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Just What's So Special About On-Line Bookstores

Bookstores on the web are unlike any you will ever walk into. The premier example is They claim to be the largest retail on-line discount book site (2,800,000 titles) and for practical purposes they probably are. All books offered for sale are searchable on the site. Not only can you search by title, author, subject, keyword, ISBN and publication date, you can also utilize their advanced Boolean query screen. The search engine uses the standard Books in Print subject breakdown. A detail screen is available for each book giving author, price, publication date, publisher, ISBN, the binding format, series, page count (sometimes), physical dimensions, a list of the Books in Print subject categories and occasional annotations or cover shots. The incomparable thing about amazon is the community of readers that have come forth to comment on the books that they have read. For a really popular book, you may may find a synopsis or two from the publisher and an authority like Kirkus, a card catalog comment from the library of congress, personal remarks from the author, a review from an amazon staffer, several evaluations from readers and maybe even a table of contents! The Eyes notification service will send you e-mail about new items that come in for narrow search criteria you establish, if you request it. The site also has best seller lists, a chat room, special offers, prizes, etc.
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GENERAL ON-LINE BOOKSTORES bookstore New and book search for used (800) 201-7575 bookstore New and book search for used (800) 770-7811.
WordsWorth Bookstore New Books (800) 899-2202
Powell's Bookstore New and lots of used on hand (800) 878-7323
Barnes and Noble Bookstore New books (800) 668-7053 master search for used books and some new ones


Big Book Commerce Sites

Spiritual / Metaphysical Books

Bodhi Tree Bookstore - (800) 825-9798 e-mail Los Angeles, CA

This is the premier New Age bookstore with over 60,000 books on personal growth from a huge subject list, and nearly 100 magazine tiles, tapes, CD's, video rentals, and new age gifts. The new and used books offered fall in hundreds of subject areas. Mail-order purchases are available and credit cards are accepted. New book orders at HealthWorld Online are fulfilled from inventory at the Bodhi Tree and that site offers a searchable lookup by title or author only.

East West Bookshop - (800) 909-6161 e-mail Mountain View, CA

Over 50,000 New Age and metaphysical books and music from this large retail store with the best search engine of this group. The broad categories are Alternative Health and Healing, Ancient Traditions, Spiritual Teachers, Revelation and Prophecy, Spiritual Practices, World Religions, Earth Arts and Science, Realms Beyond, The Mind, Consciousness, Relationships, Children and Parenting, Books in Spanish, Literature and Art and lastly Listening for the New Age. There are many subcategories.

Unlimited Thought Bookstore - (888) 845-8448 e-mail San Antonio, TX
An online searchable database of 40,000 titles representing Texas' largest assortment of books, music tapes and CDs on all spiritual and philosophical traditions, as well as metaphysical and wholistic living topics. They also do mail orders, video rentals, and accept all major credit cards.

Insight Metaphysical Bookstore - (888) 326-5683 e-mail Champaign, IL
Over 40,000 items including books, tapes, CDs, card decks, videos

Timeless Books - (250) 727- 2609 e-mail Victoria BC
About 35,000 titles, uses the search engine at the Advanced Book Exchange to process orders

AAArt Books - (408) 937-1824 e-mail San Jose, CA
About 28,000 titles - New Age, spirituality, metaphysics, and personal development. Secure order form. - (800) 688-2665 e-mail Sedona, AZ
Access to over 10,000 titles in hundreds of categories.(AKA Crystal Castle)

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Smaller Stores

AccessNewAge - (212) 724-0883 e-mail New York, NY
- books, tapes, CDs, aromatherapy, tarot, astrology items, information database
Ananda Books and Gifts - (800) 725-4445 e-mail Riverside, CA
- modest inventory of books in 20 categories, aromatherapy, card sets, crystals
Aquarian Age Bookshelf - (713) 526-7770 e-mail Houston, TX
- a selection of about a few hundred titles in several dozen subject areas
Astrology et al Bookstore - (206) 548-1095 e-mail Seattle, WA
- a few thousand titles specializing in astrology, but other metaphysical titles as well.
Blue White Rainbow - (518) 869-8915 e-mail Guilderland, NY
- a small selection of titles, gifts and cards for new agers. Phone readings too.
Clear Light Books - (415) 665-7838 e-mail San Francisco, CA - a selection of about 100 Tibetan Buddhist titles available by e-mail. Also a mail-order catalog with 1500 titles
Global Perspectives - (336) 854-8599 e-mail Greensboro, NC
- maps, globes, flags, metaphysical books, incense, gifts
Hatchet's Newage Books - (212) 281-9426 no e-mail New York, NY
- spiritualism, angels, astrology, nutrition, yoga, psychic, herbs
- hundreds of books, tapes, and videos in dozens of categories
Logos Bucher - no phone e-mail Sulzberg, Germany
- a site of Mahamudra/Dzogchen teachings, life stories, Tibetan Buddhism, etc.(in German)
The Magical Blend - (514) 938-1458 e-mail Montreal, Quebec
- about 4,000 metaphysical books as well as various gifts and products. No shopping cart.
Open Group -
- New Age/Paranormal Books - 20+% discount - Free Delivery - 6,000 Title Database
Original Products Company - (718) 367-9589 e-mail Bronx, NY
- books, candles, incense, religious artifacts, curios, herbs. shopping cart
Phoenix Books Ltd. - (800) 888-8492 e-mail Columbus, OH 43202
- a selection of several hundred books in several dozen subject areas
Soulmate's Bookshop - 011 358-6-3450166 Maxmo, Finland
- a few hundred titles in several dozen topic areas
Thaddeus Books - (503) 281-6689 e-mail Portland, OR
- hundreds of books in metaphysics, Eastern religion, theology, psychology, philosophy
Wildflowers Unique Books & Gifts - (304) 746-0100 e-mail Charleston, WV
-angels, books, music, candles, herbs, gifts, Native American, chat and much more
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Alternative Books

Alternative Books (Super)store - modest selection of books from small and self-publishers
Atomic Books - Offbeat literature, banned books, and "literary finds for mutated minds", WebCam
Body-n-Mind - books about nudity, naturism and sex as expressed in photography books and videos
Different Drummer Books - gay & lesbian titles, women's studies, spirituality, healing and health.
A Different Light Bookstore - an extensive collection of gay and lesbian literature
Essential Media Counterculture Catalog - anarchy, beat, comix, drugs, erotica, freaks, hip, punk, zines
Forbidden Books - art, comics, drugs, erotica, fetish, film, magazines, music, occult, tattoo
FS Book Company - Marijuana, Mushroom, Psychedelic, Underground, Drug and Health Books
Hungry Head Books - (800) 339-6915 e-mail alternative, personal growth, ecology, gay and privacy
Jade Mountain - 4000+ books and products on the theme appropriate technology for sustainable living
Left Bank Distribution - anarchist, radical & alternative books, pamphlets, zines & more
Midnight Special Bookstore - (100,000 titles) a bookstore "presenting books & ideas to change the world"
Newport Book Store - antiquarian intelligence catalog, browser searchable
Native American Bookstores and Maps - list of online and walk-in stores and sites for maps
Qvimby's Qveer Store - video, zines, comix and ephemera for Fortean, obsessions, drugs, conspiracies
Spy Store - books and gear for personal security, self defense, surveillance, detection - browser searchable
Strange Magazine Bookshop - serpents, Bigfoot, urban legends, UFOs, Fortean titles
Survival Books - "a citizen's source for books, videos, and equipment" - huge selection

Earth Religion Shops

Aurum Solis Bookstore - (800) 348-6766 e-mail Chicago, IL
- herbs, oils, decks, jewelry, wica supplies
The Book of Shadows - (813) 651-9087 e-mail Brandon, FL
- a few dozen books and some wica products. Slow sight with secure server
Coventry Creations - (800) 810-7837 e-mail Clinton Township, MI
- candles and teas for wica
Dragon Marsh - (909) 276-1116 e-mail Riverside, CA
- herbs, incense and oil products in two dozen catagories
The Five Elements - (888) 446-3310 e-mail Pocatello, ID
- a few books, gifts and wica supplies
Flight of the Phoenix - (972) 642-6363 e-mail Grand Prairie TX
- perhaps a couple hundred wica books and magazines
Glen Arcade - 011 61 3 9818 1998 e-mail Victoria, Australia
- books, candles, incense, oils and much more
Hecate's Loom - (250) 478-0401 e-mail Victoria, B.C. CANADA
- forum of Witchcraft, the Goddess, Gaia, Shamanism and Earth-based religions
Mystic Curio - (800) 728-7460 e-mail New Orleans, LA
- a few dozen wica books and supplies
The Mystic Gryphon - (334) 263-2915 e-mail Montgomery, AL
- incense and oils
Mystical Crossroads - (609) 768-9868 e-mail Atco, NJ
- jewelry, herbs, tarot decks and wica supplies
Mystickal Tymes - (215) 862-5629 e-mail New Hope, PA
- books, candles, herbs, jewelry, alter tools
Whispered Prayers - (530) 894-2927 e-mail Chico, CA
- a few dozen books and some products. Slow sight with chat, news, more
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Health Books

Athlete's Bookstore - books on running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, ultras, health and fitness
Eleventh Step Books - daily meditations, recovery, codependency, relationships, self-esteem and self-help
First Internet Medical Bookstore - the search engine needs work, but the books are here
Healing Pages Bookstore - herbals, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, natural medicine, natural pet care
Health Source Bookstore - a vast selection of traditional and alternative health titles, browser searchable
HealthWorld Online - books on health, wellness, spirituality and alternative medicine
HelpUrSelf - self-help on health, mental disorders, growth, abuse, careers, grief and relationships
Login Brother Book Co. - 50,000 titles in health, medicine, chiropractic, dentistry, veterinary
New Atlantean Immunization Books - key titles only "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of death"
Present Moment Herbs and Books - (800) 378-3245 - a few dozen books and some products are shown.
Sci Books - e-mail a small dealer specializing in bioelectricity , microwave hearing, ESP, telepathy etc
Special Needs Project - excellent source for books about disabilities in 40 diverse categories

Other Bookstore Lists

Metaphysical Stores - a huge list of walk-in & WWW stores worldwide
Native Bookstores - sources of Native American books and maps

New Age Book Reviews and Bestsellers

NAPRA reviews - a quality set of New Age book reviews in over a dozen categories
Metaphysical Reviews - a substantial site by Richard Fuller
New Age Reviews - readers share their reactions to metaphysical books
New Leaf Bestsellers - the best picks from the largest distributor of New Age books
Amazon New Age Bestsellers - Health - Earth Religions - Occultism/UFO - Nature
New Age Books - metaphysical bestsellers list - an on-line bookseller with useful reviews of its titles!
Reading Lists - on-line bibliography listings

New Age Dictionaries and Glossaries

Spiritual Words and Phrases - interactive collection of terms contributed by the public
Metaphysics Glossary - substantial compilation from Center for Metaphysical Studies
New Age Dictionary - a collection of 100+ common terms from MysticPlanet
New Age Dictionary - over 100 more items by Christian theologian David Brown

Seattle Metaphysical Library - (206) 329-1794 e-mail Seattle,WA

This is an independent library with over 12,000 books. They offer both mail-order and walk-in service for a $25 / year fee.
New Age Magazine & Music Links - big list of stores, sites, labels, artists, magazines, radio shows
Avatar Search the Occult Internet - a New Age search engine
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