a gentle fluttering of wings, eternity breathes you into being. Within you now the very breath of life rises and falls. See, beyond the shells of programmed human thought, a new heaven and a new earth, suspended in a world that is God, in a universe that reveals God in all that you are."

Dimensions: "In posthistoric times you will know each level of creative manifestation as a dimension, or octave, of your own being's unfoldment. You will experience naturally the freedom and mobility of musically directed travel up and down these octaves of manifestation."

Quantum Moment: "As our present wave of consciousness washes highest upon the shore of this world toward the winter solstice of the year A.D. 2011, a Great Cycle (composed of many 5,125-year cycles) will culminate...A moment is coming after which nothing will ever again be thought of as it was before, a metahistorical moment, an event simultaneously alpha and omega to your species and to all your species has ever known." There is an entire chapter on The Moment of Quantum Awakening.

New Species: "The last quarter century of this present cycle will see the earth physically and consciously enter this new region of space and a new postformative creation beam." "It is here in this new field that you shall truly become a spacefaring species. For this, your race has long been in preparation. In fact, it is for this that you have been created."

Who Will Go: "It will be a time of great change, during which a large percentage of humankind will choose to enter this stream of consciousness, leaving forever the realms of history."

Status Quo: "Those few who may choose to remain behind will not be uncared for....There will be good times for them and times of hell..."

Love and Fear: "When human beings accept fear into their lives as a primary motivational current, the resulting static clouds their reception of the higher frequencies, shutting out both eternal awareness and the energy currents that bring love and beauty into the world. They then find themselves so preoccupied with the projections of their imaginations that they are virtual prisoners of their own designs. ... At its worst it is a continuation of the only hell there ever was or ever will be."

Mistakes: "Those who are afraid to make mistakes serve a god of fear... Have the courage to live your vision in spite of your fears. That is all that is required...there is no mistake that is not both a learning and a teaching experience, a stepping-stone for all concerned."

Religion: "To choose religious or ideological dogmatism in the name of freedom is as foolish as for a jailed man to exercise his right to remain in prison. "

Media: "There may be a few locations in the times between now and the moment of collective awakening where various forms of media will be given over to the currents of fear. Remain centered ...Ignore the voices of fear that may, during times of crisis or fundamental upheaval, have momentary dominance in the media. They will not last." "...your inner media provides the only reliable means of monitoring the processes that are changing the world."

Jean Foster

New Earth - New Truth
New Earth - New Truth by Jean K. Foster (1989)
Some books are strong on filling in details, others are there for inspiration. This is a book with a small dose of details and a big dose of inspiration. It is for the faint of heart—it uses very gentle words and reinforces the baby steps with repetition to plant concepts more deeply.   5.0 out of 5 stars

Jean K. Foster is a graduate of Indiana University with majors in journalism and English, she is a writer, teacher, wife and mother. She has been receiving spirit teachings for several years and has authored four books, three in the God-Mind Trilogy and a final work called Epilogue.

This is not a book to find information about dimensions or a quantum leap or ETs—most references are to the New Age to come, although the phrase "new earth" is found on a regular basis. There is passing reference to a pole shift and an emphasis that everything will change. Don't be surprised to find the word "truth" sprinkled liberally on the pages. There is a glossary too. It was received from a group called the Brotherhood of God which talks about the Creator as your Teammate.

"The New Age requires much more of you than you are now doing. That which has been "good enough" becomes that which will fail in the age to come. That which has met your standards of good for the benefit of mankind will not suffice when the earth turns and trembles. What you will need then is your total God truth that marches to the God-mind drumbeat, that which teams up with substance to become the necessities of life." p. 93.
"In the New Age there will be many needs to express into satisfying materiality. Basic necessities such as water, food, shelter and even clothing must be brought into the material earth plane, and these needs can be met in the way we have already described. [manifested by thought] After basic needs are met, there will be other needs such as gaining perfection in both body and in mind. There will a need for leadership, for bringing positive understanding into the ongoing life, into organization and how to bring what is good into life, the good that makes life worthwhile and happy." p. 118.
"The facts will be depressing to the human condition because the earth will undergo a total change in becoming new. Nothing that now stands will stand then. The earth will be teamed up with total renewal. The way people will survive at all is to know where they may go to ride out the storm so to speak. They will take what they can on their backs, they will hold their truth like a lamp, and they will team up with their tender presences who will watch over them while they sleep and advise them when they awake. That is how people will survive... Be among those who heed this message, not those who merrily go their ways unheeding and uncertain. None will be brought to destruction who want to survive. None will enter into suffering who want to have good thoughts manifested in their lives. No one, reader, not you or those you love, will be cast out if you will learn the truth about how to put your prosperous thoughts into the earth materiality. Gentle thoughts now go to you, especially you who persist in thinking fearful thoughts. Remember, there is no death, no destruction of what is your reality. Nothing changes that truth." p. 119-20.

In addition to the Brotherhood of God there is in chapter 19 material from the gentle presences who are introduced there:

"We in the Brotherhood of God have but one desire—to help you in the earth plane to express the truth that you need to express to become your potential. Therefore, we introduce the gentle presences to you, those advanced spirits who enter through the open channel, the same channel used to receive God-mind truth. As each one of these gentle ones speaks to you, you will receive explanations that will enhance your understanding of how to use the truth of God. Open your mind; open your eyes; open your heart." p. 155.

Norma Milanovich

We, the Arcturians
We, the Arcturians by Dr. Norma Milanovich (1990)
Dr. Milanovich began to receive messages after a whiplash injury. Her source, the Arcturians, prefer to be called Celestials, a meaningful distinction, it tells us who they are rather than who they are not and emphasizes the angelic quality that emanates from them. It also segregates them from the Greys who are not a God-centered race. Her questioning is detailed and incessant.   4.5 out of 5 stars
In her question and answer format she is very detailed and unrelenting, often asking the same question to different communicators so we can compare the answers. These answers are very complete and can go on for pages. Chapters 2, 9, and 10 are richest in New Earth details and the other chapters focus more on the details of the Arcturian civilization.

New Earth: "The transformation into the future will turn the destiny of the planet Earth back to the Divine. The Masters will rejoice with the children of the Light, and the inheritance will be that of the gold."

New Body: "In order for humans to make the transition into the New Age, many things must come to pass. One of those things is that the physical body will have to assume a higher frequency, which will mean that the molecular structure of the body will actually change." "...your mission ...[is] to assist Earthlings to enter another dimensional frequency of reality, which is the fifth dimension."

Quantum Leap: "The leap of consciousness and the mobility you will experience will be one of the greatest of your lifetimes. It will be the magnificent journey into the world of thought and love. It will be the creator of the universes, majestic planes, and temples that many of you dream about in your sleeping states."

Who Will Go: "Individuals, in order to survive in this New Age, must adorn themselves with the robes of this higher frequency."

Status Quo: "Should they decide to disregard this information and warning, they ultimately will make the decision of not going on ... but the choice will be theirs...Their souls will then reincarnate on a planet of their choosing that is more compatible with the frequency to which they are accustomed." "Many souls are so lost on the planet today that ... It will take many lifetimes for them to reach a level of enlightenment or consciousness..."

Preparation: "In this process, the human must reach a new state of ecstasy that will enable him or her to move to a higher frequency of behavior. This higher frequency will lend itself automatically to the perfection of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies..." "In order for her to do so, the human quality of negativity must come to a halt. This quality, which is developed out of fear and guilt, must be exchanged for the qualities of love and Light. In the exchange will come the peace, harmony, and ecstasy that each soul has longed for on the Earth."

Energy influx: "Individuals of higher states of consciousness are beginning to separate themselves from those individuals of lower, more angry states. The vibrational frequencies of the two sets of individuals are beginning to clash. Let us tell you that as this higher frequency gets more prevalent, and more individuals absorb this frequency, this clash will become more obvious."

Julie Soskin

Julie Soskin is a woman of lifelong psychic abilities who studied formally at the College of Psychic Studies in London and went on to be a staff member after she graduated. She has received three books Wind of Change, The Cosmic Dance and Alignment to Light. In the introduction to The Cosmic Dance Sir George Trevelyan urges us to read and appreciate her "fine deed" and urges us to realize "that we are privileged to take part in the cleansing of the planet in the coming years."

The Wind of Change
The Wind of Change: A Record of Spiritual Dialogues by Julie Soskin (1990)
The author is a woman of lifelong psychic abilities. She was hearing gloom and doom messages from those around her and decided she needed to seek out her own truth using her own inner connection. While receiving her answers she felt "a sensation of a great power entering my body" which identified itself as a group energy called Original Thought. Eileen Caddy says of her work "Humanity needs it."   5.0 out of 5 stars

New Earth: "The wind of change is coming and is almost on your planet The original energy turning itself into something else. We use again the analogy that you well understand, of the caterpillar emerging as the butterfly." "Even the days will be affected....there will be permanent Light, and to a large degree your planet will have a permanent temperature-a moderate temperature which will in itself force evolution." "Your globe is a paradise, truly was a paradise and it truly will be again."

New Body: "The whole structure of your being will be different, and with some of you it is already. So much - your taste, what you want, what you need, even what you feel - is different." There will be no illness or pain and the ego will disappear. "There will come about for you a new knowingness and a kind of perception in everybody which at present you call 'psychic'. Through it you will know each other directly - each other's needs, each other's strength - and when the transition is over, you will understand each other in a way you have never done before."

Who Will Go: "But on the whole, because of the sensitivity of the souls that have evolved, developing intuition and psychic ability, they will know instinctively where to be and what to do and so they will survive." "Your globe has simply come to the end of a cycle of being. Since a fair percentage of the population has risen in consciousness, they will meet the demands of the transition."

Status Quo: "There are those today who like to gain power and would hate not to command that negative force. They are people who cannot, will not expand their soul and they will therefore not live again in this world."

Fear: "It is important that there is no fear." For those who live in fear--"...there will be a point of no return for them...."

Society: "There will be no need to desire to help, or feel you must help; you will know when and how to help. That is the age of knowingness....This will mean that gradually you will have less need to talk, and eventually there will come a time when you will talk no more." "Eventually there will be no need for electrical communication of any kind." "You will have no need of government; there will truly be government by the people. There will be unity. We can tell you clearly that there will be no leaders. All will lead and all will serve."

Preparation: "There is no one thing to do. There is no one Messiah to follow. There is only you and your Light....Trust your Light and be guided by it; accept your responsibility for yourself. You are alone, but you are one with God." "It is the responsibility of all to listen to the Christ emanation in order to learn what to do and what to say at any given moment." "It is important at this time to keep calm. Calmness and a stillness within are what will help most."

Simon Peter Fuller

Rising out of Chaos
Rising out of Chaos--The New Heaven and the New Earth by Simon Peter Fuller (1994)
The author found his retirement life guided into activities that culminate in him designing and creating an Aquarian Cross featuring a pair of Earths, a new one superimposed on an old one. His association with Robert Coon, a man with strong connections to spirit, led to his presence when Robert's wife turned on a computer and the full text of chapters of Revelations III appeared on the screen.   5.0 out of 5 stars
In a full length book on the New Earth by Simon Peter Fuller, he bills it as "a primer for the awakening global consciousness. Combines an incisive presentation of timeless universal truths with an explanation of the significance of the Second Coming of Christ Consciousness. Also includes the complete text of the Third Book of Revelations, long hidden; a blueprint of hope for the future of humanity." This is a book that has gone through several editions and is still in print. Google books has a limited preview available of the second edition dated 1996. The book specifically mentions the fifth dimension, a new heaven and a new earth, a vibrational frequency shift to a paradise-like dimension. Fuller mentions the harmonic convergence as a preparatory phase that helped condition the planet to its new destiny. The book gives a clear and complete statement of the full tenets of New Earth philosophy. It is also a miraculous story of how spirit guided the life of one man through a series of amazing events to produce a work with an appeal that extends beyond New Age adherents to a devout mystical Christian audience. The work is so extraordinary that I recommend a read for all to appreciate the complexity of what has transpired. The first seventy pages bring the reader to a point where the Biblical transcript unfolds by paranormal means.

In occasional passages the author would appear to hold ETs and New Agers in low regard (e.g.

"Friendly aliens, ETs, and other 'higher spirit Beings' are doing all they can to encourage us to take personal responsibility. Such beings, both positive and negative, will undoubtedly continue to manifest even more frequently among us, so that ever more humans will themselves witness the true nature of the multidimensional reality in which we live. Contrary, however, to much misguided New Age thinking, no external force is going to throw a switch on some distant planet that suddenly transforms us without our individual effort! Neither are we to give away our power to any ETs and external forces, unless we wish to run the risk of being limited and controlled for aeons yet to come.... Just as with any examination we don't expect the teacher to sit it for us and so those externally-focused religionists still awaiting the return of a physical Messiah will be as sorely disappointed as many ET-obsessed New-Agers....Through open hearts and willing hands, the critical mass of the Aquarian world servers—who are spirit- and not ego-motivated—will now lead by example and trigger the dimensional shift by anchoring ever higher frequencies of consciousness onto the planet." [p.123])
but the content actually transcends labels and reaches out to all of humanity. The author was inspired to create an Aquarian Cross and refers to Aeon Shift and spends dozens of succeeding pages as a ceremonial globetrotter visiting holy sites and blessing them on "a four-month tour involving over 30 public talks, radio and TV interviews and press articles."

Chapter 10 begins Part II of the book where spiritual principles are explained. Part III of the book has the meatiest coverage of the paranormal aspect of this book. Robert Coon, an American visionary and mystic now living in Britain, is a close personal friend of the author and has an amazing strong connection to spirit. He is, in part, responsible for the "miraculously restored Third Book of the Apocalypse" which appeared by direct spirit intervention on a computer screen in 1990. This material is described in Chapter 17 of the book and is available online at WholisticWorldVision.org.

James Redfield

Tenth Insight
Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision by James Redfield (1996)
Though the author claims no paranormal source, mention of this work is still probably the fastest way to communicate the New Earth concept to a newcomer who is familiar with it because of its wide circulation. The core elements of the underlying plot philosophy are virtually identical to New Earth tenets.   3.5 out of 5 stars
The highly successful novel
Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision was published in 1996 and written by James Redfield. He does not claim a paranormal source or make any explanation about what sources he might have used in writing it. It delineates the basic aspects of a fundamental transition or "shift into higher awareness" and the ability of people to disappear into "what I call the Afterlife dimension... I found myself in an incredible world of beauty and clear form. I was right there in the same place, but everything was different. The world was luminous and awing in a way I still can't describe. For a long time I just walked around in this incredible world, vibrating even higher." The period of the novel was "a time of great fear" where the characters were endlessly pursued by government agents. The characters come to "realize that we're all here to bring the Earth dimension into alignment with the Heavenly sphere." "All humans on the Earth were migrating into two conflicting positions: one pushing toward a vague but ever-clearer image of transformation, and the other resisting, sensing that important values contained in the old view were being lost forever." "Suddenly our focus shifted to the Afterlife dimension, and here we could see with great clarity that our intention all along was not merely to create a New Earth, but a New Heaven as well." Characters would band together in soul groups so they could better "hold the Vision that we are awakening." Another visionary novel that depicts a coming of spiritual guidance and unity in human affairs is The Magic of Life delivered by Robert Young.

Patricia Pereira

Songs of the Arcturians
Songs of the Arcturians by Patricia Pereira (1996)
In this set of philosophical essays from beyond we are challenged and chided to shape up to a higher spiritual standard. The Statement of Purpose as seen indirectly in the full title and explicitly early in the book is to announce the coming changes and the consequences if the announcement is ignored, but in such oblique and infrequent terms that many will not get the drift without looking for it.   4.5 out of 5 stars

In Songs of the Arcturians: A Manual to Aid in Understanding Matters Pertaining to Personal and Planetary Evolution the author describes herself as a consciously aware multidimensional telepath. In 1987, while working as a medical transcriptionist, she unexpectedly began to receive philosophical dictated material from the Arcturians. The meandering organization of the material does not lend itself to tackling the statement of purpose head on, the shift information creeps in along the way as dozens of other issues are discussed. The first and fourth of her four books are the richest source of direct references to the transition.

"Humanity stands delicately poised before a vast precipice. Earth is about to enter the yawning portals of an energy window that is ready to lure it into the resonating hum of fifth-dimensional domains. We are attempting to entice humans to create a mass energy of common-based consciousness and to proceed to a state of Oneness in order to collectively merge with Planetary Mother as she takes her unprecedented step. We must also persuade humans to seriously consider putting to rest all activities that tamper with the rhythmic harmonies of the natural world."
"Earth is in the midst of a quantum event. The radical quickening, or speeding up, of time is but one aspect of the ethereal adjustments being made in preparation for a massive spatial transfer of the planet, and her inhabitants. These maneuvers, however, are not always noticeable to ordinary humans."
"As Earth moves into her fifth-dimensional slot, giant crystals will serve as your main, nondepleting fuel source. The clear song of pristine light that crystalline structures emanate will be effortlessly used and as effortlessly restored."
"If you desire to evolve interdimensionally, we tell you that spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical integrity and self-discipline are extremely critical. In all enterprises of your life and in all encounters with other life forms, you must double and even triple your efforts to focus upon these things as being of number one priority."
"Fear-based thoughts manifest tangibly as dark forms in the astral regions, so it becomes increasingly imperative for you to persevere in moving quickly through any self-defeating emotions or intellectual moods that delay you from establishing a solid, loving relationship with Prime Creator. We gently remind: Planetary and solar bodies are like sponges that easily incorporate thought forms generated by beings living upon them. To prevent potentially destructive emanations from disrupting the equilibrium of Earth's continental plates, we are endeavoring to pacify the stinging thoughts of a populace that has lived in fear of nuclear annihilation since the closing years of the second world war. Negative vibrations are flying about like maddened hornets on a rampage; we promptly transmute them before they penetrate deeply into Earth. However, they continue to circulate around the land masses, and the air and water remain subject to the often violent ebbs and flows of the characteristically anxious human temperament."
"If you are resolved to overcome the prickly karmic thorns that torment your spiritual path, continuously observe all your thoughts. Carefully monitor all mental and emotional input and output. Diligently struggle to overcome any focus that stems from or encourages fear-based thought. ... Concentrate on becoming a being who creates only Love's finest vibrations. ... The simplest cosmic rule to remember is that Love's intention manifests Light-Love. Fear's intention manifests darkness and fear."
"Humanity's overall propensity toward negativity habitually culminates in the instigation of all kinds of unsavory acts upon other creatures and humans as well, a situation that has effectively rendered humans spiritually blind and telepathically deaf."

William Gammill

The Gathering
The Gathering: Meetings in Higher Space by William Gammill (1998)
The author is a gifted writer and mystic with a rich inner life which includes a pipeline to dictated material from multiple sources and visions that he describes and interprets in this book. He is psychically attuned to a much bigger world than most of us live in. His first-person account which begins with the events of April 23, 1996 is spell-binding and magical.   5.0 out of 5 stars

William Gammill is a poet, writer, meditation teacher and experiencer. His book is so unique and special that I wonder whether most readers would be able to resist being swept aboard to mix with the thousands of guests milling about. During a fifteen day period of "events: dreams, visions, visitations, call them what you will" his consciousness was changed forever. The purpose of the gathering was to recruit the members of "the first wave," the early bloomers who would be the earliest earthlings to go forward en masse into the fifth dimension. In his mystical meanderings and questionings of his hosts, he relates the gist of what they tell him. His communicators says ""We are you,... in ways that you can­not yet hear or comprehend." The purpose of his visitation is "the removal of con­ceptual and emotional blocks that prevent each of us from knowing the God within; and to bring a new state of awareness into all human beings who are able to respond and are willing....It is about becoming responsible, awake, and equal to all that exists in the universe." He refers to the New Earth as the New Day and speaks of the coming Age of Light. He refers to the Lightship as an organic living being that grows larger, as more people choose to come on board and join its consciousness.

New Earth: There will be "a complete shift of the Earth from a third-dimensional reality to a fifth-dimensional reality. And it is not just the Earth that is evolving. Everything on, in, around, and above the Earth is ascending as well." "...your entire solar system will move into a different part of space creating completely new conditions of space/time..."

New Body: "You are witnessing, and participating in, an exponential leap from one species to another." There are many ways the change will be perceived--"In whatever ways your consciousness can accept it is how you will experience it." "The conclusion of the noble experiment will be the creation of an entirely new planetary being." The new self "has very little of ego and self­ishness in it...seeks self­-knowledge—not gain, not control over another, ...surrendering into a deeper level of understanding, a conscious surrendering of personal will to divine will." "...you are adding a third strand to your DNA, reconnecting your spiritual selves to your material selves, and causing you to feel somewhat dislocated from time to time. These changes may take two or three years for the human species..." The author gives a detailed account of symptoms he encountered during the rewiring process.

Quantum Moment: "...it will get dark and stay dark, pitch black, for as much as three days, during which time everyone everywhere will go into a sort of hibernation. ... No stress. No trauma. You will simply wake up ... and go on about your business. But your 'business' will have changed. What all that means exactly, I haven't a clue. I'm simply telling you what I was told. Take it with a grain of something."

Final Days: "...this is the 'end of time.' That doesn't mean that the world is coming to an end; it simply means that you are giving up linear time for holographic time—time measured by events rather than calendars."

Who Will Go: "While our level of participation and awareness, even our destinies, may be different, no one will be left behind."

Status Quo: "Only fear can hold you back." "You are judged by how you judge others. How you treat the ones who are asleep will be the measure of your own soul/salvation." "Many of you will try to deny what is taking place because your belief system is just not big enough to accommodate what is going on."

Karma: "From the fifth dimension on, karma is meaningless and inoperative."

Preparation: "Perhaps the most powerful thing you can do is connect more intimately with the God Within through prayer and meditation. Do not be afraid; remember that you are holy, whole, complete, and perfect in this moment, and whatever you need will be given to you." "...train your emotional body and your physical body not to react in fear. Develop a habit of trust, and surrender to the God within."

The Now: "Stay in the moment; only in the now can we make meaningful changes." "Keep your prayers in the moment too...be thankful in advance for that which you choose to experience in your reality now ..."

Sara Lyara Estes

Sara Lyara Estes has a B.S. in Zoology (cum laude) from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Information Systems from Golden Gate University. She attended the New Mexico Academy of Advanced Healing Arts for training on how to access other planes. "On March 9, 1981, Christ appeared in her bedroom, put his hands on her head, and called her to a path that eventually stripped her of every vestige of her former life, but which served to strengthen her and soften her at the same time." She channels a group of angelic beings who identify themselves as "The Hosts of Heaven."

Operation Terra
Operation Terra, Volume one: messages from the hosts of heaven: a new revelation on Earth changes, ETs, the end times, and the journey to the new Earth, Terra by Sara Lyara Estes (2001)
Though this book of only one hundred pages of messages looks very meager, it is packed with information received during the period from June, 1999 to February, 2001.   4.0 out of 5 stars

The content is orderly and builds from one message to the next. It does not follow the nonoffending traditional language you might see in other channeled material, but has a no nonsense "tell it like it is" tone that tries to stay neutral most of the time.

New Earth: "Those with the ears to hear "will be candidates for the opportunity to inhabit the Earth after she has risen to her glorified state, the ‘New Earth,' Terra." "Those who are to inhabit the new Earth, Terra, will be housed in places that help them prepare for the new reality that they are to inherit. Terra is already in existence but not yet visible, as the human frequencies have not yet risen to the level they must be at to be able to perceive and experience her." The New Earth is intended to be a garden spot where those from many cultures will join together to live and learn in harmony."

Quantum Moment: "this Null Point will be what is called a 'quantum moment,' a gigantic leap onto a whole other experience of reality. The Creation will literally come to an end and be RE-created in the next 'frame'."

Dimensions: The phrase Fourth Density is used in this book instead of the phrase Fifth Dimension. The reason is discussed in detail, but it boils down to preference in the end.

Status Quo: "Some will refuse to change. You have all known someone that would 'rather fight than switch.' They will resist change to such an extent that they would literally rather DIE than change. Many will make this choice." "These contentious ones will have their own world in which to continue their battles with each other."

Who Will Go: "Know that the ticket is love in your heart. By love, we do not mean the mushy, romanticized stuff of your movies and novels. By love, we mean the absence of fear, trust in the Creator, and a willingness to put one's life on the line for the truth."

Preparation: "We have not asked you to go through austerities, only to give your spiritual practice the highest priority in your life. We have not asked you to master all of your human emotions, to give up your sexuality, or to otherwise reject your human experience." Focus your attention on letting go of fear. You might choose to employ "pictures, objects, incense, candles...that will visually remind you that you are dedicating yourself to the attainment of your destiny" to amplify your sense of inner peace."

Media: "There will be dramatic occurrences of all kinds. Your transition to Terra will go more smoothly if you can distance yourself from getting too caught up in the drama. Your media is the worst offender in the purveying of drama."

Homecoming: "As you are raised in frequency, you will naturally be able to access more and more of the higher levels of existence. This will seem strange when it begins to happen, because the higher realities are not at all as 'solid' as the one you are used to in your present form."

This work speaks of three waves people passing to Terra. The first will be most evolved who will be able to ascend without assistance, the second will be well along in their personal development and may be able to ascend unassisted, while the third and largest group will have to be lifted up with the aid of helpers.

"On Terra, you will operate with 'beginner's mind.' You will create in an ‘as-you-go' manner, with no real reference to what has gone before and no real plan of where you intend to go.... Your entire process will be one of creating your reality without anything but curiosity to lead you. It will be as if there is an invisible finger always beckoning to you, 'this way, this way.'"

Earth Changes: "There is no one that is or was in a physical body that can accurately predict what is about to happen..." Detailed scenarios of wars, earth changes, and the like are moot, all bets are off, God likes surprises!

Downside: the promotional statements made about this book have a distinct National Enquirer feel about them which can't help but create a prejudgment in the mind of the reader, which on a very few occasions is met. On the whole the book is intelligent, responsible and useful even though it does not feel or read like a premiere channeled work. Don't let that stop you, this book is full of spiritual and New Earth wisdom, but it will never replace books from authors like Ken Carey.

The single most out-of-place and contentious statement in the work is that the number of people who will go will be a small percent of the population of the planet. That is very out of keeping with other sources and was, in fact, directly commented on by another channel as being very inappropriate. It is rare for one channel to address a deficiency in such a way and tends to point up a fear-based undertone in this work. Discerning readers will be able to filter this out, but forewarned is forearmed.

David Wilcock

The Convoluted Universe - Book Three
The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation  by Wynn Free and David Wilcock (2004)
This is a substantial work, more like a trilogy. Part One concerns reincarnation by Wynn Free. A biography and cosmology compares the life and channeling of David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce. Part Two contains full text transcriptions of detailed sample messages from the David Wilcock Source named Ra. Part Three is a reprint of The Science of Ascension, an earlier article from David Wilcock.   5.0 out of 5 stars

New Earth: "Some will graduate to this higher new earth, and others will have to repeat the lessons of the old paradigm. The cycle repeaters will be moved to another planet in another star system which is still dedicated to lessons of third density or power.

New Bodies: "see this Ascension event as the preparing of the way for you. You will be inhabiting bodies of your own, given through your own desire to be of service, to then make genetic material appropriated in such a format." "Do not fear the genetic procedures that will birth the body complexes for a new tomorrow."

New Abilities: "The ability to fast - forward and rewind linear time as though it were a videocassette, then making the hologram that much more malleable and pliable; The ability to fly at will; To manipulate consciousness by thought alone; And, to then see these effects percolate up through the plane that you would normally term as physical...the energy around you will be alive and dancing with light, in a sense that you cannot now perceive..."

Quantum Moment: "When these concepts are made clear, the fundamental edifice upon which much of humankind has been built will be seen to change. There is a discrete boundary shift wherein the quanta that make up human consciousness and physical matter will be seen to leap the gap in vibrational potential and accelerate themselves into the fourth-density vibrations." "The transformation is indeed the shift of the ages, and the over­riding influence that the master cycle brings to usher in a new era of prosperity and peace."

Who Will Go: "The requirement for graduating into this “new earth" was having the heart chakra open at least 51%." "...the future of your own incarnations being determined by the amount of love you can maintain in your actions and conduct towards others each day." The original Ra channeling through Carla Rueckert referred to the stragglers as occupying the "sinkhole of indifference."

Free Will: ""only humanity has the free will to defy the will of God " "we do indeed have a non-intervention policy at that point. We must simply withdraw our influence from those who choose not to receive this guidance. It is not our plan or purpose to alter the free will of an entity in any way."

Prayer: "The more that humanity as a whole strives for wisdom and understanding of the truth of love, the more interventions we are authorized to perform."

Awakening: "The more deeply you realize your connection to the Infinite One within, the more suitable your vibrations will be to raising the plan­etary consciousness at large. And therefore, the next step of any soul's true evolution is to become this person who is enlightened, awake, alive, and aware."

When: "we do give you structure in terms of approximate timelines within which to finish this work. The Stargate will indeed open again at the approximate date of 2012 and thereabouts... "

Media: "The television is not necessarily the best place to be, as your own shock is carefully spun and tainted and processed, re-processed and eventually over-processed to exhaustion through the endless parade of disaster images and the like." "we want you to remain aware that the best option, as always, is to remove yourself from the television completely, and to disregard the media as much as possible. Instead, focus upon the awakening that is occurring within yourself, and focus upon stabilizing the processes of catalyst and personal transformation as the energy increases more and more. "

Earth Changes: "We want to again remind you, as we have often stated before, that prior to the time of ascension there will be that of the shifting of the poles."

David Wilcock is both a quality intuitive, a provocative popular science writer and a very prolific author of about a dozen online book length works available mostly gratis on his large website DivineCosmos.com. He has also recently produced a science-based exposition on the coming transformation of consciousness called The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies based on a life long study and synthesis of the convergence of consciousness research, government insider testimony and contactees who have encountered off planet intelligences.

Wynn Free expresses himself as a songwriter, poet and free-lance writer who has also produced an engaging free ebook called The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe want to talk to you

Dolores Cannon

The Convoluted Universe - Book Three
The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth"  by Dolores Cannon (2011)
The author is a prolific writer and uses her hypnotherapy practice as source material, that is, transcripts of sessions. For over thirty years she has been collecting and collating and recently she has had a dramatic increase in New Earth related sessions--enough to fill five chapters in her latest book. This is a great way to learn the diverse ways in which spirit works through us for Its ends.   5.0 out of 5 stars

The source material for this work by Dolores Cannon [interview] is rather different than the other titles listed here. In her hypnotherapy she uses a technique of somnambulistic induction that produces a very deep state, one that has yielded material dealing with many paranormal areas. Her thirteen books have been translated into twenty languages. She is the first American to receive the Orpheus Award for highest advancement in the research of psychic phenomena. As an exceedingly curious and bright woman who has been asking the hard questions for thirty years she took it in stride when the New Earth clients began to slowly show up and she would pry the answers out like a dentist extracting teeth. Soon she knew most of the answers she was hearing in advance and so she just kept escalating the level of detail. She is very good at what she does and the answers she gets are dense with details. The only way to appreciate just how good she is is to read the five chapters in section 7 of this book for yourself. There is one chapter devoted to the symptoms resulting from body and brain rewiring for the transition. Each chapter has an introduction to let you orient your mind to the purpose and vocabulary used. Then comes a question and answer transcript of what transpired. Very eye-opening indeed!

New Earth: "The Old Earth is going. It is almost like a black hole. It is collapsing in on itself. It is dismal. It is corrupted. It is the Old Earth. It is very pain-filled: the skies, the ethers, the atmosphere cries in the Old Earth. There is much pain. Some of the New Earth is modeled on the golden planet with the five suns. But there are many worlds that are contributing knowledge, images, resources to the New Earth. It is a haven. It is a jewel."

New Body: "D: I've also heard that whenever the transition happens, we would be allowed to take our physical bodies with us if we want to. Is that correct?
A: That is true, but it will only be for a short time. There will be another transition very shortly thereafter."

Quantum Moment: "[You] should always focus her [your] energy on a sanction of all the energies of everyone on Earth to move forward. And as each person increases their vibration, it's a chain reaction, and it resonates and bounces off the next person to the next, to the next. Until it's an entire huge crescendo that becomes the vibration of Earth in total."

Who Will Go: "D: I've also heard not everyone will make the transition.
A: Everyone will be given the opportunity.... They will simply be able to hold the energy, or not. But none will be destroyed as the comments have been heard. They will be placed in an appropriate space for the vibration they are emitting."

Helpers: "But I think the best thing that anyone could do is have a good intent. Always express your willingness to help, and never turn anyone away that comes to you." "You will only stay until it's time for you to go. And during the time that you stay, you can do your service. When it's time for you to go, you will know, and then you will no longer be available to those. It is not a matter of, 'How long should I stay?' That is a question that is answered eventually. It's a matter of knowing what to do while you are here."

Arrival: [from someone in the future reporting back] "We seem to be pretty eternal. We've moved off the physical where we might have died, to some place or frequency where it's not necessary to die. I think we actually pulled it off. Kind of a transition of even the molecular structure of our bodies. I think we became spirit somehow."

Karma: "Karma is virtually cancelled as we move to the new Universe."

Preparation: "And the coming through of new energies and beings that humans are not accustomed to seeing. This will cause a great deal of chaos, that only those who are understanding what is transpiring, will keep calm and be a reassurance to those in confusion...the physical body needs to be prepared to handle the shifts of energy, and the shock that comes with the process of change. This is why meditation is important, because it raises a vibration to handle stronger energies..."

Suzanne Ward

Earth's Golden Age-Life beyond 2012  by Suzanne Ward (2012)
The author is a professional journalist who channels her son Matthew. This book is a useful source of what to do beforehand and to expect once the coming Golden Age begins. It is a mix of new material and a reediting and combining of older messages into a more palatable single book. The gradual societal process involved is a radical overhaul of our social structure in a new dimension.   

The author's seventeen-year-old son died in a vehicle accident. In her grief she contacted a personal friend who was a medium and was told “she would receive an unmistakable sign when he was ready to send her a message, and when that time came, she would be led to a trustworthy medium." Each medium she contacted said her son would contact her directly and gave verifiable substantiation. And he finally did contact her fourteen years later. She was told she was to write several books about the coming planetary changes based on information supplied by her son. This is her sixth Matthew book. Each message is several pages and is meatier than similar kinds of messages from other sources.

According to Suzy Ward in her monthly messages, preparation for the Golden Age has been ongoing for quite some time and will peak near the end of the Mayan calendar end date of Dec. 21, 2012 or thereabouts. This is a gradual process which involves a total overhaul of our societal structure. All monthly messages are available free at matthewbooks.

The first two thirds of the book is spent giving a history of the Earth and introducing a pantheon of off planet personalities. This is followed by the reedited passages and then by ten pages of new material in the form of questions and answers. The single largest passage was based on her son's memorable Essay on 2012 given on December 31, 2007. A list of other important related messages by subject is given at the end of the June 3, 2012 reading.

According to the book "None of the dire situations that some analysts and some channeled messages purport to be likely, or even unavoidable, will come to pass. There will be no repeat of “9/11," no third war world, no nuclear war in space, no worldwide riots because of food shortages, no inundation of coastlines until the seas reach the mountains, no pandemics or lack of drinking water that will imperil or eradicate billions of lives, no invasion by a dark civilization, no planetary destruction that will necessitate mass evacuations or underground living."

New Earth: "Very little of the wondrous world on your horizon will be rooted in your systems to date—that is precisely WHY you are creating your new world."

Golden Age: "Imagine feeling such abundant happiness and love that you think your heart will burst. Imagine living so vibrantly that you glow like the sun itself. Imagine embracing souls in spirit who are most dear to you. Imagine traveling among the stars to other worlds, meeting people who seem magical, communicating with the speed of a thought, and performing feats that now you would call miracles."

Dimensions: "Ascension is the process of Earth leaving third density and traveling through fourth on into fifth."

Quantum Moment: "We don't know how long it will take the planet to transit fourth density and enter fifth—it depends on Earth's residents' collective consciousness."

New Body: "...bodies will incrementally re-grow any missing organs, limbs, or teeth until every aspect of health is perfected....Bodies of aged persons gradually will become youthful ...lifespans in fifth density can be tenfold or more than yours are now." ["Bodies’ cellular restructuring from carbon-based to crystalline-based, or a 'shift' from a 3D to a 4D body, happens gradually because third density brain capacity doesn’t encompass the belief that this could happen in the twinkling of an eye."]

Who Will Go: "BE KIND!...start thinking of yourselves as inseparable, eternal parts of God and thereby interconnected with all other life in this universe."

Status Quo: "People whose rigid religious beliefs are the very foundation of their lives may not be able to accept the truth" likewise “Scientists with closed minds also may want to leave when the universal laws are revealed....they may opt to transition to a spirit world" instead of staying with the earth during its dimensional ascension. “Individuals who don't desire to stop their use of drugs or any addictive behavior and do whatever is necessary to support their habits, will not have enough light to physically survive in fourth density's high vibrations. They will go to a spirit world commensurate with their lifetime energy,"

Love and Fear: "Fear is the opposite of love...fear is detrimental to your understanding and to your thinking positive, enlightening thoughts."

Media: Do "not be drawn into third density's drama that is playing itself out."

When: "The parameters of the celestial window between their and fourth densities have a degree of flexibility, so the planet's entry into fourth doesn't have to occur December 21, 2012, or any other specific date in the same narrow timeframe, but that doesn't lessen one iota the validity of the Mayans' calculation"

Money: "Honest, knowledgeable people will manage the new monetary system, which will be based on precious metals, and they will allocate fairly and equitably all of your world's resources."

Prayer: "The desire in any prayer goes out to the universe. The energy of that desire attaches itself to matching energy and brings that back to the person who prayed....What many of you consider prayer is not the full extent of the universal law....It makes no difference which name is called....All prayers reach the Source of this universe."

Paul Selig

The Book of Love and Creation: A Channeled Text  by Paul Selig (2012)
The author is a writer, teacher, and exceptional clairaudient whose conscious channeling was transcribed as this practical manual that includes a collection of exercises, insights, and affirmations. It will help open readers willing to study and practice to new vistas of spirit appreciation. Many asides are included that describe the coming vibratory changes to our planet and its population. .   

I am the Word is the name of Paul's first book and is also a phrase used in modified form throughout his books to construct decrees, declarations of intent, prayers or affirmations if you will. For example, "I am choosing now to recognize myself as a Divine Being in full manifestation. And as I am activated in Word, I rise above this planet, I rise above the limitations of this physical world, and I claim this: I am Word through all those standing before me on this earth. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word."

The frequency of the Word, is "defined simply as 'the energy of God in action.'" "When you come into full manifestation or embodiment, you are in your ascension" standing "firm in awareness of your honoring the bypassing of the fear-based self to be in truth." "And the requirement of this time is for man to access himself at this frequency in order to know who he is....But you understand now that the frequency of this planet is realigning itself and, consequently, the consciousness of all who inhabit this plane are being required to transform and realign because that is what is needed to disjoin from the frequency of fear that has been operative for too long."

"'I am Word' is the call of this time. It is the herald, it is the trumpet, it is the song that we are singing to you, and now you will join us in this resonance,,,." This, his second book, is the operator's manual for the coming tide, a new dawn, "the massive change of the great awakening" for "individuals who are on their path, that are on their own adventures, are carried to where they are needed to be in order to do this work in the way that is most appropriate for them." "Your trajectory...is to be catapulted into your new knowing and the experiences that will be required for you to establish yourselves in your knowing in a new way." "And the requirement of this time is for man to access himself at this frequency in order to know who he is....But you understand now that the frequency of this planet is realigning itself and, consequently, the consciousness of all who inhabit this plane are being required to transform and realign because that is what is needed to disjoin from the frequency of fear that has been operative for too long."

New Earth: "The vibration on the planet and the vibration of the earth is in ascension. It is lifting in frequency.... You will experience this as a new world that will emerge in its own time. You are the first generation that will be experiencing this. There will be others to follow, and they will be illumined." "The new world that will be coming is a recreation of the existing world in higher frequency." "...hold this planet in a perfect vision of light that will sustain it through the trials to come."

Golden Age: "And what is transpired through this process is a recreation of ecosystems, of political paradigms, of structures of governances and structures of behavior." "The transition on this planet into frequency is calling everything to the light. That which has been hidden will be revealed. That which has been kept in darkness will be brought to the light, and this happens on the level of the individual. It happens in the level of government and culture and society, and this will be happening again and again and again." "And the changes, we will say, have wonderful opportunity attached to them." "Telepathy is a natural evolution of the species."

Dimensions: "Now as you call these things to you, the boundary of the dimensional shift begins to change and what you do is expand your consciousness to extend beyond your room, and your neighborhood and your dimension, to extend to higher realms to access those aspects of the self that are about to be brought into form." "We are talking about dimensions in consciousness and you are waking up to yourselves as inter-dimensional beings having a new kind of experience of himself, of herself, through divine alignment in frequency." "These other dimensions co-exist with yours, the one you are experiencing right now."

The Shift: "This treatise is one effort to support this global consciousness shift that is happening as we speak." "...the dimensions are shifting or, in fact, you are shifting in your own dimensional experience. And what this means is that your life on this plane will become malleable to another set of experiences that will be made available to you as this shift transforms your plane." "...this next shift in conscious awareness is the next level and the next stage of your evolution as a planet." "And the mass awakening to the light will be something glorious to behold." "...think of popcorn popping, that is much what it is like. Everyone is popping. And the first one does it, and then twelve more, and a hundred more, and a thousand more, and then a million." "And your brother is awakened and his brother and his brother and his brother. And the mass awakening to the light will be something glorious to behold." "Now you can look at this personally or you can look at this globally, but as a critical mass is received in consciousness, you will all change. It cannot be any other way."

New Body: "And of course we are not telling you that you are abandoning physical form, you are expanding form." "...once you release the physical body you stand in, you move dimensionally and then you align to light in a new way, you can still do this in form. We are not bypassing physical reality when we take you through this process; we are incorporating it." "What is truly ascending is you, in your frequency and consciousness, and as this happens the body has to be receptive for this as well." "As man ascends in consciousness, the species comes into knowing. And the gifts that we speak of will no longer be seen as gifts because they are the birthright and the next manifestation of the species come into form."

Who Will Go: "So the realignment of this life, this space, this planet through these changes will require a new response from all who live on it in order to change these things." "...beliefs that have held you on this level of experience are being transformed to permit you to see, as it were, to experience, what we now speak of in consciousness."

Status Quo: "Those things that vibrate at lower frequency will not be held here much longer." "Now this incurs a dismantling of existing structure. And the world to come, as we have stated, cannot hold the lower frequency of domain through control of others and through the matrix of fear." "As the tide rises, all is lifted. And as things lift, those things that are in lower frequency cannot rise and must be released in order to keep you afloat." "...there is residual reaction and, as we said before, that is to try to hold onto the known and make sure that it stays. As people begin to loosen their grip on a status quo that was based in fear, they can be liberated to have a new experience of love." "And this transition, this time of change on a global level, will be perceived at first as a falling apart of old paradigms that no longer are able to support the new vision and the new frequency."

Love and Fear: "Mankind has created much in fear. And that which is created must be un-created, must be transformed in some way for the energy to be released and realigned to love." Always ask: "Am I creating out of love, out of the light, or am I creating out of a fear-based reaction to something in my world?" "The choices that are made in fear are low choices....Love is a high choice and it is the only real truth."

Media: "Paul began to wonder about two months ago why he didn't want the television on. The real reason was that he was no longer able to comfortably resonate with the images of violence and the news that was propagating fear." "And then the second thing is to stop buying the goods that you are being sold every day you pick up a newspaper that states that you should be frightened."

When: "How you understand time will change as you begin work in frequency....how you move through dimensions does not adhere to this timetable that you are working in agreement of. It is an artificial construct that you have created in order to organize experience." "All, everything is in the Great Now...." "And the escalation will be continuing, rapidly, in the years to come." "You are on the brink. You are in the doorway of an infinite knowing that is going to be made available to this planet through great changes in conscious awareness."

Prayer: "When you have a prayer and you have an affirmation, and you operate from it in truth, you bring it forth in faith." "All prayer is is an acknowledgment and a decision that the Source is capable and will bring forth that which is required on a knowing level into manifestation." "I am Word through this knowing of myself as on the brink of great change and that the change is wondrous to behold. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word."

Realignment: "I am now choosing to realign my physical body and my experience of myself on this plane of existence to encompass the higher frequency so that I may know myself in form as an aspect of the Creator." "I am now realigning my physical form, my DNA, the structure of my very being to accept itself in its majesty." "I am now choosing to accept the awareness and the actions that are required to support me in realigning my form to hold and vibrate at this new frequency."

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Earth's Golden Age, Life beyond 2012 by Suzanne Ward 2012 $9.99 Kindle only

The Book of Love and Creation: A Channeled Text by Paul Selig 2012 $13.65

[There is no connection between the works of Eckhart Tolle and the New Earth Philosophy as delineated on this page]

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